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Hololive Australia
Unofficial Subunit within Hololive Production

Hololive Australia is an unoffical subunit in Hololive. The subunit was formed by Takanashi Kiara, Tsukumo Sana, Hakos Baelz, and Akai Haato. While not official under Hololive Production, their first appearance as Hololive Australia was during a Mario Party stream on July 16, 2022 [1]. The subunit is also not an official branch of Hololive Production.


The Hololive Australia stems from each member's relationship to Australia. Both Tsukumo Sana and Hakos Baelz are Australian, as noted by their accent and multiple on-stream mentions of their experiences in Australia. Haachama, spent 2 years studying abroad in Australia, therefore having considerable experience with the country. However, Takanashi Kiara has no direct or indirect relation to Australia. Instead, her relationship to this subunit is due to her attempts to convince her audience that she was from Australia after debut.


Stream list
Stream Title Air date

【AUSSIE MARIOPARTY】Oi Mate, How 'Bout a Crikey Party With Us? #HololiveAustralia
July 16, 2022


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