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DebutSeptember 16, 2019

Hololive Idol Project (Stylized as hololive IDOL PROJECT) is a pseudonym used by Hololive Production for music releases that feature only hololive-adjacent talents. The term was first used for the release of the first single Shiny Smily Story. Since then, Hololive has used the pseudonym to release a number of singles featuring the talents, as well as albums released in conjunction with HoloFes.

Overview[edit source]

Hololive IDOL PROJECT was officially announced as part of the release of the first single Shiny Smily Story. Following Hololive's turn towards musical performances, the pseudonym has been used for a number of singles. After the announcement of the first non-HoloFes concert "Bloom," Hololive released a number of singles under the pseudonym every week leading up to the event and the release of the first album Bouquet. Following the event, a special album Bouquet (Midnight ver.) was released. However, any future special albums and remixes would later be released under the pseudonym Hololive music studio.

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