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Hoshimachi Suisei

Hoshimachi Suisei - Portrait 01.png
Illustrator: Herself
Live2D Modeling: Herself

Hoshimachi Suisei - Portrait 02-1.png
Illustrator: Herself[9]
Live2D Modeling: Herself

Hoshimachi Suisei - Portrait 03-1.png
Illustrator: Herself[9]
Live2D Modeling: Herself

"Suichan wa~! Kyou mo kawaii!"
Japanese Name星街すいせい
English NameHoshimachi Suisei
Hosimati Suisei
Chinese Name星街彗星
Debut DateMarch 22, 2018 (YouTube)
Member ofhololive Generation 0,
INNK Music (formerly)
Fan NameStargazers
(星詠み Hoshiyomi)
Kometomo (formerly)
Emoji /
Oshi Mark
☄️ Twemoji12 2604.svg
Official Media
YouTubeSuisei Channel Verified
Websitehololive official website (EN)
hololive official website (JP)
hololive.tv (EN)
hololive.tv (JP)
SpotifySuisei Hoshimachi
Other星街すいせい - nana
BirthdayMarch 22
Age18 years old
Height160cm (5ft3in)
Stream Talk#ほしまちすたじお
Music Space#すいせいみゅーじっく
Hoshimachi Suisei - Signature.png

Channel Logo - Hoshimachi Suisei 01.png
Introduction Video
Official Bio
Streaming Info
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Music Space

Introduction Video[edit]

Official Bio[edit]

"It's your shooting star, your diamond in the rough, idol VTuber Hoshimachi Suisei!"

A forever18 VTuber who deeply loves singing and idols.

Her dream is to one day hold a live concert in Tokyo Budokan.


Hoshimachi Suisei (星街すいせい) born on March 22 is a cheerful shining Idol and VTuber from Hololive 0th Generation. She is a forever 18, multitalented girl who deeply loves singing and idols, with the dream of one day holding a live concert in Tokyo Budokan. She started out as an independent VTuber and later joined Inonaka Music, a music label under Hololive, before moving officially to Hololive main branch.

Her name "Suisei" translates to "Comet" in English, and as such is usually referred to as the comet idol. She is well known for her amazing skills in Tetris, as she is often being called out as the best among VTubers, as well as her psychopathic personality, as shown when she sometimes acts ruthless to others while still giving off a cheerful attitude.

Her representative emote is a comet.


Hoshimachi Suisei debutted with a modest and earnest personality to do the best in everything she did. She is always cheerful and energetic, rarely showing genuine sadness in streams, and her viewers used to view her as a pure person. She is also hardworking, with her continuing to do VTuber activities even after a year with barely any growth and having her determination to join Hololive even after her first application failed. However, during a stream collaboration with various Hololive members, she was shown to have a remorseless and sociopathic personality while still giving off a carefree attitude when she was killing and hunting out people. Over time, people started to refer to this side of her as "Psychopath Suisei", with her denying it as a side of her.

She is particularly sensitive to the topic of chest size as seen in various occasions, and usually threatens her viewers whenever the topic is brought up in the live comments section. On one occasion in a stream with fellow member Shirogane Noel, she shared how when she met with Noel for the first time, she was taken aback by her size.

She is a large spender on gacha games, especially the gacha game "Ensemble Stars". In a stream with Nijisanji VTuber and friend Inui Toko, she spent an absurd amount of money that shocked both her viewers and Toko, who was also a huge gacha spender on the game. In a quiz stream about gacha games, she was agitated when fellow member Oozora Subaru commented how gacha games were just a waste of money.

She usually cares greatly for those close to her, especially her VTuber friends. She has a close relationship with not only Amane Kanata, a fellow member, but also people outside of Hololive, including but not limited to Inui Toko, Lupinus Knightely, Kuon Ran and her real older sister nicknamed Anemachi.


Independent Era[edit]

Suisei was once an independent VTuber, first introducing herself on March 22, 2018. During her time as an independent VTuber, she debuted multiple songs, both covers and originals. Her first original, "comet" was first released on November 22, 2018 and her second, "天球、彗星は夜を跨いで" on March 22, 2019. She learned to use Live2D through watching YouTube to create her own model, as well as creating her own character design.[10]

INoNaKa Music Era[edit]

When Suisei first applied for Hololive, she was rejected. However, after some time she was given a second chance and appeared as a surprise guest performer on fellow member AZKi's first live. She was introduced to be part of INoNaKa Music (INNK), a music label under Hololive on May 19, 2019. However, on November 29,2019, she announced on twitter that she was moving to Hololive's main branch. She officially moved on December 1, 2019, as well as receiving an updated model and outfit.[11]


  • Mar. 18 Twitter account creation date.
  • Mar. 18 YouTube channel creation date.
  • Mar. 22 Debuted as an independent VTuber.[12]
  • May 01 Achieved a 1,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.[13]
  • June 21 Revealed her second Live2D outfit.[14]
  • July 02 Joined the VTuber group S:gnal.[15]
  • Aug. 04 Graduated from S:gnal and resumed her activities as a solo VTuber.[16]
  • Nov. 22 Released first original song, "comet".[17]
  • Dec. 29 Achieved a 5,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.[18]. Due to her original song, "comet", being shown as a preview in a VTuber singing event[19], she jumped from 3,700[20] subscribers to 5,000 subscribers.


  • Jan. 11 Revealed her third Live2D outfit.[21]
  • Mar. 22 Released second original song, "天球、彗星は夜を跨いで", to celebrate her 1st year anniversary.[22]
  • May 19 Appeared as a surprise guest performer on AZKi's first live concert. She was introduced to be part of "INoNaKa Music (INNK)", a music label under Hololive.
  • June 05 Achieved a 10,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.[23]
  • Aug. 15 Achieved a 25,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.[24]
  • Sep. 04 Membership feature opened.[25]
  • Nov. 22 Achieved a 50,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.[26]
  • Nov. 29 Announced her transfer to Hololive's main branch.[27]
  • Dec. 01 Officially transferred to Hololive's main branch. She received an updated model, as well as a new outfit.[28]


  • Jan. 01 Achieved a 75,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.[29]
  • Jan. 02 Revealed her Live2D New Years outfit.[30]
  • Jan. 20 Hololive announced that Suisei would receive an official 3D debut in early March of the same year,[31] even though she would have a 3D model during Hololive's first live, "Nonstop Story".
  • Jan. 24 Participated in Hololive's 1st fest "Nonstop Story" and debuted her 3D Idol outfit.
  • Jan. 31 Achieved a 100,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.[32]
  • Mar. 01 Revealed her main 3D model.[33]
  • Mar. 05 Achieved a 150,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.[34]
  • Mar. 21 Celebrated 2nd year anniversary as well as her birthday with a 3D stream the day before her birthday. She revealed her third original song, "NEXT COLOR PLANET", as the finale for the stream.[35]
  • Mar. 22 Officially released third original song, "NEXT COLOR PLANET".[36]
  • Apr. 06 Achieved a 200,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.[37]
  • May 05 Achieved a 250,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.[38]
  • June 02 Achieved a 300,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.[39]
  • June 17 Participated in Bunka Housou V&R's STUDIO LIVE.[40]
  • July 03 Participated in It's a Virtual Pop World![41]
  • July 19 Participated in VILLS "Virtual UNIT Fes." with Sakura Miko as Hololive Special Unit "miComet".[42]
  • July 25 Participated in BML "Bilibili Macro Link". She revealed her fourth original song, "Pieces" and sang it at the event.
  • Aug. 04 Achieved a 400,000 YouTube subscriber milestone on a Karaoke stream.[43]
  • Aug. 07 Participated in Bilibili World.[44]
  • Aug. 14 Participated in "NHKバーチャル文化祭".[45]
  • Sep. 06 Participated in Tokyo Tower Fireworks Display XR ~COSMIC FLOWER~.[46]
  • Sep. 17 Had a Vanguard ZERO collaboration event featuring herself as a playable card.[47][48]
  • Sep. 27 Achieved a 500,000 YouTube subscriber milestone on a Karaoke stream.[49][50]
  • Oct. 04 Participated in Tokyo Idol Festival.[51]
  • Oct. 19 Celebrated her 500k subscribers with her 3rd 3D live, STARt in the SCREEEN! [52][53][54]
  • Nov. 12 Revealed her Live2D casual outfit.[55]
  • Nov. 22 Participated in SUISEI MUSIC "POWER" LIVE which was hosted by Nissin Foods POWER STATION [REBOOT].[56]
  • Nov. 30 Achieved a 600,000 YouTube subscriber milestone during a Tetris stream.[57]


  • Jan. 16 Achieved a 700,000 YouTube subscriber milestone during a Karaoke stream.[58]
  • Mar. 16 Achieved an 800,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.[59]
  • Apr. 13 Officially released sixth original song, "GHOST".[60]
  • May. 13 Achieved a 900,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.[61]
  • Jun. 25 Officially released seventh original song, "Bluerose".[62]
  • Jun. 26 Achieved a 1,000,000 Youtube subscriber milestone.[63]

Music Space[edit]

Logo - Hololive presents Hoshimachi Suisei MUSIC SPACE.png

For the main page, see Music Space.

Hololive presents: Hoshimachi Suisei's MUSIC SPACE (ホロライブ presents 星街すいせいのMUSIC SPACE) was a radio show aired in JOQR A&G+, where Suisei was the host/personality. It aired every Sunday at 17:00 - 17:30 JST, from April 5, 2020 to March 28, 2021.

Streaming Information[edit]


Suisei's membership has three different tiers: コールをする!Lv1! (Chant!), サイリウムをふる!Lv2! (Wave your glowstick!) and フラスタをおくる!Lv3! (Send a flower stand!). All tiers offer the same perks.


She formerly called her fans "Kometomo" (こめとも), which is a pun for "Comet friends". This changed on 19 May 2019, as her fans are currently called "Hoshiyomi" (星詠み), which translates to "Stargazer".

Streamer Side
Scene Lines Romaji Meaning / Notes
Greetings すいちゃんは~ 今日もかわい~!! Sui-chan wa~ Kyou mo Kawaii~!! Translation: Sui-chan is~ also cute today~!!
Introduction 彗星の如く現れたスターの原石!アイドルVTuberの星街すいせいです!すいちゃんは~ 今日もかわい~!! Suisei no Gotoku Arawareta SUTĀ no Genseki! AIDORU VTuber no Hoshimachi Suisei desu! Sui-chan wa~ Kyou mo Kawaii~!! Translation: It's your shooting star, your diamond in the rough! Idol VTuber Hoshimachi Suisei! Sui-chan is~ also cute today~!!
Farewell おつまち!! Otsumachi!! A portmanteau of "Otsukaresama", being a farewell, and her last name "Hoshimachi"
Viewer Side
Scene Lines Romaji Meaning / Notes
Waiting 星待ちSuisei Comet Emote.png
待機Suisei Comet Emote.png
HoshimachiSuisei Comet Emote.png
TaikiSuisei Comet Emote.png
A play on the word "Machi" meaning to wait and her last name "Hoshimachi"
Taiki means waiting
Greetings 今日もかわい~!! Kyou mo Kawaii~!! See Streamer Side's Greetings Notes
Farewell おつまち!! Otsumachi!! See Streamer Side's Farewell Notes
YouTube Membership Perks
Badges and Emoji Perk Levels
Hoshimachi Suisei - Membership Perks.png
コールをする!Lv1 ()
  • Members-only wallpapers
  • Members-only live stream
サイリウムをふる!Lv2 ()
  • Includes access to perks from previous level
フラスタをおくる!Lv3 ()
  • Includes access to perks from previous levels


  • Kuon Ran (久遠 藍)[64] and Lupinus Knightley (ルピナス・ナイトリー)[65] are indie VTubers who are close friends with Suisei, going back to when Suisei was still independent. They helped design Suisei's unique microphone for 3D streams, with Lupinus designing it and Ran turning it into a 3D model.
  • She is usually seen to be a multi-talented idol due to the huge number of skills she has. She can draw (her original design and outfits for it were drawn by her), edit videos and make her own thumbnails, sing, cook, and play various games well (Tetris, Muse Dash etc).
  • She never took singing lessons, instead practiced singing by going for karaoke sessions alone.
  • She used to drink orange juice on stream but stopped drinking it as it irritated her throat easily, so she recently switched to apple juice instead. Usually has a picture of her drink during streams and position it as if her character was sipping from it when she takes a break to drink.
  • Favorite things to eat are spicy, sour or salty food, yakiniku and fish eyeballs. Dislikes eating bitter or sweet food, vegetables, and sushi(the combination of live fish and vinegar rice).
  • Favorite games are Ensemble Stars, Cinderella Girls and Tetris.
  • Favorite game characters are Sakuma Ritsu (Ensemble Stars), Takagaki Kaede (Idol Master) and Hisakawa Hayate (Idol Master).
  • Hate all kinds of bugs.
  • She doesn't know how to whistle properly, and as such has been a joke among her viewers since the start of her VTuber career.
  • Doesn't like singing "Shiny Smily Story" as she can't hit the high notes well.
  • She has a poor sense of direction, easily getting lost even when using Google Maps to find her way.
  • Once during a Marika (Mario Kart) stream, Suisei was brutally beaten and lost badly. As a result, she can't accept marika anymore and whenever it is brought up, she acts confused like a disorder on her mind similar to remembering a psychologically hurting event.
  • AYT is something Suisei made up when she designed her phone case merch. It means (A)idoru (Y)ou(T)uber. Aidoru translates to "Idol" in English. Some fans were confused why she didn't name it AVT, which is Aidoru VirtualTuber. Suisei then clarified that it was because it would be an abbreviation of AV, which doesn't look good. She also admitted that "Idol" would have been better instead of "Aidoru", but had forgotten to use it that way, hence why it isn't IYT either. However, there is also a second definition of it which Suisei says everyone mistook it for. It actually means (A)nta no Kane de (Y)akiniku (T)abe ni iku, which translates to "I'm gonna eat Yakiniku using your money".
  • Prior to Hololive, she was part of a VTuber group called "S:gnal".
  • Sakanoue Yosuke[66] is a regular guitarist on Suisei's weekly radio program. Music Space, and often plays the songs being sung. In the initial weeks of the radio program he didn't have a model, but after a while received a panda themed live 2D model.
  • Suisei is a member of "karASHi", a group comprising of Akai Haato, Shiranui Flare and Hoshimachi Suisei. The first letter of their last names make up ASH, with (A)kai, (S)hiranui, and (H)oshimachi. Over time, the group name evolved from just "ASH" to "karASHi". Coincidentally, "karashi" is also formed by the second syllables of their last names (aKAi, shiRAnui, and hoSHImachi).
  • Suisei is part of "Hoshi no Kanata" (星の彼方), a duo group comprising of Amane Kanata and Suisei. The name translates to "Beyond the Stars".
  • Suisei is part of ALICE, a group comprising of Tokino Sora, Shiranui Flare, Housohu Marine, Amane Kanata and Hoshimachi Suisei. The letters in their name make up ALICE, with Sor(A), F(L)are, Mar(I)ne, (C)anata, and Suis(E)i.
  • Is one of the Hololive Production VTubers with a verified YouTube channel. Other verified members can be found here.
  • Her YouTube channel was demonetized from January 29, 2021[67] to February 26, 2021[68]. During this period she held a stream commemorating the demonetization[69], a debut stream where she posed as a new VTuber complete with her original Live2D model[70], and a stream announcing she was turning off her electricity for 24 hours in order to 'save money'[71].

Tetris Master / Hololive Tetris Queen[edit]

She is shown to have remarkable skill at tetris when she beat fellow Hololive member Akai Haato, who was also a very strong player. While not at professional level, Suisei is shown to be extremely good at the game and seen as the best tetris player among VTubers, sometimes ending games against other VTubers in less than 20 seconds. In a rematch against Haato, Suisei crushed her with a final score of 57-6. Her skill is further shown to be high when she held off against the world's #2 player for 5 minutes during one of her Tetris 99 streams.


Suisei is sometimes seen as a psychopath by her fans and other VTubers, occasionally acting ruthless when playing games like "Tetris" and "Project Winter". During these occasions, she has been shown to kill off or K.O. her opponents without remorse while still giving a carefree attitude, usually enjoying it at the same time. During a tetris collaboration with fellow Hololive member Akai Haato, she shared a story on how she accidentally killed a frog by squeezing it too hard and as such suffocated it in her hands when she was young. Another example would be that when she was playing "Hitman", she used civilians to practice her aim[72].


Anemachi (姉街) is Suisei's older sister who can sometimes be heard in the background of Suisei's streams, and both of them are seen to be very close to each other. Anemachi and Suisei voices are very similar, so much so that sometimes it's hard to tell who is talking when they are chatting. She is also a huge fan of the trading card game "Cardfight!! Vanguard", to the point of encouraging Suisei to play the game to get her interested so that she would have someone to talk to about the game. The sisters are said to have terrible luck, though Suisei seems to have it worse. During Suisei's second 3D stream, she appeared as a surprise guest, complete with a design model that she drew herself.[73] Her model have clothes in a similar design to Suisei, though the stark contrast is her pink hair colour.

Logo - hololive (Textless).png No speculations and rumors, just fun facts!


Image Gallery[edit]



Original releases[edit]

The following consist of original songs by Suisei.

Album Cover Art - NEXT COLOR PLANET.png
Release Date March 22, 2020
Track List
External links
 • Music Video • YouTube MusicSpotify
Album Cover Art - GHOST.png
Release Date April 13, 2021
Track List
  1. GHOST
  2. GHOST - Instrumental
External links
Digital Release • Music Video
3時12分 (Sanji Juunihun)
Album Cover Art - Sanji Juunihun.jpg
Release Date July 14, 2021
Track List

  1. 3時12分

  • Sanji Juunihun

  • External links
    Digital Release • Music Video
    Extended plays
    Bluerose / comet
    Album Cover Art - Bluerose.png
    Release Date June 26, 2021
    Track List
    1. Bluerose
    2. comet
    3. Bluerose - Instrumental
    4. comet - Instrumental
    External links
    Digital Release • Music Video
    Run / Her Trail on the Celestial Sphere (駆けろ / 天球、彗星は夜を跨いで)
    Album Cover Art - Kakero.jpg
    Release Date July 9, 2021
    Track List

    1. 駆けろ
    2. 天球、彗星は夜を跨いで
    3. 駆けろ (Instrumental)
    4. 天球、彗星は夜を跨いで (Instrumental)

  • Run
  • Her Trail on the Celestial Sphere
  • Run (Instrumental)
  • Her Trail on the Celestial Sphere (Instrumental)

  • External links
    Digital Release • Music Video
    SelfishDazzling / bye bye rainy (自分勝手Dazzling / バイバイレイニー)
    Album Cover Art - Jibun Katte Dazzling.png
    Release Date August 22, 2021
    Track List

    1. 自分勝手Dazzling
    2. バイバイレイニー
    3. 自分勝手Dazzling (Instrumental)
    4. バイバイレイニー (Instrumental)

  • SelfishDazzling
  • Bye Bye Rainy
  • SelfishDazzling (Instrumental)
  • Bye Bye Rainy (Instrumental)

  • External links
    Digital Release • Music Video
    Still Still Stellar
    Album Cover Art - Still Still Stellar.png
    Release Date September 29, 2021
    Track List
    External links
    Digital Release

    Cover songs[edit]

    The following are a list of songs covered by Suisei.

    Solo covers
    メルティランドナイトメア (Melty Land Nightmare)
    Mixing N/A Video Editing Herself
    Original Link/s YouTube YouTube
    ブルーバード (Bluebird)
    Mixing N/A Video Editing Herself
    Original Link/s YouTube YouTube
    創聖のアクエリオン (Genesis of Aquarion)
    Mixing ごず Video Editing Herself
    Original Link/s YouTube YouTube
    melty world
    Mixing のーねーむ Video Editing N/A
    Original Link/s YouTube YouTube
    Mixing Re:fAce
    Video Editing Herself
    Original Link/s YouTube YouTube
    覚醒 (Kakusei)
    Instrumental 2216cm Illustration cyawa
    Mixing 02 Video Editing N/A
    Original Link/s YouTube YouTube
    シャンパーニュ・デイ (Champagne Day)
    Mixing よしけん Video Editing N/A
    Original Link/s YouTube YouTube
    乱舞のメロディ (Ranbu no Melody)
    Instrumental すずやみ Illustration N/A
    Mixing よしけん Video Editing DOMINO
    Original Link/s YouTube YouTube
    少女レイ (Shoujo Rei)
    Instrumental じゅんごろ Illustration N/A
    Mixing よしけん Video Editing Syamo.G-しゃもじ
    Original Link/s YouTube YouTube
    Cry Baby
    Instrumental N/A Illustration ごとー 様
    Mixing なつめ千秋 様 Video Editing ① 様
    Original Link/s YouTube YouTube
    Collab covers
    劣等上等 (Rettou Joutou/BRING IT ON)
    Sung by Hoshimachi Suisei, Lupinus Knightley
    Mixing ミスシック Video Editing Herself
    Original Link/s YouTube YouTube
    バレンタイン・キッス (Valentine Kiss)
    Sung by Hoshimachi Suisei, Lupinus Knightley, Kuon Ran, 黒羽満月
    Instrumental カラオケ歌っちゃ王 Illustration N/A
    Mixing Re:fAce Video Editing Herself, Lupinus Knightley
    Original Link/s YouTube YouTube
    コワレヤスキ (Kowareyasuki)
    Sung by Hoshimachi Suisei, Sekishiro Mico, Izumo Kasumi
    Instrumental タグチフミヤ Illustration N/A
    Mixing 02 Video Editing しゃもじ-Syamo.G-
    Original Link/s Spotify
    エイリアンエイリアン (Alien Alien)
    Sung by Sekishiro Mico, Hoshimachi Suisei, Izumo Kasumi
    Instrumental N/A Illustration Anemachi (姉街様)
    Mixing Re:fAce
    Video Editing Herself
    Original Link/s NicoNico NicoNico
    神のまにまに (As Us Gods Say)
    Sung by Izumo Kasumi, Hoshimachi Suisei, Sekishiro Mico
    Instrumental N/A Illustration 葛桐汐音
    Mixing ぶん Video Editing ryuji
    Original Link/s YouTube YouTube
    エンゼルフィッシュ (Angelfish)
    Sung by Hoshimachi Suisei, Amane Kanata
    Instrumental N/A Illustration cyawa
    Mixing よしけん Video Editing N/A
    Original Link/s NicoNico NicoNico
    おちゃめ機能 (Ochame Kinou)
    Sung by Hololive 0th Generation, AZKi, Yozora Mel, Natsuiro Matsuri, Aki Rosenthal, Hololive 2nd Generation, Ookami Mio, Nekomata Okayu, Hololive Fantasy, Hololive 4th Generation (besides Coco)
    Mixing キジバト Video Editing N/A
    Original Link/s NicoNico NicoNico
    佐賀事変 (Saga Jihen)
    Sung by Hoshimachi Suisei, Hololive Fantasy
    Instrumental Akki Illustration moegala、PON-ponja、Alset、切糕、日和響也、SAKA、S-mui、我方方塊brother
    Mixing Hamu (ハム / ハム) Video Editing Planning: 伝説のりさん
    Director and Production: 老趙HIKAGE
    Original Link/s YouTube YouTube
    Alice in N.Y.
    Sung by Hoshimachi Suisei, Tokino Sora, Shiranui Flare, Houshou Marine, Amane Kanata
    Instrumental ORYO Illustration 諸星メテオ
    Mixing けったろ Video Editing RONRICO
    Original Link/s YouTube YouTube
    アライブファクター (Alive Factor)
    Sung by Hoshimachi Suisei, Asano Ruri
    Instrumental mampuku Illustration 朝倉ブルー
    Mixing N/A Video Editing 浅谷
    Original Link/s YouTube YouTube
    餞の鳥 (Hanamuke no Tori)
    Sung by Hoshimachi Suisei, Tokino Sora
    Instrumental ときも Illustration 葉桜ちこり
    Mixing ときも Video Editing Syamo.G-しゃもじ-
    Original Link/s YouTube YouTube
    今宵月の館にて (Koyoi Tsuki no Yakata Nite)
    Sung by Hoshimachi Suisei, Inui Toko
    Instrumental 安芸章太郎 Illustration はしま
    Mixing pale blue dot Video Editing とーわ(しろいろモード)
    Original Link/s YouTube YouTube
    月陽 (Tsukiakari)
    Sung by Hoshimachi Suisei, Amane Kanata
    Instrumental 篠原瑞希 Illustration sia
    Mixing よしけん Video Editing N/A
    Original Link/s YouTube YouTube
    Holy Angel's Carol
    Sung by Hoshimachi Suisei, Inui Toko
    Instrumental 安芸章太郎 Illustration はしま
    Mixing はるお Video Editing 臼水(しろいろモード)
    Original Link/s YouTube YouTube
    チューリングラブ (Turing Love)
    Sung by Hoshimachi Suisei, Hibiki Ao
    Instrumental N/A Illustration 恭平ち
    Mixing 赤ティン Video Editing 830
    Original Link/s YouTube YouTube
    メルティ♡キッチン (Melty♡Kitchen)
    Sung by Hoshimachi Suisei, Inui Toko
    Instrumental 安芸章太郎 Illustration はしま
    Mixing はるお Video Editing 臼水(しろいろモード)
    Original Link/s YouTube YouTube
    光るなら (Hikaru Nara)
    Sung by Hoshimachi Suisei, HIMASHOKUDO
    Instrumental サカノウエヨースケ Illustration ここかなた
    Mixing PIROPARU Video Editing Syamo.G-しゃもじ-
    Original Link/s YouTube YouTube
    Secret Daybreak
    Sung by Hoshimachi Suisei, Kagura Nana
    Instrumental Toshikoshi Illustration Kagura Nana, Jannyhero​, Sincronic
    Mixing Dios/シグナルP​ Video Editing ろくんし
    Original Link/s YouTube YouTube
    Sung by Hoshimachi Suisei, Mori Calliope
    Instrumental Mizuki Shinohara Illustration ASUDA
    Mixing Natsume Chiaki Video Editing SaiA
    Original Link/s YouTube YouTube
    Crazy:B「Honeycomb Summer」
    Sung by Hoshimachi Suisei, Inui Toko
    Instrumental 安芸章太郎 Illustration はしま
    Mixing Natsume Chiaki Video Editing Shiroiro Mode
    Original Link/s YouTube YouTube


    The following are a list of background music Suisei has used in her streams and videos.

    Title わくわくクッキングタイム的なBGM Usage Stream BGM
    Made by 鷹尾まさき(タカオマサキ) Link/s
    Title 良心が強すぎる泥棒的なBGM Usage Stream BGM
    Made by 鷹尾まさき(タカオマサキ) Link/s

    Edited MVs[edit]

    Here is a list of MVs that Suisei has edited.

    Edited MVs
    本日は星天なり (Honzitsu ha Seiten Nari)
    Sung by Kirahoshi Uta
    Instrumental TOKOTOKO (西沢さんP) Illustration N/A
    Mixing regulus Video Editing Hoshimachi Suisei
    Sung by uniunico
    Mixing regulus Video Editing Hoshimachi Suisei
    Original Link/s YouTube YouTube
    一度だけの恋なら (Ichido Dake no Koi Nara)
    Sung by uniunico, Ciel Tadase
    Mixing ごず Video Editing Hoshimachi Suisei
    Original Link/s YouTube YouTube
    さよならメモリーズ (Sayonara Memories)
    Sung by Himeno Airi
    Instrumental N/A Illustration cuon
    Mixing ハシマミ Video Editing Hoshimachi Suisei
    Original Link/s YouTube YouTube
    ガールズトーク (Girls Talk)
    Sung by Mizugame Mia, Ciel Tadase, Futari Mai, Shishigami Leona
    Instrumental N/A Illustration 草宮るみあ, Mizugame Mia, Shishigami Leona
    Mixing ごず Video Editing Hoshimachi Suisei
    Original Link/s YouTube YouTube
    馬と鹿 (Uma to Shika)
    Sung by Amane Kanata
    Instrumental N/A Illustration 朱昆布
    Mixing 八尋葵 Video Editing Hoshimachi Suisei
    Original Link/s YouTube YouTube

    Recommended Videos[edit]


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