Harusaki Nodoka

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Harusaki Nodoka

Illustrator: Ordan
Japanese Name春先のどか
English NameHarusaki Nodoka
Emoji /
Oshi Mark
Official Media
Websitehololivepro.com (EN)
hololivepro.com (JP)
BirthdayMay 7[1]


Harusaki Nodoka (春先のどか), is a Hololive staff member of Hololive Production, and the junior to A-chan. Nodoka is only the second Hololive staff member to get a Live 2D model. She was introduced via a pre-recorded video of A-Chan giving Nodoka a tour of the HoloGra office. Despite being presented with a number of challenges, and terrifying facts, Nodoka remained determined and motivated to do her best to support the talent's activities. She was lastly greeted by Tokino Sora who gave Nodoka an official welcome, before being presented with a number of tasks to complete. According to the official website, Nodoka's special skill is making pretty images. Her goal is to become a go-getter like her senior, Yūjin A. She also hopes to one day become the narrator for an event attended by fans all over the world. [3]


Harusaki Nodoka initially began working alongside A-chan, even filling in for her while she was on a break for medical reasons. Throughout her first year, Nodoka assisted with the production of special programming for the main Hololive Youtube channel, and special events like the hololive Sports Festival. In March 2023, Nodoka announced on Twitter that she would begin supporting the development of the HoloPlus mobile app, requiring her to step away from content production and promotions [4][5]. However, she still assisted with the production and preparations for HoloFes 4 and Hololive Super Expo 2023 [6] Since A-chan's hiatus, Nodoka has held a monthly livestream called "Hololive Radio"(ホロライブラジオ)that focuses on updating fans on news, releases, and events from Hololive. The stream is similar to A-chan's "Holo no Koshikake", and is also only held once per month on the official hololive YouTube channel.[7]




  • Mar. 11 Shifts away from supporting A-chan with production work, moves to supporting the development of the HoloPlus mobile app.


  • Shares the same Illustrator with the following VTubers:
  • Her hobbies include: [9]
    • Watching the talent's streams
    • Singing
    • Murder Mysteries
    • Call of Cthulhu TTRPGs
  • Likes Churros


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