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hololive 1st Generation (ホロライブ1期生) is the first wave of VTubers under Hololive.


Yozora Mel
Yozora Mel - Portrait 01.png

Yozora Mel debuted on May 13, 2018, a few weeks ahead of other 1st Generation members.

Sub-Twitter: @YozoramelS

Links Mel Channel 夜空メルチャンネル     Twitter     夜空梅露Official
Shirakami Fubuki
Shirakami Fubuki - Portrait 01.png

Shirakami Fubuki debuted on June 1, 2018.

Links フブキCh。白上フブキ     Twitter     白上吹雪Official
Natsuiro Matsuri
Natsuiro Matsuri - Portrait 01.png

Natsuiro Matsuri debuted on June 1, 2018.

Sub-Twitter: @7216_2nd

Links Matsuri Channel 夏色まつり     Twitter     夏色祭Official
Aki Rosenthal
Aki Rosenthal - Portrait 01.png

Aki Rosenthal debuted on June 1, 2018.

Sub Channel: AkiRose Ch.アキ・ローゼンタールSub AkiRose Ch.アキ・ローゼンタールSub

Links アキロゼCh。Vtuber/ホロライブ所属       Twitter       亚绮-罗森Official
Akai Haato
Akai Haato - Portrait 01.png

Akai Haato debuted on June 2, 2018.

Sub Channel: Akai Haato Sub 赤井はあと Akai Haato Sub 赤井はあと
Sub-Twitter: @akaihaatosub

Links Haato Channel 赤井はあと       Twitter       赤井心Official

Former Members