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Airani Iofifteen

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Japanese Nameアイラニ・イオフィフティーン
English NameAirani Iofifteen
Debut DateApril 12, 2020
IllustratorMain: Yano Mitsuki[1]
ID: Herself & Yano Mitsuki[2]
Live2D ModelingMain: Taniya Raku[3][4]
ID: Taniya Raku[5]
Member ofHololive Indonesia 1st Gen
Emoji /
Oshi Mark
🎨 Twemoji12 1f3a8.svg
Official Media
YouTubeAirani Iofifteen Channel hololive-ID (English) (Japanese)
FacebookAirani Iofifteen hololive ID
BirthdayJuly 15
Stream Talk#ioLYFE
Art Tutorials#iorials
Logo - Airani Iofifteen.png
Introduction Video
Official Bio
Streaming Info
Other Media
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Introduction Video

Official Bio

English: "A breed of aliens who enjoys drawing.
She loves the Earth so much that she successfully entered the school of Virtual Communication and Designs in a university here."

Japanese: "絵を描くのが大好きな宇宙人の子。


A talented artist who came from another planet to learn more about life on Earth. She prefers the nickname Iofi to her full name, and is referred to as such by other people. She is also multilingual, able to understand and speak in Bahasa, Japanese, English, German, Korean and "Alienish". She doesn't limit herself to one language and even have streams teaching her viewers a particular language.


While not the shortest in hololive, she was made fun of by fellow member Hoshinova Moona about how short she is. As such she is particularly sensitive when called short by others.



  • Mar. 03 YouTube channel creation date.
  • Mar. 04 Twitter account creation date.
  • Apr. 12 YouTube debut and first uploaded video.
  • Apr. 12 Achieved a 10,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.
  • Apr. 21 Achieved a 25,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.[6]
  • June 13 Achieved a 50,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.[7][8]
  • Aug. 05 Membership feature opened.[9].
  • Aug. 16 Revealed her Indonesian themed outfit.[10]
  • Sep. 20 Achieved a 100,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.[11]

Streamer Information

Stream Rules

For the main page, see Stream Rules.

Iofi has the following streaming rules in her streams' descriptions:

【ID】Aturan yang perlu diingat saat streaming saat menunggu dan sedang berlangsung:

  • Harap bersikap baik dengan sesama penonton dan berkomentarlah dengan bahasa yang sopan
  • Dimohon untuk tidak melakukan diskusi diluar topik pada kolom komentar
  • Dimohon tidak melakukan spam emoji/emoticon
  • Dimohon untuk tidak mengumpat, mencela, atau berbicara dengan bahasa yang kasar
  • Dimohon untuk tidak berdiskusi satu sama lain di waiting room
  • Dimohon untuk tidak memberi komentar tentang Vtuber lain di waiting room / saat livestream apabila tidak dimulai lebih dulu oleh Vtuber yang sedang streaming karena bersifat kurang sopan

【EN】Notice during the waiting time and the stream :

  • Please be nice with each other and comment using polite words
  • Please don’t have an OOT(out of topic) discussion in the comment
  • Please don’t do emoji spam
  • Please do not swear, bash, or talk with any kind of foul language
  • Please do not do any discussion in the waiting room
  • Please do not mention or give any comment about other Vtuber during the livestream if the topic isn't started first by the current streamer first because it would be considered impolite
Streamer Side
Scene Lines Romaji Meaning / Notes
Greetings Selamat
good morning
guten tag
Selamat is a greeting in Indonesian, with "selamat pagi", "selamat siang", "selamat sore", and "selamat malam" for morning, day, evening and night respectively. Good morning and guten tag(good day).
Good afternoon, and good evening respectively.
Farewell Otsulonpas A portmanteau of otsukare & salonpas, salonpas being a reference for her excessive use of the product.
Viewer Side
Scene Lines Romaji Meaning / Notes
Waiting Obisa! Comes from her early debut days where she attempts to wink with her other eye, which was possible to her surprise, causing her to exclaim "O Bisa!". Roughly translate to "Oh it works!".
Greetings Selamat
good morning
guten tag
See streamer greeting notes.
Konnichiwa, konbanwa See streamer greeting notes.
Farewell Otsulonpas See streamer farewell notes.
Membership Perks
Airani Iofifteen - Membership Perks.png

Other Media


  • Iofi has Rhotacism, the inability to pronounce, or difficulty in pronouncing R sounds.[12]
  • She has been given the nickname of "Erofi" due to her knowledge about some r-18 artists like pochi-sensei, whom she later on, did a collab with.[13].
  • Iofi often uses "Salonpas", a pain relieving patch. She mentions of them in her tweets[14] and streams. She has even done "Salonpas ASMR".[15]
  • There is a ongoing gag about how Iofi's height is actually 145cm, and that she has 5cm shoes to reach 150cm.[16]
  • Her favorite utaite(singer) is 96NEKO.[17]
  • She participated as a guest Vtuber in "AFA Creators Super Stream Vol. 2". She also participated in the event as a guest illustrator alongside Amicia Michella, from Nijisanji ID.[18][19]

Logo - hololive (Textless).png No speculations and rumors, just fun facts!


Image Gallery


Cover Songs

The following are a list of songs covered by Iofi.

Solo Covers
エイリアンエイリアン (Alien Alien)
Instrumental N/A Illustration Herself
Mixing Timothy Alv Video Editing Timothy Alv
Original Link/s NicoNico NicoNico, YouTube YouTube
太陽が似合うよ (Taiyou ga Niau yo)
Instrumental 東京テラス Music Production Illustration Herself
Mixing 東京テラス Music Production Video Editing Bhis, Hadfidh
Original Link/s N/A
Collab Covers
おちゃめ機能 (Ochame Kinou)
Sang by Hololive Indonesia 1st Generation
Instrumental kijibato Illustration N/A
Mixing ittou (Vibetronic) Video Editing EveningLights
Original Link/s NicoNico NicoNico
ハッピーシンセサイザ (Happy Synthesizer)
Sang by Pochimaru, Airani Iofifteen
Instrumental MASAKI Illustration Iida Pochi
Mixing MASAKI Video Editing Yuki Narumiya
Original Link/s NicoNico NicoNico
Shiny Smily Story
Sang by Hololive Indonesia 1st Generation
Instrumental 中野 領太 (onetrap) Illustration Herself
Mixing ittou (Vibetronic) Video Editing EveningLights
Original Link/s YouTube YouTube


The following are a list of background music Iofi has used in her streams and videos.

Title Cloud Usage OP Music
Made by Milktea Link/s


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