Star Animal

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Star Animal (スターアニマル) was the name of the team led by Oozora Subaru in the 2022 Golden Week Game competition.



The team's name was decided based on the fact that every member either has stars as part of their name or theme, or has animal characteristics. (Hoshimachi Suisei's name contains the kanji for 'star', and Suisei means 'comet', Tokino Sora has always had her star-shaped hairpin, and 'Subaru' is the Japanese name for the Pleiades star cluster, while Omaru Polka is a fennec fox, Hakui Koyori is a coyote, and Sakamata Chloe is an orca). It has been joked that Oozora Subaru has both animal and star characteristics, due to the running joke that she is a duck.

The team decided to stick together and became a unit, releasing a cover of "Kaibutsu" by YOASOBI in August 2022.

Gartic Phone[edit]

Aside from the Golden Week competition, Star Animal's only other streams are their cover song and a group Gartic Phone stream, with all six PoV's being shown. This stream most notably led to the creation (by Tokino Sora) of Sorasaurus, which other members insisted would be a fantastic mascot for her. Sora objected that she already has Ankimo.