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Hololive Fan Wiki's style guide aims to be a reference that all editors, from novice to experienced, may refer to in order to provide a level of consistency in writing across all pages. Adherence to the style guide is heavily encouraged, as it lowers the chances of your contributions being edited over by others, but it is not required, as situations may arise where it makes logical sense to break from the style guide.

Hololive Fan Wiki's style guide is a constant work in progress and is bound to be imperfect. Feel free to discuss changes to the style guide on this page's talk page or discuss with other editors on our Discord server.

General[edit source]

Fallback[edit source]

Tone[edit source]

  • Aim for a neutral, "encyclopedic" tone.

Names[edit source]

  • Article titles should be spelt according to official sources when they exist (e.g. Watson Amelia); however, any Japanese text should be romanized. Within article text however, if a talent prefers to call themselves using a different name order (e.g. Amelia Watson) or using a nickname (e.g. Ame), these may also be used.
  • Non-fictional Japanese names should be written using Western name order (given name, family name). For example, 谷郷 元昭 (Tanigo Motoaki) would be written as "Motoaki Tanigo".

Romanization[edit source]

  • Try to accompany all Japanese text on this wiki with a romanization or a translation, because not every English speaker can read Japanese. However, this may not always be possible, such as when the pronunciation of someone's name is unknown. In these cases, it's okay to leave out romanization.
  • Along with the English Wikipedia, we use modified Hepburn romanization. Follow the English Wikipedia's Manual of Style on Romanization.
  • For article titles:
    • If an official English name exists, use that instead of romanizing it. However, feel free to provide a Hepburn romanization within the article text.
    • If a romanized article title contains macrons, create redirects to the article without macrons so it can be easily typed in the search box. For example: the article Yūjin A can also be reached via Yuujin A or Yujin A.

Capitalization[edit source]

  • Proper nouns must be capitalized.
  • We use sentence case instead of title case for almost everything on this wiki. This allows the capitalization of proper nouns to stand out and this includes article titles, section headers, and category names.
  • However, we do use title case where it is appropriate, such as for titles of works.
  • When writing out a romanization in title case, particles, including but not limited to, wa (は), o (を), e (へ), or ga (が), should not be capitalized.

Dates[edit source]

  • We use Japan Standard Time (JST) for all things date / time related. Use a metadata-viewing tool that reveals exactly when a video was uploaded (the output will be in UTC), such as YouTube Metadata or YouTube DataViewer.
  • Write out the full date without abbreviations in article text when possible (e.g. March 22, 2018, September 7, 2020, etc.)
  • Abbreviations, however, can be used in references, milestones, or where space is constrained (July 29, May 07, Dec. 13, etc.) Use your judgement to decide whether to abbreviate.
  • If the month name is abbreviated, don't abbreviate month names that are 4 letters or less (i.e. May, June, or July)
  • Avoid writing out dates using only numbers to avoid locale confusion. For example, "10/09" is understood as "October 9" in some parts of the world and as "10 September" in others. The ISO 8601 format YYYY-MM-DD is typically understood worldwide and can be used in some cases (such as within templates); however, its use should be limited.

References[edit source]

  • References follow this format: (Mon. DD, YYYY). Retrieved from <source>. The date is when the reference was created.

Crediting (for covers, illustrations, etc)[edit source]

  • Use English where there are official sources (see #Names above), otherwise use Japanese/other
  • If a Twitter handle/Bilibili ID/other identifier is not specified and you are unable to find any social media linked to the name, leave it as text without a hyperlink.

Files[edit source]

Images[edit source]

  • Upload all images at the highest resolution available from the source (e.g. illustrations posted on Twitter by hololive Members or any of the official accounts, portraits in the official site, etc.).
  • Do not crop nor resize any images unless absolutely required (e.g. member portraits, below)
  • About transparency:
    • If the source image has transparency, please upload the image with transparency
    • If the source image does not have transparency, but it would make sense to have it (e.g. portraits, full body model illustrations), you can edit out the background as long as the edited image has the same dimensions and resolution as the original.
    • Please make sure there are no artifacts in the transparent part, and that the edges between transparent and opaque pixels look clean and clearly defined.
  • For member portraits, you can upload cropped images as long as they:
    • Clearly show the member's face and shoulders
    • Are cropped above the waist area
    • Do not include any other graphics (e.g. watermarks, logos, etc.)

Special thanks[edit source]

Hololive Fan Wiki would like to thank the following wikis whose style guides inspired our own: