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J-chad - Concept Illustration 01.jpg
English NameJ-Chad
IllustratorMori Calliope

Overview[edit source]

J-chad is the manager for Mori Calliope. She is the manager who works most closely with her, however, she has not made an official appearance on-stream yet. The name J-chad references Calli's nickname for viewers who send empty superchats, who she calls "chads".

Her current character design was made by Calli herself during one of her drawing streams. [1]

Career[edit source]

Trivia[edit source]

  • Is the manager dedicated to working with Calli.
  • J-chad is strong enough to comfortably carry Calli.
  • Calli informed viewers that J-chad has well proportioned legs.
  • Her first conversation with Calli started by being praised for having nice shoes.
  • During an unarchived Karaoke, Calli revealed she practiced the songs for stream by visiting Karaoke parlors with J-chad.[2]

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References[edit source]

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