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Gawr Gura
Gawr Gura - Portrait 01.jpg
"I am here and I am hungry."
Japanese Nameがうる・ぐら
English NameGawr Gura
Chinese Name噶呜・古拉
Debut DateSeptember 13, 2020 (YouTube)
IllustratorAmashiro Natsuki
Live2D Modeling深海潮[1]
Member ofHololive English 1st Gen
Fan NameChum Buds
Emoji /
Oshi Mark
Official Media
YouTubeGawr Gura Ch. hololive-EN
bilibili噶呜・古拉Official (English) (Japanese)
BirthdayJune 20
AgeOver 9000[Trivia]

Introduction Video

Official Bio

A descendant of the Lost City of Atlantis, who swam to Earth while saying, "It's so boring down there LOLOLOL!" She bought her clothes (and her shark hat) in the human world and she really loves them. In her spare time, she enjoys talking to marine life.


Gawr Gura (がうる・ぐら) born June 20th, which is also the date that the movie Jaws debuted, is a Shark-Human hybrid Virtual YouTuber from Atlantis that debuted as a member of the Hololive English 1st Generation. Best known for her verbal tic, "A", she is an energetic and amusing Shark with a tendency for pranks. She has a vast knowledge of memes and will often use them in her jokes. Her love to banter between her fans and fellow members gives an atmosphere similar to hanging out and playing games with friends. While she lacks a good sense of direction and a grasp on basic math, she is still quick-witted and clever, solving puzzles creatively and quickly. Her favorite games to play are rhythm, horror, and Western-themed games. Along with gaming, she is an amazing singer with her favorites to sing being City Pop, Anime, and classic 2000's and oldie songs.


A friendly and mischievous shark, Gawr Gura often plays around with her chumbuds and fellow Hololive members. Best compared to a friend that exchanges back and forth teasing and encouragement, Gura welcomes everyone to hang out and watch her be a dumb shark and do foolish antics. Despite being a over 9000 year old shark, she cleverly uses memes and simple humor as she plays games. Due to unknowingly mistaking the word "Simp" for "Shrimp", it has since been the word to denote someone who is devoted to the shark, either through giving donations, joining membership, or regularly watching Gura.

She also gives useful life advice such as "live life without a care for other people's opinions" and "to do things that makes you happy". She is seen by others to be a "little sister" character to which she says that she is too old to be someone's sister and rather she is a Gurandma (a play of words on Grandma and Gura). While it seems that she gets angry at chat for inciting flat jokes and teasing the shark, she states herself that she is not genuinely mad and it is all in good fun. She is often joking and making fun of chat back. During horror games, she pokes a lot of fun while playing and it could possibly serve as her coping mechanism against being scared. She is hard working and tries her best to give a good streaming experience to her viewers. She works hard behind the scenes to practice her singing for karaokes and doing research for Minecraft or other gameplay. She is also learning the ukulele.

Of her fellow HololiveEN members, she gets along with Amelia Watson the best, often joking back and forth with each other. The fun exchanges and affectionate words between each other has lead to the chumbuds calling their pairing AmeSame (Ame short for Amelia and Same for the Japanese word for Shark). They're close enough that they knew what each other were saying during a simultaneous, but not a collab, Minecraft stream. They both like the pairing name and has both encouraged the ship in their own ways. Ame is often watching Gura's streams and has also parodied a song after Gura, calling it "Gura doesn't know I exist". Gura has talked multiple times about how she likes Ame and how much fun she has together.



  • July 16 Twitter account creation date.
  • July 16 YouTube account creation date.
  • Sep. 13 YouTube debut, first uploaded video and achieved a 100,000 YouTube subscriber milestone on her debut stream.
  • Sep. 15 Achieved a 200,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.
  • Sep. 16 Achieved a 250,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.
  • Sep. 17 Achieved a 300,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.
  • Sep. 21 Achieved a 400,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.
  • Sep. 26 Achieved a 500,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.
  • Oct. 02 Achieved a 600,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.
  • Oct. 02 Membership feature opened.
  • Oct. 07 Achieved a 700,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.
  • Oct. 12 Achieved a 800,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.
  • Oct. 17 Achieved a 900,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.
  • Oct. 22 Achieved a 1,000,000 YouTube subscriber milestone. She is the 1st VTuber endorsed by Hololive that has reached this milestone.[2]
  • Nov. 30 Achieved a 1,500,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.


  • Jan. 18 Achieved a 2,000,000 YouTube subscriber milestone during a Skyrim playthrough stream and became the 1st VTuber endorsed by Hololive as well as the second ever Virtual YouTuber to reach this milestone, the first being Kizuna AI.[3]

Streaming Information

Stream Rules

For the main page, see Stream Rules.

Gawr Gura has the following streaming rules in her streams' descriptions:

Thank you for watching my stream!
To help everyone enjoy the stream more, please follow these rules:

  • Be nice to other viewers. Don’t spam or troll.
  • If you see spam or trolling, don’t respond. Just block, report, and ignore those comments.
  • Talk about the stream, but please don’t bring up unrelated topics or have personal conversations.
  • Don’t bring up other streamers or streams unless I mention them.
  • Similarly, don’t talk about me or my stream in other streamers’ chat.
  • Please refrain from chatting before the stream starts to prevent any issues.

As long as you follow the rules above, you can chat in any language.


Her fans are called the Chum Buds.

Streamer Side
Scene Lines Romaji Meaning / Notes
Viewer Side
Scene Lines Romaji Meaning / Notes
Waiting a a Her iconic "a" from her first Twitter post and Debut stream

Other Media

Trivia/Shark Bites

  • The very first tweet she made consisted of just "a".[4]
  • Her pet shark is named Bloop. She considers him to be emergency rations.
  • When asked about her age, the specific number changes every time, as she cannot remember what she had decided on last time.
  • Shares the same Illustrator with the following VTuber:
  • Is one of the Hololive Production VTubers with a verified YouTube channel. Other verified members can be found here.


Updated Jan. 18, 2021

Ordered from Newest to Oldest Streams with Timestamps to their respective streams:

  • 1:05:18 - Pet Tarantula Story: Gura came really close to getting a pet tarantula. She went into a pet store and was drawn immediately to the tarantula. She thought it was super cute. She doesn’t know if it was a boy or a girl. She did a lot of research about tarantulas. She was thinking about it and she doesn't know if she’ll get it because it's a lot of work and she wants to make sure that she would give the tarantula a really good life no matter how long the life would be. Male tarantulas tend only live up to 2-4 years and females can live up to 20 years which she didn’t really know. She’s still thinking about the tarantula and will let us know if something happens. [5]
  • 29:28 - Pet Store Shopping Story: Today (1/14/21), Gura went to a pet store. She’s trying to get a little companion because she’s lonely. Gura wants a tarantula. She is not kidding. Gura said he (the tarantula) was so cute, fuzzy, and tiny. Gura said tarantulas are kind of like a kitty, except it has more legs and no tail. (Reminder that Gura used to have pet praying mantis and water beetles). Gura doesn’t know if there are requirements to get a tarantula. She just calls it cute. It was either a tarantula or a bearded dragon. She said bearded dragons are so cute. They’re lizards and very, very cute. [6]
  • 24:40 - Gura shopping for Ame’s Birthday Present Story: Ame had her Birthday recently and Gura was birthday present shopping. Gura is nervous/has a bit of fear about present shopping. The fear is not necessary that they are gonna like what you got them. She doesn’t know how to describe the feeling. She’s nervous regardless for anyone she is present shopping for. She even gets nervous when she gets her family presents. She’s always nervous. She can’t tell us what she got in case somebody is watching the stream. She was just pacing. She had the most bizarre items in her hands and absolutely pacing (implying that she went outside to look for Ame’s present). She thought it had to be normal. She said that in regards to the people that were probably looking and questioning what this strange shark lady was doing. #AmeSame [7]
  • 1:42:56 - Best Christmas gift she ever received: She remembers she really wanted, when she was a baby shark, this kitchen or cooking toy. It was pink. Everything about it was pink.That was the whole point. It was pink and it was kitchen. She dreamed of that toy and then she got that toy. She was so happy because you can bake a pink cake and pink cookies. Everything was pink. That was her most memorable Christmas gift. It’s hard to believe since she’s all blue.[8]
  • 1:05:15 - Favorite Christmas Memories: Food related as well. She remembers every christmas morning, there would be something very special waiting for her. It was called sticky bread or something. (It might have been monkey bread) It was either donuts or sticky bread. She remembers it was sticky bread; it was balls of dough covered in syrupy, sugary brown sugar all melted. You bake it together and pull it apart. It's like a sticky bun without the frosting. It’s all yummy, gooey, buttered brown sugar in a shape of a cake or something. You just pull the balls off and eat them.

She remembers eating a lot of shrimp around christmas too. That was a treat for her family. She ate a lot of shrimp with her family and shark relatives in Atlantis. She misses them. Those are her favorite memories. It’s a lot of food memories but food is something that everybody can connect with and form memories with. It’s something that stuck with her a lot is all the food she ate around the Christmas times or holidays. [9]

  • 2:45:35 - Cats at Dairy Queen Story: One time she was traveling with her family and they stopped at a gas station that had a Dairy Queen. There were cats everywhere! Easily 30 or 50 just hanging out. She really likes cats so she was in heaven. [10]
  • 57:35 - Sun Story: When Gura was small and it was raining, she decided to sing the “Mr. Sun Song”. It goes “Mr.Sun, Sun. Mister Golden Sun. Please shine down on me!” She sang it for an hour and the sun did come out after the rain passed. She felt so powerful and thought she could control the weather. [11]
  • 3:29:20 - Embarrassing Stomach and her Senpais story: All the senpais that she has spoken to over voice and chatting, her stomach embarrassed her every time she goes to say “Hi, Hello Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu”, her stomachs goes aahhhh guuu. It goes from Gura being cool, calm, and collected to “askhfas Haha Sorry! Stomach! Hungry!”; A flustered Gura. Gura thinks she has made a fool of herself in each one of her senpais. She doesn’t like it because it’s embarrassing. Then the senpais go “Ah, kawaii”. [12]
  • 1:56:35 - Shameful McDonald's story: The other day she got really hungry and she decided to get food from the big M. She got a medium Quarter Pounder meal with fries, a cookie, an additional double cheeseburger, and a big soft drink. Then she proceeded to eat it all in 4 hours. She doesn’t know how she managed to do that. She ate the first meal with her cookie and then 2-3 hours later she was hungry again so she sat down for a snack of her double cheeseburger. [13]
  • 23:05 - Pizza Bathwater story: She took a bath and decided to have pizza with the bath. She filled her bath, got her stuff, and hopped in the bath with the pizza. She was eating her pizza in the bath and dropped the pizza in the bathtub. It was one of those moments where you just watch it happen as it happens. It dropped and went splosh. She watched it, picked it up, and ate it. She had just gotten in the bath and there was no soap in the water. It was just fresh water plus Gura. She pulled it out before it got soggy. It was a little soggy but still crunchy. “It’s like the 5 second rule but you’re fully submerged in bathwater.” [14]
  • 25:47 - Bathroom Egg Story: The other day, Gura got a hard boiled egg contraption in which you plug it into the wall and then you can make hard boiled eggs whenever you want. It was really late at night and she decided she wanted hard boiled eggs so she spent one night just sitting on the bathroom floor making hard boiled eggs in her bathroom. She just sat on the floor and waited for her eggs to be done. The contraption was a gift. [15]
  • 11:20 - Another McD story: Gura always defaults to talking about food. She talked about this in the discord server. (12:48) She went to Mickey D’s and she wanted a QP (Quarter Pounder), so she got a QP. She got a medium QP meal. A tasty, solid, nice McD choice. (14:20) She has just been getting over a little bit of some tummy issues. She has some tummy issues that come up every now and again. But they had cleared out and she hasn’t been eating for quite a long time so she thought to get herself a nice, tasty QP McD. So she got her QP, ate her QP meal, nom nom nom very tasty. She loved it so, so, so much. But then, probably an hour later, she’s like “Hm… I’m hungee” and thought to go to Mickey D again. She’s not ashamed or anything. So, she got another deluxe quarter pounder meal, a medium drink, medium fries, and a McRib. She ate it for a while. Over a course of 3 hours maybe. What she was trying to say was that she literally ate so much over such a short period of time for her that it was incredible. (16:13) She still hasn’t gotten used to the crazy land food. That’s why she’s been eating so much Mickey Ds. (16:43) After she talked about her McDonald’s food fest (she said the name) on the discord, Ame sent Gura a point-and-laugh emote, mocking Gura for going to Mickey D’s 3 times a day. Gura said “Shut up! It’s good alright?” in a sad tone of voice. Ame might have been making fun of Gura. Gura said it’s fine though. #AmeSame [7]
  • 25:16 - Rice porridge story: Gura was running low on food and didn’t want to leave her house so she decided to use the leftover soup broth to make rice porridge. So instead of getting 1 or 2 more meals, she was able to stretch it out for 6 more days. “When life gives you 3 servings left of soup, you make rice porridge out of it.” [16]
  • 1:46:18 - Potatoes Story: One time while she was harvesting, she reached her hand in the ground and was feeling around for a potato and accidentally grabbed something squishy. She thought it was a dead rat or something dead and screamed. [17]
  • 1:04:20 - Streaming too much Story: She got used to using the mute button like how digital artists unconsciously do ctrl+z. She was eating the other day, and she thought to mute her mouth chewing sound so she tried to reach over to smack a mute button but there was no mute button. None whatsoever. When she speaks into her mic, she can also hear herself and when she mutes herself, she can’t hear it as much. So when she was eating she thought she could just mute herself. That’s when you know you spend too much time online. [18]
  • Strep throat story: One time, she had strep throat and she had an incredible voice (like an onee-san ara ara voice). Her doctor told her to rest her voice but she couldn’t stop talking because her voice was so cool. [19]
  • 8:40 - Gura’s story about blowing a problem out of proportion: She was preparing for the Subliminal stream and she unplugged something, The mouse and keyboard stopped working and she went “Ohhh God! Ohhh!!!” She swapped the USB ports for the keyboard and the mouse and the keyboard started working but the mouse didn’t. She proceeded to have a meltdown because she had two streams coming up and the mouse decided to die right now. She kept panicking and was going to lasso swing it above her head and throw it against the wall but she turned the PC on and off again and it started working again. [20]
  • 26:06 - Kicked out for a Baguette: Gura got kicked out of a bakery when she was a baby shark. They had baguettes lying around so she thought she could eat them and took a big bite, she didn't understand the concept of money. [21]
Slice of Life
  • 39:55 - Mopping Story: Gura mopped the floor and when you mop, you want to make sure you don’t mop yourself into a corner but that’s what she did. She immediately paid for her consequences because she slipped and fell on the floor. [18]
  • 23:00 - Childhood Game Story: One of her favorite games was Barbie Horse Adventures - Wild Horse Rescue. It was her favorite game and she was very heartbroken when the game kept crashing on her at the same spot. She couldn’t finish the last level and save all the horses. Her cousin gave Gura her copy of the game and Gura was so excited but then it happened again. The whole game froze and she once again couldn’t finish the game. To this day, she has yet to finish her favorite childhood video game, Barbie Horse Adventures - Wild Horse Rescue. She may stream it and finally accomplish her childhood dream. [22]
  • 1:04:10 - Beetle fighting story: She remembers finding certain types of bugs with big pinchers on their head. She would set fighting rings for them and make the beetles battle. It was like a coliseum fighting. [23]
  • 1:04:35 - Spider Curiosity Story: One time she found a big spider in a web and she wanted to see spider stuff. She found a tiny bug and dropped it in the net and she saw how fast the spider wrapped the bug. It was absolutely instant. She likes bugs. You can learn a lot from bugs. [23]
  • 57:35 - Virtual Dogz Story: Gura would sit and play the minigame Renegade/Reversi/Othello in a gameboy game called Dogz. In the game you keep a puppy and when it grows up, it'll tell you how well you raised the puppy. Gura didn't know how to play it so her puppy grew up stressed, depressed, and had a very sad life. She cried and never touched the game again. She didn't understand how to progress the game and take the dog out for walks so she just played the minigames and ate breakfast and went to school in the game. [24]
  • 2:11:58 - Summer Slide Time Story: Gura used to go down the slides and it burned her butt before. She had slid down a metal slide in the summer and burned her butt. “A metal slide in the summer will burn off 4 layers of your epidermis.” - Gura’s knowledge. [25]
  • 38:06 - Roller Coaster Story: Gura needs a lot of pushing to get on the roller coaster but once she gets on, she has fun. One time she was on a roller coaster in which it pulls you back like a rubber band. When you get pulled back, because of the pressure, you won’t be able to breathe in when it lets you go so you need to take a breath before it goes. She didn’t know about it so when it happened, she started panicking because she couldn't breathe and it was dark and her eyes were closed. It was only for a few seconds but it felt like a really long time. [26]
  • 1:48:05 - Tinfoil hat story #1 about Sick Medicine and Hallucinations: One time, she took a Night-Time Alka-Seltzer Plus and thought she saw a UFO. She was sick and she took an Alka-Seltzer Night-Time Plus. She doesn’t know what’s in them. She at first doesn’t remember anything and then she remembers waking up and seeing pink and orange lights outside her window. It was silent and big. So her brain initially thought it was an airplane. But then she thought about it so if it was an airplane, she would be able to hear it if it was that big. If it was that big, she would be able to see and make out the lights and all that but she couldn’t hear anything. There was absolute fear inside of her because she didn’t know what she was looking at. Too late, but she eventually got up to go see and try to track it. It was gone. It scared her so bad. She’s not making this up. It scared her really bad. She hasn’t seen anything since. It’s one of those things she doesn’t know what it could be. It could have been a hallucination from the medicine because that stuff is really strong and it works really well on her. It was probably a hallucination and she wonders if it was a side effect. It was so long ago though. It was a couple of years ago. If she sees another UFO, she’ll tweet about it after she tells Ame. She thinks Ame would like that. Ame would be like “Dude! Dude, no way dude!” #AmeSame
    • (2:08:35) - A superchat from Order of Dusk told her that it could have been sleep paralysis and Gura said it would make perfect sense because she has talked about her weird sleep paralysis moments before. She was awake and looking at the UFO but she couldn’t get up. She could have gotten sleep paralysis from the Alka-Seltzer. She’s convinced that it was sleep paralysis now. [7]
  • 1:52:00 - Tinfoil Hat Story #2 about Weird Knee Bruises: She’s gonna sound crazy but there was a time where she had really weird bruises on her knee. Really, really weird bruises that were the size of her fingertips. They were very perfect circles and they were pretty small. She thinks there were 2 perfectly circular fingertip sized bruises on her knee. She even took pictures of it. She remembers that she was like “What in the hell is that!?” She tried thinking what could have caused it. She bruises very easily and wondered why a vampire would bite her on the knee. It was too big to be a spider bite because it was the size of her fingertips. She got it when she was asleep and there was nothing in her bed that could have caused those exact bruises. It couldn’t have been her because she keeps her fingernails (cut/short is implied) and she would have felt it or something. She doesn’t know. It was really weird so of course her brain was like “I know I was probed by an alien.” She’s joking of course but it makes you wonder about stuff. [7]
  • 1:54:41 - Tinfoil Hat Story #3 Fiberglass Foot: This one is pretty simple. She was walking around barefoot as you do. She likes to walk around barefoot so she’s bound to get things stuck in her feet like splinters and stuff like that. Her feet started hurting so she sat down, took a look at it, and tried to figure out what was in her foot. There was this bump. She's gonna sound really crazy. She had to get tweezers to pull this thing out of the foot. She doesn’t remember where it was on her foot. She pulled it out and it looked like a fiber. She remembers thinking it looked like yarn. She thinks it was both blue and red. She was really confused on what it was. It could have been fiberglass but she doesn’t know where it would have been from. It’s definitely not an ingrown hair!! Because it was red and blue. Then she thought it could maybe have been a carpet but how would a carpet go in her foot and be so deeply embedded in her foot like that. It was pretty deep and she had to get tweezers to dig/coax it out. She thought fiberglass was clear, like the stuff she gets in her hand, and couldn’t be colored but it would make perfect sense. She always thought fiberglass was the invisible stuff you get in your hands but fiberglass can be colored. She guesses that would make sense since if she used to get it in her hands, it would make sense that she would get it in her foot. She doesn’t remember it hurting. It was uncomfortable and it wasn’t like excruciating pain or anything. It was “Ow, there’s something in my foot and I need to take it out.” [7]
  • 2:49:20 - Bad childhood memory Story: She used to keep praying mantises, water bugs, and other types of bugs as pets. It’s not the worst childhood memory but a bad memory was that one time, her water bug bit her. One of her favorite praying mantis, named Sarah or something, laid its eggs and then it died. She found it underneath its egg sac all curled up or something. It left its egg sac behind. Gura finds praying mantis pretty cool and kind of freaky. [7]
  • 17:55 - Foot bruise story with Mommy Shark: Her phone fell, corner-side down, onto the same exact spot in which an ipad fell on her foot so she now (11/29/2020) has a humongous bruise in the same spot. Previously, an ipad fell a long way down onto her foot and she was so certain she broke or cracked some kind of bone because her entire foot got swollen. She told mom, “Mommy, I think I broke my foot.” But her mom said that she’s fine and just to put some ice or a pack of peas on it. However, Gura doubted that since she couldn’t move her toes. [19]
  • 36:05 - Doctor Warns against Energetic Mornings Story: Her doctor said not to jump out of bed anymore in the mornings because she would hop out of bed and faint. One time she hopped out of bed too quickly, went to another room, fainted, and fell backwards onto a ladder and an air conditioning unit. She bruised her back really badly and hit her head really hard. It could have been really, really, bad. Her doctor told her to not do that anymore so she has to get out of bed slowly now. She has to sit up, wait 20 minutes, swing her feet off the bed, wait another 20 minutes, and then stand up, wait 3 minutes, and then she goes. When she says she’s good at jumping out of bed, what she means is that her brain likes to jump out of bed but she physically should not anymore. It could be iron deficiency.
    • She also faints in the bathtub and in the shower. You know what they say, you gotta eat your spinach to grow up big and strong. It could be low blood pressure. When you’re laying in bed, all the blood pools and when you do something drastic, your body has to catch up and the blood has to recirculate throughout your entire body. Sometimes the blood doesn’t go as fast as the Gura shark goes and so she passes out.
    • She fell asleep on her arm and she lifted it up but she couldn’t feel it. It’s like pins and needles but she never got the pins and needles. [22]
  • 1:26:20-1:32:35 - Spooky Story that still makes her scared to this day: Gura was upstairs in a 2 story house. There are 2 rooms upstairs and they are across from one another. Her family of 4 was in the house: Gura, a sibling (a brother), and mommy and daddy shark. The other 3 people were downstairs while Gura was upstairs alone. She was in one room and the room across from her was dark. It was nighttime. Inside the dark room is a drum stool. Drum stools are usually heavy chairs made of metal like steel or something else. Every time you sit on it, it would make a rreee sound and every time you turn it makes an errk errk errk sound. So you know when someone was sitting on it. Gura went to go downstairs and she heard the chair make a noise like someone was sitting on it and thought it was her sibling, sitting and spinning in his chair. As she went downstairs, she passed by another room and saw her sibling in the corner of her eye. She felt her stomach drop, her heart raced, and she got cold and clammy. If he's there, what’s up there? There’s nothing else that could have made that noise since you have to put weight on the chair for it to make noise. She doesn’t have any pets so it couldn’t have been an animal. It couldn’t have been the wind because it’s a heavy chair. That’s her only ghost story to tell. Gura let it slip twice that her sibling is male, not confirmed if older or younger. [11]
  • 2:43:00 - Bike Story: Gura saw people riding bikes with no hands and wanted to do the same. She got to an okay speed and tested one handed riding with left and right hands each. When she let go with both hands, her steering did a 180, and she went up and over. She did a somersault and landed on the pavement. She now keeps both hands on the handles. Thankfully she was wearing her helmet. [27]
  • 2:07:55 - Bowling Story: Gura went bowling and she went to throw the ball. She had long fingernails and she slipped. Her hand popped out of the bowling ball and her thumb went straight down into her fingers. [24]
  • 2:32:45 - SCP and Hololive Story: She doesn’t know if she should say this but she’s saying it anyways. When she first joined Hololive, they asked her if she knew what SCP was about. She got nervous because she thought it was important so she said no. She was honest when she responded no and that she didn’t know what it was. Nothing has come out of it so she thinks it shouldn’t have been all that important but maybe there is some secret lore she doesn’t know about. [25]
  • 1:20:20 - Hololive Audition Story: She picked to join Hololive because she wanted to work together with the Vtubers she fell in love with. When she applied, she remembered that she was sitting at the table with a cup of coffee with the audition tape and kept asking herself if she’s gonna do it and then she did it. To make the auditions she had to do some stuff and she over-thought it a lot. She made her auditions a few times and keeps getting dissatisfied each time, constantly criticizing herself. She wanted to show herself and so she did it 5 times but kept saying they’re bad and not her. She decided to take a break, lifted some sticks outside, tended to her plants and vegetables, and had a moment of clarity. She went back in saying she’ll be herself and nothing but herself. She nailed it. She didn’t feel confident but she felt proud of doing the best that she could. [22]
  • 3:19:43 - Toilet Flush Story: Gura used to be afraid of the sound of toilet flush. So she used to have to do the splits to get a head start and would be as far away as possible from the toilet when she flushes it and then she would book it out of the room. She’s a little embarrassed of it but it is what it is. Gura would wash her hands in a separate room because she didn’t want to be where the loud toilet was. So public restrooms are a nightmare for her. She is scared of toilets that have a suction so strong that if you got your pants, skirt, shirt, or whatever close it would suck the clothing right off you. [28]


  • 1:52:41 - Gura’s meh days Advice: Maybe she’s tired and wasn’t so talkative today. It’s not a big deal since not everybody is going to have a really explosive chatty day and that’s fine. Today could be that day for her where she’s just kind of meh. Stuff happens when you stream a lot and maybe it’s the perfectionist in her, deep deep deep deep deep deep deep deep down inside her, something like this, you gotta take the good days and the bad days. Because the bad days are bound to happen. Maybe not even necessarily the bad days but that everyday is going to be a little different and that’s alright. As is live content, she would think but maybe she’s wrong. She doesn’t know. Maybe she’s overthinking it since she has a tendency to overthink. [29]
  • 1:33:17 - How to gain confidence to perform as a singer: To be quite honest with us, she went from 0 to blurry in quite a hurry. She’s being completely honest with us. So she may not be the best person to ask this advice because Hololive puts her in (this position to sing to everyone). She said it’s good and she appreciates that this happened. She mentioned it before (Minecraft AFK Stream 12/27/2020, see below); she described it as like ripping a bandaid off. With Hololive, it was like “You’re doing this!” because she had a really hard time singing in front of people before. She couldn't even sing in front of her family because it would make her cry. She would be embarrassed or nervous or whatever. Her only advice is, and it sounds a bit blah but, to believe in yourself because if she can do it, you can do it. [7]
  • 1:34:38 - Approaching somebody on a date: She’s not sure if she’s the best person to give this advice either. (1:35:30) A lot of people say this but just be yourself, be open, be kind, and don’t put pressure on the person that you’re going to be asking for the date with. It’s okay to be persistent but don’t put pressure on them. Because pressure is going to make anybody uncomfortable and she’s sure you wouldn’t want to be pressured in that scenario either. Persistence within reason is perfectly fine but being pressured is bad. But also, have confidence and know that you’re awesome so when you ask the other person, tell them you want to date this person because you think you can be awesome together. So if you go into that with that kind of open minded confidence, like “Ay. Ay girl..” Don’t take her word for word but say that you really dig them and you want to see that maybe… She’s really bad with words so don’t take her word for word. Gura has to draft out anything whenever she writes to anybody ever. So, just have confidence, be open, be honest, be proud, be persistent, but don’t push it and don’t put pressure on them. It’s the ppppppp (7 Ps) but that’s just her opinion.
    • P - Pconfidence
    • P - oPen
    • P - Phonest
    • P - Proud
    • P - Persistent
    • P - don’t Push it
    • P - don’t put Pressure [7]
  • 49:30 - Gura’s Life Advice: With your day to day life, stop giving a damn. Just stop. Just who cares. Just everyday have fun in a way that you want to have fun and don’t care what anyone else says or thinks because you’re living for you and not anybody else. Also, buy a towel warmer. [30]
  • 56:30 - Gura’s Lemonade Advice: When life gives you lemons, you can either sit there and cry about the lemons or you can make some lemonade, gosh darn it. We can make the best gosh darn lemonade you’ve ever seen! [18]
  • 24:00 - Overcoming stage fright Advice: She puts the analogy as ripping a band aid off. That’s what she did. She hasn’t fully overcome the nervousness yet. Last Christmas karaoke she was incredibly nervous but it’s something she's gotten better at. She panics and questions what she’s doing and might have a moment wanting to run and hide. It’s scary but she can’t just not do it. It’s mind over matter. You just do it. It sounds like a bad answer but seriously, that’s how she has done it. She has to do it so she’ll do it even if she’s scared and nervous. She knows that eventually it will become easier. That’s not to say she’s not excited to do something like singing in front of people or anything like that, she is excited. Just do it. JUST DO IT!!
    • She dealt with really bad stage fright before. She tried everything to help with the stage fright. She remembers she tried little ginger candies that you are supposed to chew and help with your stage fright but it never worked for her.
    • “Don’t let your dreams be dreams. Become your dreams gosh dangit” - Gawr Gura 2020 [31]
  • 50:55 - Gura’s Regrets and Advice: Of course she does. She has many. It’s just a thing that happens as you live life. It can be hard because sometimes your brain can just replay a regretful scenario over and over in your head and it can be hard to get past that. You have to remember that everybody has regrets. Literally everybody. But life will go on and instead of seeing it as a terrible regret, you can look at it as a learning experience rather than as awful and terrible. You can have a moment of self-pity, it’s normal and everybody gets it. But if you stay in that mindset, how would you get past that? She has done this too. You have to acknowledge it and learn how to not do that again or how to do it differently. [31]
  • 1:16:30 - Gura’s advice for bad days: She has her bad days but thinking of the silver lining like taking the day slowly, what she’s thankful for, and the future and what could happen makes her excited and makes her happier. You can change the things in your life. It gets her excited that she can change and control her life when something bad happens. If she’s going really down, going for a long walk outside or a swim or some kind of exercise helps a little bit. The exercise also helps her think of the silver lining. Or you can have a nice big cookie, just make sure it’s baked or else you’ll get a stomach ache like her. [22]

  • 4:15 - Gura’s advice for a good throat: Gura went out today and got a humidifier, a fix-all to her throat problems. So now she can scream forever because that’s how that works right? Kiara has a humidifier too, a pretty big one but she doesn’t know if she ever has noticed a big difference. Gura said that the humidifier makes the air really thick like she wants to eat it. It’s thick air now instead of thin air. The air feels heavier to Gura because of the moisture. Kiara barely notices a difference with her humidifier and wants Gura’s. Gura said okay and wondered if Kiara had hers on full blast. Gura has hers on full blast. Kiara said even at full blast, it doesn’t change much and at full blast it’s very noisy.
    • Kiara’s key to a nice, smooth throat is drinking tea all the time but Sora told her that tea is bad for her voice which Kiara guesses is because of the caffeine. However, Kiara puts a lot of honey in it. Kiara basically drinks the tea because of the honey. The honey and tea makes Kiara smooth, silky, and sticky. Gura said that people say you should avoid caffeine, chocolate, mints, spicy food, alcohol, acidic food, and dairy if you want to have no troubles with your throat. Gura thinks chocolate is also included. She’s pretty sure they’re bad for your throat. These things usually irritate your stomach and your throat. However, Gura isn’t going to stay away from chocolate. She needs chocolate and also some coffee.
    • Kiara said that Sora told Kiara that pineapple juice is really good for your throat. Gura already knew this and said that it lubricates your throat and green apples as well if you have a dry mouth. Gura is top informed about making her throats smooth as hell. [6]
  • 23:18 - Gura’s New Hobby Advice: She picked up a new hobby and as soon as she picked it up, she thought to herself how terrible she is at it. But the only way you are going to get better at something is by doing it so she’s just going to do it. You do your hobby every single day, you gonna get better, it’s impossible not to be. She already had a spiel about this before so she won’t go further into it. [29]
  • 33:55 - “Corn’s got to be knee high come July. If your corn’s not knee high by July, you may as well kiss it goodbye” - Gawr Gura farming advice 2020. [30]
  • 37:40 - Gura’s advice for strawberry picking: It’s always fun to go strawberry picking but it only takes one person who decides to bring their pet to ruin the fun. It’s never fun. Don’t bring your animal unless you’re specifically given permission to bring your pet strawberry picking. Don’t bring them. Just don’t do it because animals like to pee and poop and they will do it wherever they please whenever they please. Nobody wants strawberries that smell like dog pee-pee. [30]

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The following are a list of background music Gura has used in her streams and videos.

Snowy Night
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Like the Snow
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Title アトリエと電脳世界 Usage Stream BGM
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