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Nakiri Ayame

Nakiri Ayame - Portrait 01.png
Illustrator: Kagura Nana[1]
Live2D Modeling: 入江燈[2]

Nakiri Ayame - Portrait 3D.png
Illustrator: Kagura Nana[3]
3D Modeling: 由治[3] & schwarz[4]

Nakiri Ayame - Portrait 3D 02.png
Illustrator: Kagura Nana[5]

Nakiri Ayame - Portrait 03.png
Illustrator: Kagura Nana[6]
Live2D Modeling: 入江燈[7]

Nakiri Ayame - Portrait 04.png
Illustrator: Kagura Nana[8]
Live2D Modeling: ナナメ[9]

Nakiri Ayame - Portrait 05.png

Nakiri Ayame - Portrait 06.png
Illustrator: Kagura Nana[10]
Live2D Modeling: 入江燈[11]

"Greetings, humans! Nakiri Ayame has arrived!"
Japanese Name百鬼あやめ
English NameNakiri Ayame
Chinese Name百鬼绫目
Debut DateSeptember 3, 2018 (YouTube)
Member ofHololive 2nd Gen
Fan NameNakiri-gumi (百鬼組)
Emoji /
Oshi Mark
😈 Twemoji12 1f608.svg
Official Media
YouTubeNakiri Ayame Ch. 百鬼あやめ (English) (Japanese)
Other@nakiriayame -
BirthdayDecember 13
Age1500+ years old
Stream Talk#百鬼あやめch
Nakiri Ayame - Signature.png

Channel Logo - Nakiri Ayame 01.png
Introduction Video
Official Bio
Streaming Info
Other Media
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Introduction Video

Her introduction video has been made private. Shown above instead is a featured video in her channel.

Official Bio

"Greetings, humans! Nakiri Ayame has arrived!"

"A kimono-clad Oni girl from the Demonic-Realm Academy. As she loves to prank people, she always uses will-o’-the-wisp on them just to have fun. Many may not realize it, but she is actually the president of the student council."


Nakiri Ayame (Japanese: 百鬼あやめ) born December 13, is an oni and a member of Hololive 2nd Generation. Although her Twitter account and her Youtube Channel were both created on August 1, 2018, and August 11, 2018, respectively, she debuted on September 3, 2018. Her 3D model debut was on May 17, 2019 [12] and soon after, on August 9, 2019, she debuted her 3D Swimsuit model. [13] Her second outfit was announced on Twitter[14] and was revealed on Youtube in a livestream on November 23, 2019.[15]

She streams a variety of games on her channel, like Minecraft[16] — where she is possibly the best builder in Hololive — or FPS games such as PUBG[17] or Apex Legends. (where she ended Season 4 at Diamond 4) [18] Other games include Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Monster Hunter World (and its expansion, Iceborne), Mario Kart, ARK (though only for a few streams), Rhythm Heaven, Splatoon[19] and League of Legends[20].

She's known for her soothing voice and infectious giggles and laughs during her stream. She's also notoriously bad at waking up, as she's always the last to wake up in multiple morning wake-up streams. She also sings a lot on her streams. [21] [22] [23]

Her great luck is unmatched in all of Hololive when it comes to videogames and odds. Examples of her 'great luck' include, but are not limited to:

  • Her "The Stream Doesn't End Until I Fish Up an Enchanted Book!" Minecraft stream[24], where after she casts her first line, she gets an enchanted book. The odds of this happening is 0.7%.
  • Another Minecraft stream, titled "I Ain't Gonna Stop Until I Get My Diamonds!"[25], where 30 minutes after the stream started she finds a vein of 5 diamonds. Not wanting to end right there, she wanted to find a second vein, and 15 minutes after the first vein encounter, she finds a vein of 8 diamonds.
  • More recently, during an Apex stream[26], she mentions of a skin she wanted from a weapon, and after opening just one lootbox, she gets the aforementioned skin.

Her representative emote is a smiling "oni" face, since she is an oni.


Ayame has a calm and easy-going demeanor. She can be clumsy at times and tends to forget things easily.
Despite being an Oni, a kind of yōkai from Japanese folklore, known for being evil and brutal, Ayame is one of the kindest and caring members in Hololive.
Most of the time during streams, she prefers to just talk about different topics and often gets sidetracked from one topic to another, before going back to the original topic 20 minutes later.
While playing games, especially FPS, she gets very competitive and can become silent as she tries to focus in-game.

She is not easily phased and always regains her composure, though series of frustrating matches in Fall Guys can make her lose her cool and lightly slam the table a few times.[27]
Despite having an introverted personality, Ayame gets along well with her peers and seniors, but when it comes to interactions with juniors, she often gets shy. While being a brilliant comedian when it comes to FAMS skits and being able to read the atmosphere, she is notorious for spacing out during collabs[28], making an empty face, and getting called out for it.
Outside of Hololive, she is great friends with a member of Nijisanji, Inui Toko, utaite 96Neko (Kuroneko), and independent VTuber Utsutsu Yomi.
She is quite knowledgeable about various anime, manga, J-dramas, and seiyūs, for which she is often being called an otaku by her fans. Ayame always denies those claims, stating that real otakus know much more than her.



  • Aug. 01 Twitter account creation date.
  • Aug. 11 YouTube channel creation date.
  • Sep. 03 YouTube debut and first video upload.
  • Sep. 30 Achieved a 10,000 Youtube subscriber milestone.[29]


  • Jan. 04 Achieved a 22,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.[30]
  • May 06 YouTube membership opened.[31]
  • May 17 3D model debut.[32]
  • May 25 Achieved a 50,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.[33]
  • Aug. 09 Revealed her 3D swimsuit outfit.[34]
  • Aug. 15 Achieved a 70,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.[35]
  • Nov. 10 Achieved a 100,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.[36]
  • Nov. 23 Revealed her second Live2D outfit.[37]
  • Dec. 31 Revealed her New Year's outfit.[38]


  • Jan. 24 Participated in Hololive's first live, "Nonstop Story", and received her 3D idol outfit.
  • Feb. 08 Achieved a 150,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.[39]
  • Apr. 16 Achieved a 200,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.[40]
  • June 02 Achieved a 250,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.[41]
  • July 10 Achieved a 300,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.[42]
  • July 31 Main Live2D model was updated to "Ver.2.0".[43]
  • Sep. 05 Achieved a 400,000 YouTube subscriber milestone during a free talk stream.[44]
  • Nov. 12 Achieved a 500,000 YouTube subscriber milestone during a karaoke stream.[45]
  • Dec. 22 Achieved a 600,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.


  • Feb. 10 Achieved a 700,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.[46]
  • Apr. 05 Achieved an 800,000 YouTube subscriber milestone during a karaoke stream.[47]
  • May. 23 Achieved an 900,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.[48]

Streaming Information

Viewers call her "Ojou" (お嬢)[49][50]. It roughly translates to "Young Lady". She calls her fans “人間様” which literally means "Humans", while she refers to herself as "Yo" (余), as her Japanese is archaic since she's very old.

When something cute happens on her stream, chat will often say "Kawayo" (かわ余). This is a portmanteau of "Kawaii" (かわいい) and "Yo" (余).

Streamer Side
Scene Lines Romaji Meaning / Notes
Greetings こんなきり! Konnakiri! Her greeting; it's a portmanteau of "Konnichiwa" and "Nakiri".
Introduction はーい人間様たちこんなきりー!やほー "Hai, ningensama-tachi, konnakiri! Yaho~" Her introduction. It means "Greetings humans! Konnakiri! Hello!"
Farewell おつなきり! Otsunakiri! Her farewell; a combination of "Otsukare" and "Nakiri".
Viewer Side
Scene Lines Romaji Meaning / Notes
Waiting 待鬼 Twemoji12 1f608.svg Taiki Waiting message, followed by an imp emoji. Taiki means "waiting". The "鬼" (Ki) in her waiting message is a pun from her last name.
こん... Kon... Used when it's already time for the scheduled stream and the viewers are waiting for the stream to start.
Greetings こんなきり! Konnakiri! Used to reply streamer's introduction speech.
Farewell おつなきり! Otsunakiri! Used to reply streamer's farewell speech.
YouTube Membership Perks
Badges and Emoji Perk Levels
Nakiri Ayame - Membership Perks.png

  • Members-only blog
    Members-only personal life posts
  • Preview of new videos

Other Media




  • Dislikes beans, not because of her oni lineage, but because of the texture and taste. [53]
  • Suntory Strong Zero. [54]
  • Choco Mint, but she likes the color of it. [55]
  • Sweets aroma, like Vanilla or Coconut. [56]
  • Absolutely cannot eat raw tomatoes, but cooked tomatoes and ketchup are okay. [57]
  • Shiso, a type of mint herb.


Poyoyo, Ayame's mascot
  • Her mascot, Poyoyo, was made by Professor Fubuki. It's a white, ball-like creature that possesses the same horns that Ayame has.[58]
  • The two swords on her back have names. The red sword is called "Ashura", while the black sword is called "Rasetsu". [59]
  • The ghost dogs seen on her image floating around have names and are called "Karma" and "Shiranui". Karma is the one with the evil eye, while the one with the circular eyes is Shiranui. [60]
  • In a stream, she has revealed that she now owns a cat. She has named her "Ziru", from "Blue Zircon", as her eyes have the same color as the gem. Ziru is a Ragdoll [61] [62]
  • Allergic to watermelon.[63]
  • Like her fellow member Hoshimachi Suisei, she has a poor sense of direction. She often gets lost on the way to other members' houses for offcollabs. [64]
  • Due to her appearance, she often gets teased as looking like a dog[65][66], with Fubuki even drawing her a dog similar to her appearance. [67] In response to this, she usually says: 「わんこじゃない!」 (I am not a dog!)
  • Is close friends with Inui Toko, a member of Nijisanji. The name of their pairing is "Oniberos" (「おにべろす」; a combination of "Oni" and "Cerberus", as Inui Toko is a Cerberus)
  • Shares the same Illustrator with the following VTubers (including Kagura Nana herself):
  • She belongs to two (by extension, three) sub-units:
  1. FAMS. The unit's members are Fubuki, Ayame, Mio, and Subaru. The extension to this sub-unit is OKFAMS, which adds Okayu, and Korone to the group.
  2. "Manjigumi" (「卍組」; note that this is the Buddhist Swastika) comprising of the three members: herself, Minato Aqua, and Murasaki Shion.
  • Is one of the Hololive Production VTubers with a verified YouTube channel. Other verified members can be found here.

Logo - hololive (Textless).png No speculations and rumors, just fun facts!


Image Gallery


Original Songs

The following are original songs by Ayame.

Shiny Smily Story

Kirameki Rider [hololive 1st fes. "Nonstop Story"]


The following are a list of albums Ayame has made or participated in.

Collab Singles
Shiny Smily Story
Album Cover Art - Shiny Smily Story.jpg
Release Date September 16, 2019
Track List
  1. Shiny Smily Story
  2. Shiny Smily Story (Instrumental)
External links
Digital Release
Hyakka Ryoran Hanafubuki
Album Cover Art - Hyakka Ryoran Hanafubuki.jpg
Release Date December 31, 2020
Track List
  1. Hyakka Ryoran Hanafubuki
  2. Hyakka Ryoran Hanafubuki (Instrumental)
External links
Digital Release • Music Video
Album Cover Art - Suspect.jpg
Release Date January 28, 2021
Track List
  1. Suspect
  2. Suspect (Instrumental)
External links
Digital Release • Music Video
Dreaming Days
Album Cover Art - Dreaming Days.jpg
Release Date February 11, 2021
Track List
  1. Dreaming Days
  2. Dreaming Days (Instrumental)
External links
Digital Release • Music Video
Collab Albums
Album Cover Art - Bouquet.jpg
Release Date April 21, 2021
Track List
External links
Digital Release

Cover Songs

The following are a list of songs covered by Ayame.

Solo Covers
かいしんのいちげき! (Kaishin no Ichigeki!)
Mixing ごず様 Video Editing N/A
Original Link/s YouTube YouTube
愛言葉Ⅲ (Ai Kotoba III)
Instrumental N/A Illustration Kagura Nana, 泉彩, 安曇アキタケ
Mixing Hamu (ハム / ハム) Video Editing はなけん様
Original Link/s YouTube YouTube
Instrumental N/A Illustration おしるこ
Mixing ごず (ごず) Video Editing 近所のにーちゃん
Original Link/s YouTube YouTube
Collab Covers
お願いマッスル (Onegai Muscle)
Sang by Tokino Sora, Roboco, Sakura Miko, Hololive 1st Generation, Hololive 2nd Generation, Hololive GAMERS, Hololive Fantasy, Yuujin - A
Mixing キジバト Video Editing N/A
Original Link/s YouTube YouTube
フタリボシ (Futariboshi)
Sang by Nakiri Ayame, Kagura Nana
Instrumental N/A Illustration Kagura Nana
Mixing Hamu (ハム / ハム) Video Editing はなけん様
Original Link/s YouTube YouTube
おちゃめ機能 (Ochame Kinou)
Sang by Hololive 0th Generation, AZKi, Yozora Mel, Natsuiro Matsuri, Aki Rosenthal, Hololive 2nd Generation, Ookami Mio, Nekomata Okayu, Hololive Fantasy, Hololive 4th Generation (besides Coco)
Mixing キジバト Video Editing N/A
Original Link/s NicoNico NicoNico
しんでしまうとはなさけない! (Death Should Not Have Taken Thee!)
Sang by Nakiri Ayame, Natsuiro Matsuri
Mixing キジバト Video Editing 隣人Λ
Original Link/s YouTube YouTube
Crazy ∞ nighT
Sang by Nakiri Ayame, Yozora Mel, Yuzuki Choco, Murasaki Shion, Uruha Rushia
Mixing しの様 Video Editing 鳴宮ユキ様, 山吹色様
Original Link/s YouTube YouTube
気まぐれメルシィ (Kimagure Mercy)
Sang by Nakiri Ayame, Kagura Nana
Mixing Pd.46 Video Editing 抹茶, よし (MMD), MOKA (Motion)
Original Link/s YouTube YouTube
気まぐれメルシィ (Kimagure Mercy) - Full Dance Version
Sang by Nakiri Ayame, Kagura Nana
Mixing Pd.46 Video Editing Model: どっと様, 由治様
Motion: MOKA, よし様
Stage: ムムム様, Video : そーちん様
Original Link/s YouTube YouTube


The following are a list of background music Ayame has used in her streams and videos.

Title Chrono Usage Current Stream Intro
Made by Kirara Magic and Yirokos Link/s
Title Whisper Usage Previous Stream Intro
Made by PeriTune Link/s
Title 夜桜舞楽 Usage Stream BGM
Made by たし Link/s
Title VANKETT Usage Minecraft BGM
Made by ぴろぱる (Piroparu) Link/s
Title Departure Usage Previous Ending BGM
Made by Kirara Magic and Couple N Link/s
Title Hanagoyomi Usage Stream BGM
Made by PeriTune Link/s
Setsuna (Kirara Magic Remix)
Title Setsuna (Kirara Magic Remix) Usage Current Ending BGM
Made by Xomu and Justin Klyvis, remixed by Kirara Magic Link/s
Title ひとり Usage Stream BGM
Made by beco Link/s

Recommended Videos


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