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Omega Alpha - Portrait.png
Illustrator: 藤ちょこ[1]
English NameOmegaα (Omega alpha)
Official Media
YouTubeOmegaα hololive-EN
BirthdayDecember 32nd[2]
Height175 cm

Official Bio[edit source]

The EN(D), the exiled of Worlds.

The cause of "events" and was told to be the origin of the ancient malediction "Gaze of Omega."

Usually an observer, it is now taking an active role for unknown reasons.

Overview[edit source]

Omegaα (Omega alpha) is a member of hololive production. It was introduced through a short PV and a slide with information during the post-debut collaboration of the hololive English -Council- members.[2] Shortly afterwards, the PV, titled The Advent of Omega was uploaded to the official Hololive English channel.[3]

Its relation to the members of Hololive English is currently unknown, only that it has a similar position to A-chan's.[4]

Milestones[edit source]

2021[edit source]

  • May 25 Twitter account created.[5]
  • July 10 Appeared as the "producer" in the credits of Caesura of Despair MV.
  • Aug. 22 YouTube channel created.[6]
  • Aug. 23 Omegaα's bio and character illustration were revealed at the end of the first hololive English -Council- group stream.

Trivia[edit source]

  • Omegaα's first mention was in the credits for IRyS's Caesura of Despair MV, with Omegaα listed as the video's Producer.
    • Although Omegaα became known only after the debut of hololive English -Council-, Omegaα has been working behind the scenes with Hololive English since it started as the first staff of the EN branch.[7]
  • Omegaα does not have preferred pronouns. [8]
  • Omegaα is able to communicate in both English and Japanese without the need for translation programs. [9]
  • Omegaα's favourite season is Winter [10]
  • Shares the same illustrator with the following VTubers:

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