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Concept design by Retayu Arth
English NameM-chan
Debut Date?
IllustratorRetayu Arth and Various
Official Media
Websitehololive.tv (English)
hololive.tv (Japanese)
  • MaID-chan
  • Buff M-chan


M-chan is a manager with Hololive Indonesia. They have been referenced in multiple occasions by all talents within Holo ID, meaning they may be the primary point of contact for the talents. There is no official design for them, however fan-art has been created to depict their appearance.


M-chan is primarily the person behind the Hololive Indonesia Twitter account, being quite responsive to inquiries by fans who mention them. They are also often seen commenting during live streams, often catching talents by surprise. M-chan has stated to the talents that they do not want an official design, in order to maintain their anonymity. [1] M-chan is generally described as a hardworker and very dedicated to supporting the talents. According to Anya Melfissa, they are also the most seiso in Holo ID. [2]




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