Tsunomaki Watame

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Tsunomaki Watame
"Konban dododo!"
Japanese Name角巻わため
English NameTsunomaki Watame
Chinese Name角卷绵芽
Debut DateDecember 29, 2019
Member ofhololive 4th Gen
Fan NameWata-mates (わためいと)
Emoji /
Oshi Mark
Official Media
YouTubeWatame Ch. 角巻わため Official Artist Channel
Websitehololivepro.com (EN)
hololivepro.com (JP)
hololive.tv (EN)
hololive.tv (JP)
Twitter@tsunomakiwatame Verified
BirthdayJune 06
Age7 years old
Stream Talk#ドドドライブ
Video Clips#わたわた動画
Watame no Uta#わためのうた
EnglishWataojii (Old man Watame), Watamelon

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Introduction Video[edit]

Her introduction video has been made private. Shown above instead is a featured video in her channel.

Official Bio[edit]

"Hoof, hoof, helloof!" "Watame did nothing wrong!"

A sheep bard that goes around everywhere. She loves singing and is fluffy! YES! FLUFFY! Being a herbivore, she loves potato chips.
She makes music and videos together with the members of the Tsunomaki Troupe.
Make sure you check out her Tsunomaki Rock Paper Scissors videos as well!


Tsunomaki Watame (角巻わため), born on June 6th, is the 4 years old (in sheep years) resident sheep of Hololive 4th Generation. The fluffiest addition to Hololive yet, Watame is one of the kindest and most emotional members among the 4th Generation, if not among all of Hololive. Watame debuted on December 29, 2019[12]. She is the third to debut for the 4th Generation of Hololive. Watame loves puns and wordplay, thus the puns for the names of her fans and members.

Watame's uploads are heavily music oriented. She has two main programs, "Watame no Uta", and "Watame Night Fever."

In addition to her music based content, Watame is also a gamer. While she is not as hardcore as other members of Hololive like Minato Aqua, she enjoys a playing a wide variety of video games in different genres. This includes but is not limited to ARK, Apex, Minecraft, Splatoon, and Mario Kart. Watame is flexible in terms of the types of games she plays, which allows her to participate in many multiplayer game collabs with her fellow Hololive members.

Watame is well known for the catchphrase "Watame wa warukunai yo ne (わためは悪くないよね)" which roughly translates to "Watame did nothing wrong." The phrase started in an "apology" video (due to her previous stream having connection issues)[13] and has stuck around ever since.

Her representative emote is a ram, which should not be confused with the sheep emote. It was chosen due to the ram emote having horns compared to the sheep emote which has none.[14]


Watame possesses a gentle disposition, and often uses calm and polite language when speaking. She is also known among her peers as being quite warm and friendly. During her debut, she showed a shy attitude at times whenever she wasn't singing.

As Watame is a sheep, she also speaks their language. During her livestreams, one can often find some phrases replaced with bleats. It is not just restricted to spoken dialogue, as her streams may often have imprinted "ネタバレめぇめぇ!" (netabare mee mee!), which is highly-assumed to mean "No spoilers!" in the language of the sheep.

During gaming streams, she rarely shows frustration no matter the situation. Often, she will play very sweet and cute games, such as "Hansel and Gretel" or "Final Fantasy IX." She will also occasionally dabble in horror games that have been recently played by other members. Moderately weak to the genre, and quite weak to jumpscares, Watame would often shriek at the slightest movements on her screen. In most, if not all of her gameplay streams, whenever she is stuck on a section, she will gracefully accept the assistance of her viewers.

Additionally, Watame is known for being exceptionally emotional. Should an emotional scene in a game appear, such as a death, or the marriage of a character, she is known to start crying—often needing to take a moment to regain her composure before continuing. This is not exclusive to gaming streams, as she cried quite a number of times during her birthday weekend streams. Because of the sound of her sniffling, fans, especially those from the West, often relate that to the sound of slurping ramen. Due to this, during moments where Watame is crying, chat will often type in comments like "time for ramen."

For uploaded content, particularly "Watame no Uta" (Watame's Song Corner), Watame will show various expressions during her songs such as: happy, concerned, and serious. It may be the only way to see her serious face as she only uses it when singing certain styles of music.

Although relatively new to creating ASMR, Watame will often get fans enamored with how soft her voice is.

Watame Music Programs[edit]

Watame is heavily music-oriented. She used to have two regular music "programs," "Watame no Uta" (わためのうた) or "WataUta" for short translated to "Watame's Song Corner", and "Watame Night Fever". "WataUta" was an early morning program every weekday that consisted short covers of multiple songs covered by Watame. It used to premiere before Kiryu Coco's AsaCoco . WataUta was first moved to once-a-week time slot and eventually fully discontinued. Every song performed by Watame was something she puts her passion into, often doing multiple retakes for her morning WataUta due to occasionally being unsatisfied with the result. Her other program, "Watame Night Fever", is a 2 hour long karaoke stream that she does every weekend.



  • Nov. 29 Twitter account creation date.
  • Dec. 04 YouTube channel creation date.
  • Dec. 27 Achieved a 10,000 YouTube subscriber milestone before debuting.
  • Dec. 29 YouTube debut and first video upload.


  • Jan. 08 Achieved a 50,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.[15]
  • Feb. 12 Achieved a 100,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.[16]
  • Mar. 08 Membership feature opened.[17]
  • Mar. 24 Achieved a 150,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.[18]
  • Apr. 30 Achieved a 200,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.[19]
  • Jun. 06 Achieved a 250,000 YouTube subscriber milestone during her 1st birthday stream.[20]
  • Jul. 11 Achieved a 300,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.[21]
  • Jul. 12 Revealed her main 3D model.[22]
  • Aug. 21 Achieved a 400,000 YouTube subscriber milestone on a Karaoke stream. [23]
  • Sep. 06 Reddit account creation date.
  • Oct. 25 Achieved a 500,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.
  • Dec. 06 Achieved a 600,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.


  • Jan. 01 Revealed her Live2D New Years outfit.[24]
  • Jan. 17 Achieved a 700,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.[25]
  • Feb. 15 Revealed her 3D Idol outfit.[26]
  • Mar. 12 Achieved an 800,000 YouTube subscriber milestone during a karaoke stream.[27]
  • May 03 Revealed her third Live2D outfit.[28]
  • May 25 Achieved a 900,000 YouTube subscriber milestone during a karaoke stream.[29]
  • May 31 Released the digital version of her first album "Watame no Uta Vol. 1 (わためのうたvol.1)".[30]
  • July 17 Achieved a 1,000,000 YouTube subscriber milestone during a karaoke stream.[31]
  • Oct. 12 Held her solo live concert Tsunomaki Watame 1st Live "Watame Night Fever!! in Zepp Tokyo" and debuted a new 3D outfit.


Streaming Information[edit]


Watame's fans are affectionately referred to as "Wata-mates" (わためいと), a portmanteau of "Watame" and "Mates". Her YouTube members are referred to as "Member Sheep".

Streamer Side
Scene Lines Romaji Meaning / Notes
Greetings こんばんドドドー Konbandododooo
Farewell おつのまき~ Otsunomaki ~
Viewer Side
Scene Lines Romaji Meaning / Notes
Farewell おつのまき~ Otsunomaki ~
YouTube Membership Perks
Badges and Emoji Perk Levels
Member sheep
  • Members-only live stream


Watame is part of multiple collab groups and pairings, with the most notable being the PPTrio with fellow 4th Generation members Kiryu Coco, and Amane Kanata. She is also in the Bakatare group with GAMERS member Shirakami Fubuki, and 3rd Generation Shiranui Flare. She has been paired together with Akai Haato after their antics in Minecraft.

Other Media[edit]


No speculations and rumors, just fun facts!


Image Gallery[edit]


Original Songs[edit]

The following are original songs by Watame.

わための子守唄 (Watame no Komoriuta)

愛昧ショコラーテ (Ai-mai Chocolate)

ホロライブ言えるかな? (hololive ieru ka na?)

キミだけのメロディ (Melody For You)

sweet night, sweet time…

(Ode to an Eternal Future)

おはようのうた (Good Morning Song)


ゼロの足跡 (Zero no Ashiato)

Everlasting Soul



My song

君色ハナミズキ (Kimiiro Hanamizuki)

夢見る羊 (Dreamy Sheep)

Happy day to you!


Watame-lon head rap 🍉 (long ver.)

Watame drum #1

わためラップ Loud ver.

Watame drum #2



わたメドレーSP 2020


Rainy Day ☔



ジンギス団ラップ -30分耐久-

Midnight Watamedley🚙💤

曇天羊/角巻わため (Cloudy Sheep)
feat.Mori Calliope

キセキ結ひ゛(Kiseki Knot)



Reaper vs. Sheep -Ouen ver.-

Reaper vs. Sheep -Kenko ver.-


The following are a list of albums Watame has made or participated in.

愛昧ショコラーテ (Ai-mai Chocolate)
Release Date December 19, 2020
Track List
  1. 愛昧ショコラーテ
  2. 愛昧ショコラーテ - Instrumental
External links
Digital Release • Music Video
キミだけのメロディ (Melody For You)
Release Date June 30, 2021
Track List
  1. キミだけのメロディ
  2. キミだけのメロディ (Instrumental)
External links
Digital Release • Music Video
Release Date August 19, 2021
Track List
  1. mayday、mayday
  2. mayday、mayday (Instrumental)
External links
Digital Release • Music Video
Everlasting Soul
Release Date September 10, 2021
Track List
  1. Everlasting Soul
  2. Everlasting Soul (Instrumental)
External links
Digital Release • Music Video
君色ハナミズキ (Kimiiro Hanamizuki)
Release Date April 22, 2022
Track List
  1. 君色ハナミズキ
  2. 君色ハナミズキ (Instrumental)
External links
Digital Release • Music Video
Release Date June 7, 2023
Track List
  1. Fins
  2. Fins (Instrumental)
External links
Digital Release • Music Video
Collab Singles
キセキ結び (Kiseki knot)
Release Date June 25, 2021
Track List
  1. キセキ結び
  2. キセキ結び - Instrumental
External links
Digital Release • Music Video
Reaper vs. Sheep -Ouen ver.-
Release Date September 23, 2022
Track List
  1. Reaper vs. Sheep -Ouen ver.-
  2. Reaper vs. Sheep -Ouen ver.- (Instrumental)
External links
Digital Release • Music Video
Reaper vs. Sheep -Kenko ver.-
Release Date September 23, 2022
Track List
  1. Reaper vs. Sheep -Kenko ver.-
  2. Reaper vs. Sheep -Kenko ver.- (Instrumental)
External links
Digital Release • Music Video
Extended Plays
List of albums, with selected chart positions
Title Album details Peak positions
Watame no Uta Vol. 2.5
Release Date December 30, 2022
Track List
External links
Digital Release
Studio albums
List of albums, with selected chart positions
Title Album details Peak positions
Watame no Uta Vol. 1
Release Date May 31, 2021
Track List
  1. クソザコ回線卒業!のうた
  2. はらぺこのうた
  3. わための子守唄
  4. わためラップ
  5. てぇてぇのうた
  6. ホロライブ言えるかな?
  7. 曇天羊
  8. 愛味ショコラーテ
  9. 曇天羊 (feat. Mori Calliope)
External links
Digital Release
Watame no Uta Vol. 2
Release Date December 30, 2021
Track List
  1. おはようのうた
  2. mayday,mayday
  3. キミだけのメロディ
  4. sweet night, sweet time…
  5. ゼロの足跡
  6. Everlasting Soul
  7. Holidays!
  8. 御伽の詩と永久なるミライ
  10. My song
  11. ししわたクッキング
External links
Digital Release
  • Label: Cover Corporation
  • Formats: CD, download
Collab Albums
Release Date October 24, 2020
Track List
  1. Enomiya Milk ― 『スターラブレイション』
  2. Suzuka Utako ― 『気分上々↑↑』
  3. Suou Patra ― 『ね~え?』
  4. Souya Ichika ― 『GLAMOROUS SKY』
  5. Tsunomaki Watame ― 『恋のつぼみ』
  6. Suzuhara Lulu ― 『そばかす』
  7. Natsuiro Matsuri ― 『風吹けば恋』
  8. Inuyama Tamaki ― 『I WISH』
  9. Enomiya Milk & Suzuka Utako ― 『じょいふる』
  10. Suou Patra & Suzuhara Lulu ― 『もってけ!セーラーふく』
  11. Inuyama Tamaki & Natsuiro Matsuri ― 『365日の紙飛行機』
  12. Souya Ichika & Tsunomaki Watame ― 『走れ!』
  13. [Bonus Track] IMAGINATION vol.3 All Participant ― 『大声ダイヤモンド』
External links
Digital Release • Official Website

Cover Songs[edit]

The following are a list of songs covered by Watame.

Solo Covers

Collab Covers


The following are a list of background music Watame has used in her streams and videos.

Made for Watame
  • 癒しのわためどれー
    Made by: corson31
    Usage: Stream BGM
    Extra Link(s):
  • 愛昧ショコラーテ ~モノクローム リミックス~ (Ai-mai Chocolate -Monochrome remix-)
    Made by: corson31
    Usage: Stream BGM
    Extra Link(s):
  • Watame drum #1 🥁
    Made by: ろくろ
    Usage: Stream BGM
    Extra Link(s):
  • わためラップ Loud ver. 🎸
    Made by: ろくろ
    Usage: Stream BGM
    Extra Link(s):
  • Watame drum #2 🥁
    Made by: ろくろ
    Usage: Stream BGM
    Extra Link(s):
  • わためぇ Night Fever!! 🌟
    Made by: ろくろ
    Usage: Watame Night Fever!! Intro BGM
    Extra Link(s):
  • てぇてぇのうた remix 🎵
    Made by: ろくろ
    Usage: Stream BGM
    Extra Link(s):
  • わたメドレーSP 2020 🐏
    Made by: corson31
    Usage: Stream BGM
    Extra Link(s):
  • Rainy Day ☔
    Made by: corson31
    Usage: Stream BGM
    Extra Link(s):
  • Midnight Watamedley🚙💤
    Made by: corson31
    Usage: Stream BGM
    Extra Link(s):


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