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Koseki Bijou
Illustrator: Kitada mo
Live2D Modeling: おつくえ
"I hope you'll feel my radiance!"
English NameKoseki Bijou
Japanese Name古石ビジュー
Debut DateJuly 30, 2023
Member ofhololive English -Advent-
Fan NamePebbles
Emoji /
Oshi Mark
Official Media
YouTubeKoseki Bijou Ch. hololive-EN
Websitehololive Production (EN)
BirthdayApril 14
Height140 cm
Stream Talk#LIVEseki
  • Biboo

Introduction Video[edit]

Official Bio[edit]

Formed from the crystallization of all forms of human emotion, Koseki Bijou is "The Jewel of Emotions."

Over years and years, emotions of beauty and filth alike have woven into her under immense pressure, resulting in an unmatched brilliance.

Her ancient, mystic brilliance caused strife between the masses of the greedy, who fought over ownership of her. This led to her being imprisoned in secrecy, far from the reach of humans.

It seems as though when she encounters people, and particularly their good emotions, her radiance shines even brighter.



Biboo is bubbly, friendly and often easily excited. She is known for knowledge of recent memes (often leaving her somewhat-older gen-mates and other members of Hololive somewhat baffled) and amuses her fellow members, and her viewers, with her childlike antics. Due to said silly antics, she ends up blurting out jokes that leads viewers to affectionately tease her. She is also known for "mom collecting" by using her cuteness.

However, she is also known for her RPG and action gaming skills (often coming up with challenges to make difficult games she's already cleared even harder), and has demonstrated game modding skills, such as when she showed how her Hololive audition involved replacing Sans from Undertale with Mori Calliope.

Also, despite her proclivity toward memeing and action games, she is ironically one of the most "seiso" members of Hololive English in practice; she consciously refuses to swear on stream, instead literally saying "beep" in place of a swear word, even when reading out text from media that otherwise contains profanity. She also consistently uses "dang it!" to express frustration instead of harsher language, and relatedly, she has become very famous for remaining calm and collected even in the face of game challenges that would leave most other members, of any branch, hopelessly infuriated and upset. She is famous enough for all this that one of her chat emotes is even an all-caps "BEEP" and, although it is not an official channel rule, she asks that Pebbles also refrain from profanity in chat during streams if possible.



  • Jul. 30 Debuted as the second member of hololive English -Advent-.
  • Dec. 12 Achieved 500,000 Youtube subscribers during a stream of Devil May Cry 4.[1]

Streaming Information[edit]

Streamer Side
Scene Lines Romaji Meaning / Notes
Greetings キラキラ コセキ! Kira-kira Koseki! "Kira-kira" is the Japanese onomatopoeia for shining or sparkling (see next line). The greeting is accompanied by a short animation showing a "magical-girl"-style transformation from a moai statue to her typical streaming form. For some streams, particularly collab streams, the greeting line and animation are omitted.
Introduction Bon Bijou! I am Koseki Bijou, sparkling gem of Hololive English Advent! Bon Bijou! I am Koseki Bijou, sparkling gem of Hololive English Advent! A wordplay on "bonjour", French for "good morning", and Bijou's given name, which means "jewel" in French.
Viewer Side
Scene Lines Romaji Meaning / Notes
Waiting 🗿🗿🗿 🗿🗿🗿 Because Bijou often begins streams in "moai form" when she's using her transformation intro, Pebbles often spam the moai emote to go along with it.

Other Media[edit]


  • At 140cm, Bijou is currently the shortest member of Hololive English (beating Gawr Gura by 1cm) and is tied with Himemori Luna as second-shortest Hololive member overall, beaten only by La+ Darknesss at 139cm.
  • Like many Hololive English streamers, she has a set greeting and introduction line, but not a true set outro or farewell saying as such. The closest she comes is making her famous "large smile" and saying "Byebye!" or some variant thereof, with viewers replying with the corresponding emoji (or the "headpat Biboo" emoji).
  • Much like Hakos Baelz and her "Bae" nickname, Bijou's nickname "Biboo" has become so commonly used (and is considered to fit her so well) that people, including her fellow Hololive members, often forget her proper given name is Bijou.
  • She is a huge fan of From Software titles, and in addition to playing Elden Ring, Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice on stream, she claims to have played all three Dark Souls titles before debuting with Hololive. She has, as of 2023, not played Bloodborne, however.
  • She was introduced to the Devil May Cry series from franchise memes and suggestions from the Pebbles, and absolutely fell in love with the series, and particularly the character of Vergil and his Devil May Cry 5 theme song, "Bury The Light", on stream.[2] This escalated to the point that she was acknowledged by DMC 5 & DMC: Peak of Combat composer Casey Edwards[3] both on Twitter/X and in a stream visit[4], and she sang a mostly-unofficial (but apparently still implicitly sanctioned by Edwards & Capcom) karaoke cover of "Bury the Light" that changed the lyrics to reference a number of her personal memes, including "Sticking Out Your Gyatt For Nerizzler", first on stream and then cut into a music video by YouTube user "Ludokano".[5] She also openly considers DMC 5 to be one of the best action games ever made.[6]


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