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For the overall brand belonging to Cover Corp, see Hololive Production
For the main Japanese branch which shares the same name, see Hololive Japan

Hololive (ホロライブ, stylized as hololive) is the all-girl VTuber group created by Cover Corp.

The name originally referred to the streaming app developed by Cover Corp before being used for its all-female VTuber agency. Hololive is currently one of the biggest VTuber agency in the world with some of the most subscribed, watched and superchatted VTuber channels on Youtube.


In 2017, Motoaki Tanigo and Ikko Fukuda created a two-way livestreaming app that allows to viewers to view virtual livestream using AR technology.[1] Their company was approached by future Cover employee, A-chan who wanted to let her friend, the future Tokino Sora, to become the promotion girl for the app in exchange for borrowing Cover's equipment for use in her activity. On the 7th of September 2017, Tokino Sora debuted on Nico Nico Douga to an audience of 50 of which 13 were viewers not related to the company. One month later, their livestream app, now named hololive was released on the Apple Appstore and Google Playstore Store.

Hololive (Japan)[edit]

Hololive (ホロライブ, stylized as hololive) ,often referred to as Hololive Japan for clarity or HoloJP for short, is the original branch of Hololive and Hololive Production. Prior to the creation of the overseas branches, Hololive the group and Hololive Japan were the same entity with only informal distinction made by the talents after the first overseas branches were established. This arrangement likely continued until the formation of Hololive English and the personnel expansion for Hololive Indonesia which necessitate Hololive Japan being separated into its own branch. This is why HoloJP shares its official name with that of the overall agency.

Hololive Japan has 8 generations of talents consisting of 39 members (34 active, 3 terminations, 1 ending of contract and 1 graduation).


Former Members[edit]

Member Generation Graduation/Termination Date
Hitomi Chris 1st June 26, 2018
Mano Aloe 5th August 31, 2020
Kiryu Coco 4th July 01, 2021
Uruha Rushia 3rd February 24, 2022
Yozora Mel 1st January 16, 2024

INoNaKa Music[edit]

Main article: INoNaKa Music

Inonaka Music (イノナカミュージック, stylized as INoNaKa Music) or INNK Music for short, was music label meant to facilitate the activity of Virtual Diva AZKi. The company was intended to be a limited time project responsible for AZKi focus on real life concert and would be disbanded after the graduation of AZKi by July 2022.[2] The company was originally organized as a sub-branch of Hololive before being promoted into its own group as part of the creation of Hololive Production. The change in direction for AZKi would led to her being transfered to HoloJP while INNK itself would be disbanded ahead of schedule on April 1, 2022. They were also given management of Hoshimachi Suisei as part of her recruitment into HoloPro but would transfer her to Hololive due to lack of resource.


Former Members[edit]

Member Transfer Date
Hoshimachi Suisei December 1, 2019
AZKi April 1, 2022


Hololive China[edit]

Hololive China (ホロライブ中国, stylized as hololive China) or HoloCN for short, was the branch meant to cater to Chinese-speaking audience, particularly Mainland Chinese. The branch was a joint venture between Cover and the Chinese streaming site bilibili. HoloCN was Cover first overseas branch albeit with its operation ran mostly by local staffs.

After a controversy that involved JP members Kiryu Coco and Akai Haato that lead to the harassment of Hololive members by Chinese nationalist and nationalist-aligned online groups, Hololive China was set to be shutdown by the end of 2020 with all its members graduating during the period.

Hololive China has 2 generations of talents consisting of 6 members, all of whom have graduated.


Former Members[edit]

Member Generation Graduation/Termination Date
Civia 1st November 18, 2020
Spade Echo November 21, 2020
Yogiri December 20, 2020
Artia 2nd November 19, 2020
Doris December 5, 2020
Rosalyn December 27, 2020

Hololive Indonesia[edit]

Hololive Indonesia (ホロライブインドネシア, stylized as hololive Indonesia) or HoloID for short, is the Hololive's branch meant to cater to Indonesia and Indonesian-speaking audience. The branch is Cover's second overseas branch and the first to be fully own by Cover themselves.

Hololive Indonesia has 3 generations of talents consisting of 9 members with all members still active.


Hololive English[edit]

Hololive English (ホロライブEnglish, stylized as hololive English) or HoloEN for short, is the Hololive branch catered to English-speaking audiences. HoloEN is the third overseas branch of Hololive and the first branch that does not target a specific geographic area with members from Australia, Europe and North America.

Hololive English has 4 generations of talents consisting of 20 members (19 active and 1 graduation).


Unlike all previous branches, HoloEN does not name their groups by numbered generations. This was intended to not impose the Japanese Senpai-Kouhai (senior-junior) culture on the branch consisting of members from Western countries as well as to avoid developing preconceptions about the prioritizing of the groups based on their numbers.[3] Colloquially, fans refer to Myth, Promise (formerly Council), Advent, and Justice as EN generations 1, 2, 3, and 4 respectively.

Former Members[edit]

Member Generation Graduation Date
Tsukumo Sana -Council- July 31, 2022

Hololive DEV_IS[edit]

Hololive DEV_IS (stylized as hololive DEV_IS, pronounced "device") is the latest branch of Hololive and the second Japanese branch. DEV_IS as a branch is based on the theme of "growing together with everyone by taking on new challenges" with a focus on group project and group activities.

Hololive DEV_IS currently have a single generation with all members still active.



Social Media[edit]

Official Website[edit]


Twitter (X)[edit]

  • Hololive: @hololivetv (Japanese)
  • Hololive Indonesia: @hololive_Id
  • Hololive Production (English): @hololive_En - formerly the English version of @hololivetv, now the account for Hololive Production's English branches.
    • Hololive Production English: @hololivepro_EN (retired) - formerly the account for Hololive Production's English branches, folded into the above.




  • Hololive Bilibili: hololive - formerly a fan account before being handed over to Cover, was repossessed by Bilibibli after Cover pull-out from Mainland China.
  • Hololive Production Reddit: r/Hololive - formerly a fan-made subreddit that was given to Cover to managed.
  • Hololive Indonesia Instagram: hololive Indonesia


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