Gavis Bettel

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Gavis Bettel
Gavis Bettel - Portrait 01.png
Illustrator: Senzaki Makoto[1]
Live2D Modeling: MegaJujube[2]
English NameGavis Bettel
Japanese Nameガビス・ベッテル
Debut DateJanuary 08, 2023
Member ofHolostars English -Tempus-
Fan NameBettelion
Emoji /
Oshi Mark
Official Media
YouTubeGavis Bettel Ch. HOLOSTARS-EN
Twitchgavisbettel (EN) (JP)
BirthdayMay 17
Age27 years old
Height180 cm
Stream Talk#BettelBeThere
Video Clips#ABettelProduction
Stream Assets#BettelGear

Introduction Video[edit source]

Official Bio[edit source]

The jester of Adventurer's Guild TEMPUS.

Visited Xenokuni in the past to learn its traditional performing arts, and used that experience to draw up and lead the expedition into the land eventually.

Currently performs in the combat arena, but is planning to take his talents global someday.

His diverse clientele has given him an undeniably keen eye for aesthetics,

and he can sometimes be a wise guy who goes straight for the jugular.

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Personality[edit source]

Milestones[edit source]

2023[edit source]

Feb. 25 Achieved a 100,000 YouTube subscriber milestone. [3]

Streaming Information[edit source]

Streamer Side
Scene Lines Romaji Meaning / Notes
Farewell “Bettel Luck Next Time!”
Viewer Side
Scene Lines Romaji Meaning / Notes
Greetings :hand-pink—waving: The pink hand waving YouTube emoji is used by viewers to greet Bettel

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Trivia[edit source]

  • He was bullied by chat 1 minute and 27 second after speaking for the first time in stream (after making his first joke).
    • His first joke was a Knock Knock Joke.[4]
  • He has (or had(?)) a Stage assistant called Jerry.[5]
  • He has a terrible setup for his soundpad. [6]
  • His internet failed him the first 2 days of his career while trying to stream Cooking Simulator.[7][8]
  • He wants to Cover "Bloody Stream" [9]

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Music[edit source]

Discography[edit source]

The following are a list of albums Bettel has made or participated in.

Collab Singles
Always Tied
Album Cover Art - Always Tied.jpg
Release Date January 9, 2023
Track List
  1. Always Tied
  2. Always Tied (Instrumental)
External links
Digital Release • Music Video

Cover Songs[edit source]

The following are a list of songs covered by Bettel.

Solo Covers
    Thumbnail - 【MV】MONSTER - Covered by Gavis Bettel【歌ってみた】.jpg
    Original by: KIRA (YouTube)

Collab Covers

BGM[edit source]

The following are a list of background music Bettel has used in his streams and videos.


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