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English Namelack
Emoji /
Oshi Mark
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Official Media
YouTube珈琲紳士の部屋 / lack
Other珈琲紳士の部屋 (lack) - BOOTH
lalalalack - DeviantArt
@lack_lack -
the lack note - Tumblr
BirthdaySeptember 18, 1987[1]
Age34 years old

Overview[edit source]

lack is an Illustrator. He is affiliated with Hololive Production as the Illustrator of Shiranui Flare of Hololive Fantasy, and Arurandeisu of Holostars 1st Generation.

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Character Designs[edit source]

Hololive Production VTubers:

Non-Hololive Production VTubers:

Other Notable Characters:

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Trivia[edit source]

  • lack is quite an avid gamer and is a fan of games such as the Souls series of From Software. Additionally he's also a big FGO player, which is very visible in his tweets
  • lack does a fair amount of streaming content of his own, primarily art related contents. He also occasionally streams game playthrough once in a while however.
  • lack is very supportive of his "kids" (VTubers he designed). He tweets very often about them and always gets excited for them. Most notably he can be seen in almost every Flare stream, frequently commenting in her chat. He's also the illustrator for the new background that was revealed along with Flare's 2nd costume.

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