Nishizawa 5mm

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Nishizawa 5mm
Nishizawa 5mm - YouTube Profile Picture.jpg
Japanese Nameにしざーさん (VTuber)
西沢5ミリ (Pen Name)
English NameNishiza-san (VTuber)
Nishizawa 5mm (Pen Name)
Illustrator加川 壱互 and herself[1]
Official Media
Other西沢5㍉ - Tumblr
AgeAbout 23 years old[1]
HeightAbout 165cm[1]

Overview[edit source]

Nishizawa 5mm is an illustrator and an independent Virtual YouTuber. She is the character designer of hololive 5th Generation's Momosuzu Nene.

Known Works[edit source]

Character Designs[edit source]

Hololive Production VTubers:

Non-Hololive Production VTubers:

Manga[edit source]

  • Mikami-san wo Furimukasetai (Story and Art)
  • Watashi no Hajimete, Kimi ni Agemasu. (Story and Art)
  • Onna no Hadaka wo Nama de Mitai (Story and Art)
  • Hikawa-sensei wa Otaku Kareshi ga Hoshii. (Art)

Milestones[edit source]

2014[edit source]

  • Dec. 15 YouTube channel creation date.

Trivia[edit source]

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