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Jenma and Enma - Mamaloni Illustration Full.png
Concept design by Mamaloni
Jenma (Left), Enma (Right)
English NameJenma
Debut Date?
IllustratorMamaloniand Various
Official Media (English) (Japanese)

Overview[edit source]

Jenma, an English manager for Hololive EN, is the manager who works most closely with Kiara, Amelia and Gura[1]. Even after Kiara moved, Jenma continues to be dedicated to her, as stated in various instances on-stream. Her first on-stream appearance was during Kiara's Weiss Schwartz Grand Card Packs opening stream.[2]

Her current design was first drawn by Mamaloni. This current design is based off a description by Kiara which was first shared with Members but permitted to be shared with non-members for fan-art[3]. After finding the concept art by Mamaloni, Kiara endorsed it and has not yet made an official design herself.[4]

Career[edit source]

Trivia[edit source]

  • Jenma was first mentioned as "manager" during the Pekora x Kiara Collab. After the collab, Kiara revealed that she could not hold back excitement upon hearing Pekora's voice and repeatedly slapped Jenma's leg out of excitement.[5]
  • J in Jenma does not stand for "japanese".[6]
  • Jenma stays up to watch Kiara streaming, even if it is late in Japan [7]
  • Jenma and Kiara had one final meal together at a convenience store before Kiara moved.
  • Jenma and Kiara spent a lot of time together before she moved, Kiara says Jenma was very sad when she was leaving but hopes to see her again soon.
  • Early on Amelia and Gura referred to Jenma as Enma due to her being the only named manager at the time.[8]
  • While discussing some of the accessories and actions of her new outfit, Amelia noted that Enma and Jenma have different roles.[9]
  • Jenma attended the Dokomi convention in which Takanashi Kiara participated between August 7th & 8th, 2021.[10]

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