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Concept design by Mamaloni
Jenma (Left), Enma (Right)
English NameJenma
Debut Date?
IllustratorMamaloniand Various
Official Media (English) (Japanese)


Jenma, an English manager for Hololive EN, is the manager who works most closely with Kiara, Amelia and Gura[1]. Even after Kiara moved, Jenma continues to be dedicated to her, as stated in various instances on-stream. Her first on-stream appearance was during Kiara's Weiss Schwartz Grand Card Packs opening stream.[2]

Her current design was first drawn by Mamaloni. This current design is based off a description by Kiara which was first shared with Members but permitted to be shared with non-members for fan-art[3]. After finding the concept art by Mamaloni, Kiara endorsed it and has not yet made an official design herself.[4]



  • Jenma was first mentioned as "manager" during the Pekora x Kiara Collab. After the collab, Kiara revealed that she could not hold back excitement upon hearing Pekora's voice and repeatedly slapped Jenma's leg out of excitement.[5]
  • J in Jenma does not stand for "japanese".[6]
  • Jenma stays up to watch Kiara streaming, even if it is late in Japan [7]
  • Jenma and Kiara had one final meal together at a convenience store before Kiara moved.
  • Jenma and Kiara spent a lot of time together before she moved, Kiara says Jenma was very sad when she was leaving but hopes to see her again soon.
  • Early on Amelia and Gura referred to Jenma as Enma due to her being the only named manager at the time.[8]
  • While discussing some of the accessories and actions of her new outfit, Amelia noted that Enma and Jenma have different roles.[9]
  • Jenma attended the Dokomi convention in which Takanashi Kiara participated between August 7th & 8th, 2021.[10]