Ookami Mio

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Ookami Mio
Japanese Name大神ミオ
English NameOokami Mio
Chinese Name大神澪
Debut DateDecember 7, 2018 (YouTube)
IllustratorIzumi Sai
Member ofHololive GAMERS
Fan NameMio-fam (abbrev. of Mio Family)
(ミオファ (みおーんファミリー))
Emoji /
Oshi Mark
Official Media
YouTubeMio Channel 大神ミオ Verified
Websitehololivepro.com (EN)
hololivepro.com (JP)
hololive.tv (EN)
hololive.tv (JP)
BirthdayAugust 20
(excluding ears, including heels)
Stream Talk#ミオかわいい
Twitter Spaces#ミオのスペース
With Mio#ミオといっしょ
Morning Mio#朝ミオ
Morning Mio News#朝ミオニュース
PON Flash News#ポン速
EnglishMiosha, Mio Mama

Introduction Video
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Introduction Video[edit]

Her introduction video has been made private. Shown above instead is a featured video in her channel.

Official Bio[edit]

"Hellooowl! It is Ookami Mio!"

A black-haired wolf girl who appeared on our radar randomly. She often shows up around shrines. She likes gaming.


Ookami Mio (大神ミオ) was born on August 20th as wolf-girl. An introductory video of Hololive Gamers was uploaded on December 6th, 2018, and would debut the day after in an introductory stream with Shirakami Fubuki. The creation of her YouTube channel was on December 1st, 2018, and her Twitter account was opened much earlier on November 16th, 2018. Her 3D model debuted on June 16, 2019, and a while later, her 3D swimsuit model would be shown on September 11, 2019. Mio would get her 2nd L2D outfit on December 22, 2019 alongside Fubuki. Her 3rd outfit, the New Years outfit, is given to Mio shortly afterward on January 1st, 2020.

Mio was an old gaming friend of Fubuki's and one day wondering what she was up to nowadays, decided to contact her. Fubuki explained she is in Hololive and Mio thought it sounded fun and decided to apply as well. [11]

Her representative emote is a pine tree due to her hair resembling one.


Ookami Mio is described to be mature and responsible by her fans and Hololivers alike. Mio also tends to be extremely kind towards others, and many fans and peers tend to seek her for advice on personal matters. Due to these traits, Ookami Mio is well known for being the mother of Hololive, and is often nicknamed as "Mio-mama." She did respond back to this nickname in some cases, jokingly stating that she “doesn’t remember giving birth.”

She is also easily scared. This is most often shown when she plays horror games, spending most of her time afraid while playing the game. Despite her weakness of horror, however, she states she still would like to play horror games, because she believes it is within her responsibility as a member of GAMERS.

Mio often plays the straight man in most comedic situations with her peers. With that being said, she is not afraid to make a joke or two herself.

In her early days of becoming a Virtual YouTuber, Mio states that she had an aggressive, wild side to her, in which she tried many different types of content and tried to be unique. She has since then mellowed out, finding her own place in Hololive. However, this wild side rears its head from time to time, resulting in her sometimes doing kusoge games.



  • Nov. 16 Twitter account creation date.
  • Dec. 01 YouTube channel creation date.
  • Dec. 07 Debuted on YouTube and uploaded her first video.
  • Dec. 16 Achieved a 10,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.[12]


  • Jan. 19 Achieved a 20,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.[13]
  • May 17 Achieved a 50,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.[14]
  • June 16 Revealed her 3D model.[15]
  • Aug. 25 Achieved a 70,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.[16]
  • Sep. 11 Revealed her 3D swimsuit outfit.[17]
  • Dec. 10 Achieved a 100,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.[18]
  • Dec. 22 Revealed a casual outfit.[19]


  • Jan. 01 Revealed her New Years outfit.[20]
  • Jan. 24 Participated in Hololive's first live, "Nonstop Story", and received her 3D idol outfit.
  • Feb. 28 Achieved a 150,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.[21]
  • Apr. 24 Achieved a 200,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.[22]
  • June 06 Achieved a 250,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.[23]
  • July 11 Achieved a 300,000 YouTube subscriber milestone during her Getting Over It stream.[24]
  • Oct. 12 Achieved a 400,000 YouTube subscriber milestone during her Penguin's Dogma stream.[25]
  • Oct. 30 Main Live2D model was updated to "Ver.2.0".[26]
  • Dec. 20 Achieved a 500,000 YouTube subscriber milestone during the Hololive motherhood competition collaboration.[27] [28] [29]
  • Dec. 29 First unit original song 百花繚乱花吹雪Hyakkaryōran Hanafubuki (short version) revealed. The unit consist of Shirakami Fubuki, Nakiri Ayame and Mio herself.[30]


  • Feb. 20 Achieved a 600,000 YouTube subscriber milestone during a karaoke stream.[31]
  • May. 09 Achieved a 700,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.[32]
  • Jun. 29 Revealed her fourth Live2D outfit.[33]
  • July 30 Achieved an 800,000 YouTube subscriber milestone during a karaoke stream.[34]
  • Dec. 08 Achieved a 900,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.[35]


  • Jun. 07 Achieved a 1,000,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.[36]
  • Dec. 06 Revealed her 5th Live2D outfit.[37]

Streaming Information[edit]

Streamer Side
Scene Lines Romaji Meaning / Notes
Greetings こんばんみぉーん! Konbanmion! She begins every evening stream with a good evening phrase, though with her name included in the greeting. She uses "Ohirumion!" when she streams in the afternoon, and "Ohamion!" if she streams in the morning.
うちうち、うちだよ! Uchi uchi, uchi da yo! Mio's new standard greeting, created after her "Freedom Mio" declaration. Mio uses "uchi," another way to refer to oneself in Japanese.
Introduction ホロライブゲーマーズの大神ミオです! Hororaibu gēmāzu no Ookami Mio desu! Mio's full introduction including her affiliation with hololive GAMERS.
大神ミオだよ! Ookami Mio da yo! Mio's introduction; typically paired with her "uchi uchi" greeting.
Farewell おつみぉーん! Otsumion! She uses this phrase when ending a stream. She will also say "Oyasumion!" afterward if it is time for viewers to go to sleep.
Viewer Side
Scene Lines Romaji Meaning / Notes
Waiting 待🌲 Taiki A pun meaning "Waiting." Viewers will also use ミミミ… (Mimimimi...) when Mio's stream opening begins. It is the SFX for Mio's laser beam.
Greetings おはみぉーん! Ohamion! Viewers respond with the same greeting as Mio (Good morning).
ひるみぉーん! Hirumion! Viewers respond with the same greeting as Mio (Good afternoon).
こんばんみぉーん! Konbanmion! Viewers respond with the same greeting as Mio (Good evening).
Farewell おつみぉーん! Otsumion! Viewers respond with the same farewells as Mio.
YouTube Membership Perks
Badges and Emoji Perk Levels

  • Members-only Emoji
    Mio plans to add more emoji drawn by her
  • Members-only seasonal images
    Seasonal images of Mio which can be used as wallpapers
  • Members-only monthly look back videos
    Mio's end of the month review video of each month

Other Media[edit]

Ookami Mio alongside fellow members Natsuiro Matsuri, Nakiri Ayame, Shirakami Fubuki, Murasaki Shion, Tokino Sora and Minato Aqua, were part of a collab with Azur Lane called “Looking Glass of Fact and Fiction”, which ran from November 26th 2019 – December 11th, 2019.[38]

Ookami Mio alongside fellow members Shirakami Fubuki and Nakiri Ayame is part of Hololive Alternative manga "Holoearth Chronicles Side:E ~Yamato Phantasia" [39]




Hatotaurus, Mio's stand
  • Hatotaurus is the name of the towering figure that often appears in Mio's streams. It was first introduced by Fubuki in a kindergarten stream, and later made into L2D using Izumi-papa's artwork. Often joked as Mio's stand.
  • Taiga is the name of Mio's male cat.[40] He sometimes makes an appearance in Mio's streams, usually making a mess of things, like drenching her tarot cards or scratching her leg.
  • Her other cat, also male, named Tawa, was revealed on stream on June 20th, 2021. [41] He is an Abyssinian cat. [42]
  • Mio usually tends to play Nintendo and indie games. She is also a huge fan of the Earth Defense Force series.
  • Despite Mio's inability to play well at most games, she is extremely good at Splatoon.
  • Mio is a devout believer of the "NoPan Health Act", stating that it is healthy for one to sleep at night without any underwear. Mio has gone on to say that it is wisdom passed down from her mother and grandmother.
  • Unlike her peers, Mio is able to do tarot card readings. She uses it to give advice to peers and fans alike.
  • Roughly two weeks into 2021, Mio began to hold streams on her practicing the ukulele as she sings.[43]
  • Whenever Mio is away from stream, viewers tend to type ミオかわいい (Mio is cute) in chat and superchat.
  • Shares the same Illustrator with the following VTubers:
  • Is one of the Hololive Production VTubers with a verified YouTube channel. Other verified members can be found here.
  • Has a notable inconsistency with her height. Some Wiki pages have her listed as 155 cm, the Fukkerita Chorus has her listed as 160 cm, and the official website has her listed as 165 cm

No speculations and rumors, just fun facts!


Image Gallery[edit]



Original releases[edit]

The following is a list of original songs by Mio.

Release Date August 21, 2021
Track List
  1. Howling
  2. わんわん!わおーん
  3. Howling (Instrumental)
  4. わんわん!わおーん (Instrumental)
External links
Digital Release • Music Video
サヨナラは、まだ (Sayonara wa Mada)
Release Date December 8, 2022
Track List
  1. サヨナラは、まだ
  2. サヨナラは、まだ (Instrumental)
External links
Digital Release • Music Video
夜光通信 (Yakou Tsuushinn)
Release Date December 8, 2022
Track List
  1. 夜光通信
  2. 夜光通信 (Instrumental)
External links
Digital Release • Music Video
Collab Singles
Shiny Smily Story
Release Date September 16, 2019
Track List
  1. Shiny Smily Story
  2. Shiny Smily Story (Instrumental)
External links
Digital Release
百花繚乱花吹雪 (Hyakka Ryoran Hanafubuki)
Release Date December 31, 2020
Track List
  1. 百花繚乱花吹雪
  2. 百花繚乱花吹雪 (Instrumental)
External links
Digital Release • Music Video
Release Date January 7, 2021
Track List
  1. 至上主義アドトラック
  2. 至上主義アドトラック (Instrumental)
External links
Digital Release • Music Video
あすいろClearSky (AsuiroClearSky)
Release Date February 19, 2021
Track List
  1. あすいろClearSky
  2. あすいろClearSky (Instrumental)
External links
Digital Release • Music Video
さしみお feat.スバおか (Sashimio feat. SubaOka)
Release Date August 28, 2021
Track List
External links
 • Music Video
わくわくエブリデイ (Wakuwaku Everyday)
Release Date December 7, 2021
Track List
  1. わくわくエブリデイ
  2. わくわくエブリデイ (Instrumental)
External links
Digital Release
Release Date February 11, 2022
Track List
  1. おにけもだんす
  2. おにけもだんす (Instrumental)
External links
Digital Release • Music Video
鬼灯日和 (Hozukibiyori)
Release Date April 14, 2022
Track List
  1. 鬼灯日和
  2. 鬼灯日和 (Instrumental)
External links
Digital Release • Music Video
恋情詩歌 (Renjo Shiika)
Release Date June 6, 2022
Track List
  1. 恋情詩歌
  2. 恋情詩歌 (Instrumental)
External links
Digital Release
Collab Albums
Release Date April 21, 2021
Track List
External links
Digital Release

Cover Songs[edit]

The following are a list of songs covered by Mio.

Solo Covers
  • スパークル (Sparkle)
    Listen to cover
    Original by: RADWIMPS (YouTube / Fandom)

    HiroPiano HiroPiano (Instrumental), Izumi Sai Izumi Sai (Illustration), Twitter / 淳 -JUN- 淳 -JUN- (Mixing), 近所のにーちゃん 近所のにーちゃん (Video)

  • 凛として咲く花の如く (Like a Flower that Blooms Bravely)
    Listen to cover
    Original by: 紅色リトマス (Fandom)

    キジバト キジバト (Mixing), very_strong_muscle_boy very_strong_muscle_boy (Video)

  • アニマル (Animal)
    Listen to cover
    Original by: DECO*27 (YouTube / Fandom)

    赤ティン 赤ティン (Instrumental), 真汐 真汐 (Illustration), 淳 (Mixing), Ashay (Video)

  • フォニイ (Phony)
    Listen to cover
    Original by: Tsumiki (YouTube / Fandom)

    泉彩 泉彩 (Illustration), 淳洋一 淳洋一 (Mixing), Syamo.G-しゃもじ- Syamo.G-しゃもじ- (Video)

  • 優しい彗星 (Comet)
    Listen to cover
    Original by: YOASOBI (YouTube / Fandom)

    くろつき くろつき (Illustration), 淳洋一 淳洋一 (Mixing), yuju yuju (Video)

Collab Covers


The following are a list of background music Mio has used in her streams and videos.

Made for Mio


From PeriTune


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