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Hakos Baelz
English NameHakos Baelz
Japanese Nameハコス・ベールズ
Debut DateAugust 23, 2021
Member ofhololive English -Council-
Fan NameBrats / Baerats
Emoji /
Oshi Mark
🎲 Twemoji2 1f3b2.svg
Official Media
YouTubeHakos Baelz Ch. hololive-EN
Websitehololive.hololivepro.com (English)
hololive.hololivepro.com (Japanese)
BirthdayFebruary 29[6]
Ageroll a dice[7]
Height149 cm
Stream Talk#enterbaelz
  • ベーちゃん
  • ハコ太郎

Introduction Video[edit source]

Official Bio[edit source]


A member of the Council and the very concept of Chaos, birthed by the world, itself.

The Gods appointed her Chairperson of the Council, but she mostly takes a hands-off approach as she has yet to accept the decision, much like her fellow members. That said, all of them have no intention of contending; instead to obey.

Her mouse-like appearance has deceived many a fool who fails to realize that mice are the harbingers of chaos.

Also of note is her wild smile, which she often flashes in her frequent romps.

Chaos is confusion and disarray, it is fortune and tragedy, and it is freedom from all the logic and inherent nature of life.

She believes that rules are not the be-all and end-all, which is why she has come to break them all.

Watching the aftermath is her greatest joy, and so she remains a bystander to the destruction caused by mayhem.

Overview[edit source]

Personality[edit source]

Milestones[edit source]

2021[edit source]

  • June 29 Twitter account creation date
  • July 26 YouTube channel creation date
  • Aug. 23 Achieved a 200,000 YouTube subscriber milestone[9]
  • Aug. 23 YouTube debut and uploaded her first video[10]
  • Sep. 23 YouTube membership opened[11]
  • Oct. 12 Achieved a 300,000 YouTube subscriber milestone[12]
  • Nov. 20 Participated in a panel alongside other Council members at Anime NYC 2021[13]
  • Dec. 11 Reddit account creation and first post[14]
  • Dec. 16 Achieved a 400,000 YouTube subscriber milestone[15]

Streaming Information[edit source]

Fans[edit source]

Her fans are colloquially called "Brats", a double entendre incorporating the English words "rat" and "brat". Since "Brats" is also a common word, it is sometimes spelled as "Baerats" (while retaining the "brats" pronunciation) for hashtag purposes.

Streamer Side
Scene Lines Romaji Meaning / Notes
Greetings wazzup See wazzup
おハコス! ohakosu! Portmanteau of ohayō (おはよう, good morning) and Hakosu (ハコス, Hakos). Typically written in English as "ohakos".
Farewell サラバダ! SARABADA! Literally "farewell". Typically only used in anime / manga
Viewer Side
Scene Lines Romaji Meaning / Notes
Waiting 🧀🧀🧀 Stems from a common myth that mice and rats have a special affinity for cheese
Greetings wazzup
おハコス! ohakosu!
Farewell サラバダ! SARABADA!
Bye Bae Can be interpreted as a pun on "bye bye" or read as "Bye, Bae"
YouTube Membership Perks
Badges and Emoji Perk Levels
Hakos Baelz - Membership Perks.png
Rat Bro
  • Exclusive video content, member-only karaoke and zatsudan streams
Rat Boss!
  • Includes access to perks from previous level
  • SALUTE! I bow to you BOSS! Much TANKS!
Rat GOD!!
  • Includes access to perks from previous levels

Other Media[edit source]

Trivia[edit source]

  • A fan suggestion was to call Baelz by the nickname Gichō (chair-person), but she accepts no responsibility or leadership with the nickname.
  • Baelz shares the same illustrator with the following VTubers:

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Cover songs[edit source]

The following are a list of songs covered by Baelz.

Solo Covers
  • Happy Halloween
    《COVER》HAPPY HALLOWEEN - junky HAKOS BAELZ-09xVC-xun c.jpg
    Original by: Junky Junky (YouTube / Fandom)

Collab Covers

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