Nagishiro Mito

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Nagishiro Mito
Japanese Name凪白みと
English NameNagishiro Mito
Official Media
Othermito-nagishiro - Tumblr
BirthdaySeptember 6

Nagishiro Mito is a Japanese digital doujin artist and illustrator. He's the only artist in his circle group "white parabellum." Nagishiro is the illustrator for Shirakami Fubuki, and has characters in other works like Kawakaze from Azur Lane, and Siu Lee from Nijisanji Korea. He also has been a guest lecturer for Shizuoka Prefecture's Renaissance Design Academy. Nagishiro has been working since 2013.


Nagishiro Mito is well-known for his love of white hair and kemonomimis; A popular trend involving animal features on a character. He draws a frequent amount of Original-Characters with various original-designed weapons, and is usually accompanied with landscape scenery as well. While he often draws originals, he still draws fan-arts for other series like Azur Lane, Fate Series, and so on. And lastly he streams on NicoNico or YouTube and does talk-streams, drawing streams, or gameplay stream from time to time.


Nagishiro Mito often has a booth in Comiket under the circle "white parabellum". He is a popular artist, with his booth being often visited and crowded until it sells out. white parabellum's booth consists of Nagishiro's art anthologies as well as various merchandise featuring original art, such as tapestries and keychains.

Known Works[edit]

Character Designs[edit]

Hololive Production VTubers:

Non-Hololive Production VTubers:

Other Notable Characters:

Light Novels[edit]

  • Disファンタジー・ディスコード 異世界が嫌いでもエルフの神様になれますか? (KADOKAWA)
  • 王女殿下はお怒りのようです (OVERLAP)
  • 夜空ノ一振リ (Kodansha)

Original Doujinshi[edit]

  • kemo&buki (COMITIA 116)
  • Zephyranthes (Comiket 90)
  • sasanqua (Comiket 91)
  • Acidanthera (Comiket 92)
  • kemo&buki2 (COMITIA 122)
  • Acidanthera弐 (Comiket 93)
  • Alstroemeria (COMIC1☆11)
  • Digitalis ケモミミ魔法使い本 (Comiket 94)
  • Abelia rakugaki art work (Comiket 94)
  • White Lily (Comiket 95)
  • ORIGAMI (Comiket 95)
  • V no rakugaki art book (Comiket 97)
  • shirakami fubuki no book (Comiket 98)

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