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Subunit within Hololive

SorAZ is a musical duo consisting of Tokino Sora and AZKi from hololive Generation 0. They started as a unit within hololive and later made their official major debut under Victor Entertainment[1]. They have collaborated on a single called Kurenai Chronicle and have also worked together on a song featured in the My Loving EP. Additionally, they performed a duet live concert called Setsuna-teki Chronicle.


The name SorAZ is a portmanteau of their names: "Sor" from Sora and "AZ" from AZKi.


Kurenai Chronicle (紅藍クロニクル)
Release Date September 22, 2020
Track List
  1. "Kurenai Chronicle" (紅藍クロニクル)
  2. "Kurenai Chronicle" (Tokino Sora ver.)
  3. "Kurenai Chronicle" (AZKi ver.)
  4. "Kurenai Chronicle" (instrumental)
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Digital Release • Music Video
Scale the walls
Release Date August 16, 2023
Track List
  1. "Scale the walls"
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Digital Release • Music Video