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Magni Dezmond
Magni Dezmond - Portrait 01.png
Illustrator: Showichi Furumi[1]
Live2D Modeling: Jujube[1]
English NameMagni Dezmond
Japanese Nameマグニ・デズモンド
Debut DateJuly 22, 2022
Graduation DateAugust 31st, 2023
Member ofHolostars English -Tempus-
Fan NameMagnation
Emoji /
Oshi Mark
🧤 Twemoji12 1f9e4.svg
Official Media
YouTubeMagni Dezmond Ch. HOLOSTARS-EN Verified
Twitchmagnidezmond_holostars_en (EN) (JP)
BirthdayOctober 21
Age26 years old
Stream Talk#ItsMagginTime
Video Clips#DezClips

Introduction Video[edit source]

Official Bio[edit source]

Adventurer's Guild TEMPUS's publicist.

He proclaims himself an alchemist, but nobody has ever seen him in action.

Muddling the waters even further are his business ventures which take him all around Elysium.

Nobody knows what his actual profession is.

What does his "alchemy" even consist of… making potions?

The type of person who stares right into the abyss.

Rumors say he will do anything it takes to uncover the truth behind the world, and that he's hiding a dark side to him.

"Alchemists have the wonderful ability to grant people's wishes!"

Overview[edit source]

Personality[edit source]

Milestones[edit source]

2022[edit source]

  • June Twitter account creation date.
  • June 13 YouTube channel creation date.
  • July 22 Debuted and achieved a 50,000 and 60,000 YouTube subscriber milestones.
  • July 23 Achieved 70,000 and 80,000 YouTube subscriber milestones. [2] [3]
  • July 24 Achieved a 90,000 and 100,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.
  • July 26 Achieved a 110,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.
  • July 30 Achieved a 120,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.
  • August 08 Achieved a 130,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.

Graduation[edit source]

On August 24th, 2023 Cover Corporation would announce that Magni Dezmond along with Noir Vesper would graduating from Holostars on August 31st, 2023 without a graduation stream.[4]

Streaming Information[edit source]

Streamer Side
Scene Lines Romaji Meaning / Notes
Introduction I am the great Magni Dezmond! I believe it is time for a more hands on approach.
Viewer Side
Scene Lines Romaji Meaning / Notes

Other Media[edit source]

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Image Gallery[edit source]

Music[edit source]

Discography[edit source]

The following are a list of albums Dezmond has made or participated in.

Collab Singles
Top of the World
Album Cover Art - Top of the World.jpg
Release Date August 12, 2022
Track List
  1. Top of the World
  2. Top of the World (Instrumental)
  3. Top of the World (Instrumental Remix)
External links
Digital Release • Music Video

Cover Songs[edit source]

The following are a list of songs covered by Dezmond.

Solo Covers
  • Escape From The City
    【MV】Escape From The City - Sonic The Hedgehog - Magni Dezmond COVER.jpg
    Original by: Ted Poley and Tony Harnell feat. Jun Senoue Ted Poley and Tony Harnell feat. Jun Senoue
  • A Very Magging Holidez: Christmas Song Cover Medley
    Thumbnail - MV A Very Magging Holidez- Christmas Song Cover Medley.jpg
    Original by: Various Traditional Christmas Songs

BGM[edit source]

The following are a list of background music Dezmond has used in his streams and videos.


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