Himemori Luna

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Himemori Luna
Japanese Name姫森ルーナ
English NameHimemori Luna
Chinese Name姫森璐娜
Debut DateJanuary 04, 2020
Member ofhololive 4th Gen
Fan NameLu-knight (ルーナイト)
Emoji /
Oshi Mark
Official Media
YouTubeLuna Ch. 姫森ルーナ Verified
Websitehololivepro.com (EN)
hololivepro.com (JP)
hololive.tv (EN)
hololive.tv (JP)
Twitter@himemoriluna Verified
BirthdayOctober 10
Age0 years old (Apparently)[10]
Height150cm (with crown and shoes)
140cm (without crown and shoes)
Stream Talk#なのらいぶ
Voice and Singing#ルーナ聴いたよ
Japaneseルーナ、ルーナ姫、姫, ルーナたん
EnglishLuna-hime (Princess Luna), Hime (princess), Luna-tan

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Introduction Video[edit]

Her introduction video has been made private. Shown above instead is a featured video in her channel.

Official Bio[edit]

"Is evewyone heeere?"

The princess of Candy Kingdom.
She's affectionate and loves being pampered, but her butler often scolds her for acting too spoiled.
Her moon-shaped accessories are said to be the crest of a country in another world.


Himemori Luna (姫森ルーナ), born October 10th, is a member of Hololive 4th Generation. Described as a 0 year old princess of sweets, Luna acts in a childlike manner and is dressed appropriately cutely in all pink. Debuting on January 4th, 2020[11], Luna is the final member of Hololive 4th Generation. Her twitter was created 3 days earlier at January 1st, 2020.

Luna's fan group is referred to as "Luknights" (ルーナイト), a portmanteau of Luna and Knights, giving the fans an image of a group of knights that answers to the Princess of sweets herself.

As a "0 year old princess", her speech is relatively childish, often employing simple words and sentences (fully intentionally). She usually adds the words "nanora" (なのら) to the end of her sentences, including on tweets, as a verbal tic. Luna also has a sort of catchphrase that is used to start streams and sometimes just randomly on other occasions, namely "Nnaaaaaa"(んなあああああ), with the length of "a" always changing. This "catchphrase" is so characteristic of Luna that it is the go-to for any member that tries to imitate her, as imitating her voice is apparently difficult (being the voice of a 0 year old princess)

Luna is quite the avid gamer, and her channel is filled with a variety of games, mostly retro games and RPGs, the two types of games that Luna favors the most, though she's not as big a retro lover as Inugami Korone in comparison. Not only retro and RPGs, Luna also plays a variety of other games (including both the currently trending Vtuber games, and other games outside the aforementioned genres). Generally speaking, Luna has a very good game sense, displayed in her ability to quickly pick up on a game's mechanic. Most famously perhaps is her Dark Souls playthrough, in which she displayed considerable amount of skills, enough to be considered one of the best players in the Vtuber community.

Luna also has an occasional electone (エレクトーン, marketed as a single person orchestra, they are a brand of electronic organs manufactured by the Yamaha corporation[12][13]) practicing stream. These electone practice sessions usually happen when Luna is in the mood to practice or before a large event (such as her birthday[14]), and consists of Luna trying out and playing many different songs on her electone, which have grown to be quite popular as one of her unique niches. She has a particular fondness for Studio Ghibli songs, of which one of her personal favorites is "A Town With An Ocean View" from Kiki's Delivery Service.

Her representative emote is a piece of candy, since she is a princess from a candy kingdom.


Befitting of her status as the princess, Luna acts in a manner sickeningly cute akin to candy so terribly sweet. As much as everyone agree that Himemori Luna is really cute, everyone also occasionally gets pissed at her, a prime example being Houshou Marine and Inuyama Tamaki, where the two express their annoyance very verbally to Luna in their collab stream[15][16]

Despite the presentation and theme of cuteness that is associated with Luna, her actual personality behind the cuteness is revealed to be quite mischievous borderline sadistic, competitive and quite composed. Luna's interaction with the other members is often composed of teasing, as she use her cute acts to try to get under their skin and sometime simply being directly mischievous to them, both to her seniors and fellow 4th Generation member. On the flipside, Luna can also get quite attached to others, most evident in her interaction with Natsuiro Matsuri. Luna often acts spoiled towards Matsuri and Matsuri, in return, spoils Luna, albeit it appears that the way Matsuri treats Luna is not nearly the way she hoped it would be. Luna and Matsuri named their pair FestivalLuna (フェステイバルーナ). Outside of her interaction with the other members, she can also at times gets quite mischievous towards her listeners, such as when she keep playing cricket background noises on her midnight piano streams, or when she streamed a Muse Dash playthrough[17] consisting mostly of the song Punai Punai Taiso (プナイプナイたいそう), treating the song as an addiction or poison to be spread.

Compared to some of the other girls, Luna can be considered as one of the more composed, albeit instead of panicking Luna's go-to reaction is replaced by an audible and almost childlike frustration. This is very visible when she gets competitive in games such as Apex Legends, or when she plays horror game. Her frustration comes out in the form of her motor mouth, where she starts rapidly talking about all sorts of things, usually in relation to what is going on (such as somewhat rationalizing whatever happens in the horror game). Not only in video games and frustration, her rapid-fire talking can even appear when having a regular conversation with others, usually when asked a question, where she will sometimes rapidly go into details regarding her answer. [18]



  • Nov. 29 Twitter account creation date.
  • Dec. 04 YouTube channel creation date.
  • Dec. 27 Achieved a 10,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.


  • Jan. 04 YouTube debut and her first uploaded video.
  • Jan. 14 Achieved a 50,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.[19]
  • Mar. 01 Membership feature opened.[20]
  • Mar. 28 Achieved a 100,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.[21]
  • June 04 Achieved a 150,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.[22]
  • July 15 Achieved a 200,000 YouTube subscriber milestone during her 3D debut announcement stream.[23]
  • July 19 Debuted her 3D model.[24]
  • Aug. 16 Achieved a 250,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.[25]
  • Sep. 22 Achieved a 300,000 YouTube subscriber milestone during her Ring Fit Adventure stream.[26]
  • Dec. 19 Achieved a 400,000 YouTube subscriber milestone during a karaoke and Live2D "Ver.2.0" reveal stream.[27]
  • Dec. 19 Her main Live2D outfit was updated to "Ver.2.0".


  • Jan. 01 Revealed her Live2D New Years outfit.[28]
  • Feb. 15 Revealed her 3D Idol outfit.[29]
  • Mar. 18 Achieved a 500,000 YouTube subscriber milestone. [30]
  • May 29 Revealed her third Live2D outfit.[31]
  • June 24 Achieved a 600,000 YouTube subscriber milestone during a karaoke stream.[32]
  • Oct. 04 Achieved a 700,000 YouTube subscriber milestone during an Electone stream.[33]


  • March. 10 Announced a collaboration with the Japanese corporation Yamaha that featured a special web page on their site that contained an interview with Luna about her electone streams, as well as an English version of the page. The collaboration also included an additional two page interview in the official electone magazine which contained sheet music for “Shiny Smiley Story”, as well as promotional materials in all Yamaha stores.[34][35][36]
  • May. 14 Achieved a 800,000 YouTube subscriber milestone during a karaoke stream.[37]


  • Mar. 11 Achieved a 900,000 YouTube subscriber milestone during a karaoke stream.[38][39]

Streaming Information[edit]


She officially calls her fans "Lu-knight" (ルーナイト).

Streamer Side
Scene Lines Romaji Meaning / Notes
Greetings みんな~おる~? "Minna~Oru~?" Roughly translates to "Everyone, are you there?"
Introduction ホロライブ4期生姫森ルーナなのら~ "Hororaibu yon kisei Himemori Luna nanora~" Roughly translates to "Hololive's 4th generation, Himemori Luna nanora~"
Farewell おつルーナ Otsuluna~ Portmanteau of "Otsukaresama" (お疲れ様) and "Luna".
グッドナイトー Guddonaito Literally meaning "good night", used on her night streams.
Viewer Side
Scene Lines Romaji Meaning / Notes
Waiting んな...んな... Nna...Nna... Used by LuKnight before the start of the stream
Greetings おるよ~ Oruyo~ Answering Luna's questions, roughly translates "We're here~"
Farewell おつルーナ Otsuluna~ The same generic farewell as Luna herself
YouTube Membership Perks
Badges and Emoji Perk Levels
ルーナイトへようこそなのら (Welcome to Lu-knight)
  • Members-only live stream
  • Members-only videos and watch parties
ルーナイト志願 (Lu-knight volunteer)
  • Includes access to perks from previous level
  • Ability to watch ASMR stream archives

Other Media[edit]


  • Luna has Heterochromia, noticeable when one takes a close look. Her right eye is pink while the left eye is green.
    • This heterochromia was used by Luna as a game called "Today's Wink Time" (今日のウィンクタイム), occasionally done at the end of her stream where Luna will wink multiple times alternating between her eyes and the listener must guess whether it'll be P(Pink) or G(Green).
  • Luna has a butler called 執事ちゃん, read as: Shitsuji-chan, translated to: Butler, that can often be seen accompanying her in streams, if not always.
  • Luna occasionally uses a rather different and mature voice that has been often dubbed as "Anemori". It usually appears whenever Luna sings the opening of Sakura Taisen, Geki! Teikoku Kagekidan, specifically in the speech part of the song. [40]
  • Luna really loves Takoyaki, as can be seen in a lot of instances where she refers often to both octopus (in the context of being delicious) and takoyaki. [citation needed]. She even did a live takoyaki making and eating stream at midnight at one point. [41]
    • She even names Link in her Skyward Sword playthrough as "lunatakoyaki", which she keeps reading whenever the name appears in the game unvoiced dialog [42]
  • Ever since starting her piano practice streams, Luna has been using classical music as her stream BGM for most if not all of her non piano streams. She will instead use a cricket noise as BGM for her piano streams for whenever she's not actively playing the piano, such as at the start of the stream or when doing superchat reading.
  • Luna gave Matsuri matching pajamas as a present for her 2020 birthday celebration stream.[43]
  • Is one of the Hololive Production VTubers with the following verified accounts:
  • Shares the same Illustrator with the following VTubers:

No speculations and rumors, just fun facts!


Image Gallery[edit]




The following are a list of songs and albums Luna has made or participated in.

絶対忠誠♡なのなのら! (Zettai Chuusei♡Nanonanora!)
Release Date January 30, 2022
Track List
  1. 絶対忠誠♡なのなのら!
  2. 絶対忠誠♡なのなのら! (Instrumental)
External links
Digital Release • Music Video
Collab Singles
Kiseki knot
Release Date June 25, 2021
Track List
  1. キセキ結び
  2. キセキ結び (Instrumental)
External links
Digital Release • Music Video

Cover Songs[edit]

The following are a list of songs covered by Luna.

Collab Covers


The following are a list of background music Luna has used in her streams and videos.

Made for Luna

From 音楽の卵

From クラシック名曲サウンドライブラリー

From Audiostock


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