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Calendar - 08 August.png
Calendar for August 2021
August 8Tokoyami Towa
August 10Akai Haato
August 12Kanade Izuru
August 20Ookami Mio
Debut Anniversaries
August 1Sakura Miko
August 7Shiranui Flare
August 8Minato Aqua & Shirogane Noel
August 11Houshou Marine
August 12Yukihana Lamy
August 13Momosuzu Nene
August 14Shishiro Botan
August 16Omaru Polka
August 17Murasaki Shion
Aqua 3rd Anniversary Banner.png
Cinderella switch -new act- vol. 2.png
Azki 8th Live.png
Upcoming Events
Aug. 9thAqua's 3rd Anniversary 3D Live
Aug. 28thAyame & Noel 3D VR Live Concert
Sep. 12thAZKi's 8th Live


Welcome to the Hololive Fan Wiki!!

Hololive Production (Japanese: ホロライブプロダクション Hororaibu Purodakushon) or simply known as Hololive (Japanese: ホロライブ Hororaibu), is an agency of Virtual YouTubers created by Cover Corp. As of July 2021 there are now 52 talents under Hololive and its branches (30 Hololive, 9 Holostars, 6 Hololive ID, 6 Hololive EN, and 1 INNK Music).

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