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Hololive Production (ホロライブプロダクション, stylized as hololive production), or Hololive (ホロライブ, stylized as hololive), HoloPro or just Holo for short, is the Virtual YouTuber agency established by Cover Corp. Initially known for their female-only VTuber group, it merged with their male-only VTuber group Holostars and INoNaKa Music music label to form Hololive Production on December 2, 2019.


The current structure of Hololive Production

Hololive Production serves as the umbrella brand for Cover's two VTuber groups, the all-female Hololive and the all-male Holostars. Both agencies operate semi-independently of each other while sharing certain assets and legal rights under Cover and Hololive Production.


Main article: Hololive
  • Hololive (HoloJP) - Main branch, share its name with the name of the overall group.
  • Hololive China (HoloCN) (Defunct) - First oversea branch, a joint venture with the Chinese streaming platform bilibili.
  • Hololive Indonesia (HoloID) - First fully owned oversea branch.
  • Hololive English (HoloEN) - First English-focus branch.
  • Hololive DEV_IS (DEV_IS) - Second Japanese branch with a different focus.


Main article: Holostars
  • Holostars (StarsJP) - Main branch, share its name with the name of the overall group.
  • Holostars English (StarsEN) - First oversea branch and first English-speaking branch of Holostars.

INoNaKa Music[edit]

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INoNaKa Music started as an independent sub-branch of Hololive in collaboration with Kizuna Ai's upd8. The branch was later promoted into its own branch as part of the Hololive Production merger. It was eventually shutdown as part of the restructuring of AZKi activities.



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