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Subunit within Hololive
Over Time single cover art

ORIO is an official duo in Hololive. The duo consists of Amane Kanata and Tokoyami Towa. They've been announced as group on Feb. 27, 2022[1] to their first appearance as ORIO was through the release of the original song Over Time on May 01, 2022[2], however as they are both genmates, they have had multiple collaborations before officially forming ORIO.



Collab Singles
Over Time (Over Time)
Release Date May 02, 2022
Track List
  1. Over Time
  2. Over Time (Instrumental)
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Digital Release • Music Video
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Title Album details
Over Time
Release Date July 30, 2022
Track List
  1. Over Time
  2. Like a Phoenix
  3. Pray
  4. Over Time (Instrumental)
  5. Like a Phoenix (Instrumental)
  6. Pray (Instrumental)
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Digital Release


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