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Chinese Name希薇娅
English NameCivia
Japanese Name希薇婭
Debut DateNovember 1, 2019
Graduation DateNovember 18, 2020
Live2D Modelingナナメ[1]
Member ofHololive China 1st Gen (formerly)
Fan NameKnight
Emoji /
Oshi Mark
🌙 🦄 Twemoji12 1f984.svg
Official Media
YouTubeCivia Ch.
bilibili希薇娅Civia (EN) (JP)
BirthdayNovember 18
Stream Talk#CiviAlive (Twitter)
Fanart#二维马 (bilibili)
#Civiart (Twitter)

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Introduction Video[edit source]

bilibili[edit source]

YouTube[edit source]

Official Bio[edit source]

English: "A unicorn who wants to bring fun and splendor to everyone.
Very sensitive to minor changes in the moods of others, perhaps due to a symbol of purity."

Japanese: "みんなに素晴らしさと楽しさをもたらしたいユニコーン。

Overview[edit source]

Civia is a unicorn and formerly part of Hololive China's 1st Generation. She wishes to bring everyone fun and happiness. As a symbol of holiness and purity, she is very sensitive to minor mood changes of others.

She streamed in Chinese in Bilibili, but regularly interacted in English or Japanese on Twitter.

Personality[edit source]

Milestones[edit source]

2019[edit source]

  • Sep. 04 Twitter account creation date.
  • Oct. 29 First uploaded video on bilibili.
  • Nov. 01 First live stream on bilibili.

2020[edit source]

  • Feb. 03 YouTube channel creation date.
  • Mar. 11 Achieved a 100,000 bilibili fans milestone.[2]
  • Aug. 09 Participated in Bilibili World.[3]
  • Sep. 06 Debuted on YouTube and streamed first video.[4]
  • Oct. 26 Achieved a 200,000 bilibili fans milestone.[5]

Graduation[edit source]

On Nov. 12, 2020, the graduations of Civia (along with Yogiri, Doris, Rosalyn, and Artia) was announced by Cover Corp in an official notice. She was scheduled to graduate on Nov. 18, 2020.[6]

On Nov. 18, she streamed her graduation first on YouTube[7], then later on BiliBili. Following her graduation streams, she posted final goodbye messages to her fans on BiliBili[8] and Twitter.[9]

Streaming Information[edit source]

Stream Rules[edit source]

For the main page, see Stream Rules.

Civia has the following streaming rules in her YouTube streams' descriptions:

  • Please be nice to each other.
  • Please don't mention me in other places if I'm not being called.
  • Please don't mention other people if they are not being called by the streamer, because it is impolite for both of us.
  • It will perfect if you talk about the current stream.

Think about they are people just like you behind the internet, so please please please be nice to each other. If you see anything inappropriate, use the report or block button. Let's make friends and have fun!

I love you too!

Fans[edit source]

Her fans are called Knight.

Other Media[edit source]

Trivia[edit source]

Minato Aqua Fan[edit source]

Civia is a huge Minato Aqua fan. She got into VTuber activities because someone sent her a Meaqua (pairing of Kagura Mea and Minato Aqua) video. When she was given 10 minutes to talk about why she applied to Hololive during her audition, she spent 9 minutes praising Minato Aqua.[11]

During a livestream, she found out that Aqua started a stream and almost ended to watch her. She later compromised by putting Aqua's stream on her phone while continuing her own.[12]

She got jealous when Aqua tamed a unicorn in Ark.[13]

Logo - hololive (Textless).png No speculations and rumors, just fun facts!

Media[edit source]

Image Gallery[edit source]

Music[edit source]

Original Songs[edit source]

The following are original songs by Civia.

Cover Songs[edit source]

The following are a list of songs covered by Civia.

Solo Covers
  • ECHO
    Thumbnail - ECHO - Civia.jpg
    Original by: Crusher (NicoNico / Fandom)

    輝夜,秋倉 (Mixing), 东方记者 (Illustration), Norisan (Video)

  • 希希本希,对线钉钉
    Thumbnail - 【Civia】希希本希,对线钉钉.jpg
    Original by: Dingtalk (social app) meme song

    奶油NyanYou (Mixing), 雨天 (Video)

  • ドラえもんのうた (Doraemon no Uta)
    Thumbnail - 活动作品【Civia】一起回到童年吧——哆啦A梦之歌.jpg
    Original by: Kumiko Osugi (Fandom)

    奶油NyanYou (Mixing), Shiroku 虫子不吃虫 (Illustration), 石棂ishirei 石棂ishirei (Video)

  • 囍 (Chinese Wedding)
    Thumbnail - 活动作品【Civia】囍【独角兽与灵魂唢呐!!】.jpg
    Original by: 葛东琪

    石棂ishirei 石棂ishirei & 石棂ishirei 石棂ishirei (Instrumental) 奶油NyanYou (Mixing), Shiroku 虫子不吃虫 (Illustration), 石棂ishirei 石棂ishirei (Video)

Collab Covers

BGM[edit source]

The following are a list of background music Civia has used in her streams and videos.

Made for Civia

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