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English NameEnma
IllustratorNinomae Ina'nis


Enma is the Hololive EN Manager. She first made an appearance during the Hololive EN Left 4 Dead Collab, in which she filled in as a 4th player for their stream. During this collaboration, Enma consistently refused healing from the other members, and fought zombies using only a Katana at 1 HP. [1]

Her current character design was made by Ninomae Ina'nis during one of her drawing streams. [2]



  • Is the Manager whom Ninomae Ina'nis works most closely with as noted by the members.
  • Gura has left Enma on read in multiple occasions, leading to her being scolded for it.[3]
  • Amelia accidentally responded with "That sounds like a you problem" when Enma mentioned she was experiencing a technical difficulty during the Hololive ID 2nd Generation debut. She promptly apologized while Kiara and Ina laughed in the background.[4]
  • Early on Amelia and Gura referred to their manager (Jenma) as Enma. It is unclear how much they actually worked with Enma. [5]
  • While discussing some of the accessories and actions of her new outfit, Amelia noted that Enma and Jenma have different roles.[6]


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