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Doris - Portrait 01.png
Illustrator: ooc[1]
Live2D Modeling:
Chinese Name朵莉丝
English NameDoris
Japanese Nameドリス
Debut DateApril 3, 2020
Graduation DateDecember 5, 2020
Member ofHololive China 2nd Gen (formerly)
Fan NameCaviar (魚籽醤)
Emoji /
Oshi Mark
🐟 Twemoji12 1f41f.svg
Official Media
bilibili朵莉丝Doris (EN) (JP)
BirthdayJune 1
Age16 years old
Fanart#摸个鱼 (bilibili)

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Introduction Video[edit source]

Official Bio[edit source]

English: "A cheerful mermaid from the ocean depths.
Transformed into a bipedal creature and came to see everyone because she wanted to "learn more about the world of athletics."
She dislikes cuisines with seafood."

Japanese: "深海から来た明るく元気な人魚姫(マーメイド)。

Overview[edit source]

Doris is a deep sea mermaid princess and formerly part of Hololive China's 2nd Generation.

She is curious about everything, cheerful and kind, and cares about the relationship between the sea and land. She transformed to walk on land in order to better understand the world of land dwellers.

She dislikes seafood.

Personality[edit source]

History[edit source]

2020[edit source]

  • Mar. 06 Twitter account creation date.
  • Mar. 15 First uploaded video on bilibili.
  • Apr. 03 First live stream on bilibili.
  • May 12 Achieved a 100,000 bilibili fans milestone.

Graduation[edit source]

On Nov. 12, 2020, the graduations of Doris (along with Yogiri, Civia, Rosalyn, and Artia) was announced by Cover Corp in an official notice.[2] Her graduation date was later changed in another official notice. [3]

She graduated on Dec. 5, 2020.

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Trivia[edit source]

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Media[edit source]

Image Gallery[edit source]

Music[edit source]

Cover Songs[edit source]

The following are a list of songs covered by Doris.

Solo Covers
深海少女 (Shinkai Shoujo)
Instrumental N/A Illustration 日和响也
Mixing 三星堆 Video Editing 三星堆
Original Link/s YouTube YouTube, NicoNico NicoNico
しゅわりん☆どり~みん (Shuwarin☆Dreamin)
Instrumental N/A Illustration 对ELEPHANT
Mixing 三星堆 Video Editing ツールFox
Original Link/s YouTube YouTube, NicoNico NicoNico
しゅわりん☆どり~みん (Shuwarin☆Dreamin)
Instrumental N/A Illustration 对ELEPHANT
Mixing 三星堆 Video Editing ツールFox
Original Link/s YouTube YouTube
ぶれないアイで (Burenai Ai de)
Sung by Doris, Rosalyn (Backup Vocals), 江惠惠 Megumi (Backup Vocals)
Instrumental N/A Illustration 秋日夕暮, 虹光Uro, 祁玄
Mixing 三星堆 Video Editing 白井鹿结
Original Link/s YouTube YouTube
All Alone With You
Instrumental N/A Illustration 氷川日菜厨, 梯子, 重咕咕, 米悠, opuli
Mixing 三星堆工作室 Video Editing empty404, Silly红
Original Link/s YouTube YouTube
Collab Covers
Shiny Smily Story
Sung by Hololive China 1st Generation and Hololive China 2nd Generation
Instrumental N/A Illustration 瓦瓦子ooc
Mixing Murfan_麻烦 Video Editing 老班長
Original Link/s YouTube YouTube
Marine Border Parasol
Sung by Hololive China 2nd Generation
Instrumental N/A Illustration G141
Mixing 三星堆 Video Editing 石棂ishirei, 纯真

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