Blue Journey (Subunit)

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Blue Journey (Subunit)
Subunit within Hololive Production
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Blue Journey project Logo
AnnouncedMarch 19, 2023
Twitter AccountBlue Journey【公式】 Blue Journey【公式】

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Blue Journey is a subunit formed as part of the Blue Journey musical project for Hololive Production. The project will see a series of consecutive single releases over the span of 3 months. The songs are set to explore the listener's feelings and invoke a moment of introspection. The first original single for the project featured Minato Aqua, Houshou Marine, and Tsunomaki Watame. The second single features Sakura Miko, Houshou Marine, and Omaru Polka.

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Collab Singles
I Am Alone
Album Cover Art -I Am Alone.jpg
Release Date April 16, 2023
Track List
  1. Bokuha Hitorida
External links
Digital Release • Music Video
you ≠ me
Album Cover Art - you ≠ me.jpg
Release Date May 14, 2023
Track List
  1. you ≠ me
External links
Digital Release • Music Video

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