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StartEnd is an unofficial Hololive subgroup. The trio consists of Minato Aqua, Tokoyami Towa, and Hoshimachi Suisei. This group was initially assembled to enter in the Vtuber Most Cooperatitive Tournament #4, an Apex Legends tournament.[1]

Vtuber Most Cooperatitive Tournament[edit]

With 19 other teams, StartEnd entered the competition for the fourth edition. Aqua attained a Master rank in Apex. Thus, she was the spearhead of the team.

The event had six scrimmages and a final event day. Their best performance was on the fourth scrimmage day with a placement of 3rd place. For the final event day, their outing was not as strong finishing in 16th place.

Other activities[edit]

StartEnd retains cohesion with other collaborations within Hololive. This includes collaboration streams and Cover songs.


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