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Hololive presents: Hoshimachi Suisei's MUSIC SPACE (ホロライブ presents 星街すいせいのMUSIC SPACE) was a radio show aired in JOQR A&G+, where Hoshimachi Suisei was the host/personality. It aired every Sunday at 17:00 - 17:30 JST, from April 5, 2020 to March 28, 2021[1].

As the shows' name suggests, Music Space was a program where Suisei sings and usually read emails sent by fans. She also occasionally had some guests come over her radio show, usually fellow VTubers. Her very first VTuber guest was a Hololive 1st Generation member, Natsuiro Matsuri.

Music Space has a Twitter account that posted news and announcement about the show. Suisei also accepted emails and song requests for her radio show. Listeners could send emails and song requests at

Listening Guides[edit]

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Official A&G+ Radio[edit]

A&G+ Fast Registration

To listen to the radio through the official radio site, go to, and click this button:

Alternatively, you can go directly to

Before you can listen to the radio, you will be asked to do a quick registration as shown on the right.

After the registration, you can now finally listen to the radio.


Whenever a new episode of the radio went live, the first half of last week's episode was uploaded in Suisei's Channel and the second half was uploaded to the 文化放送V&R channel

There is an complete playlist for the radio archives in Suisei's Channel. Link here

VLC Media Player[edit]

Using VLC media player to listen to Music Space is very simple.

You only need to open VLC and Open Network Stream (Ctrl +N), then enter "rtmp://".

Note: Other media players also work if they have a similar feature supported.

External links[edit]

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