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Nanashi Mumei
Japanese Name七詩ムメイ
English NameNanashi Mumei
Debut DateAugust 23, 2021
Member ofhololive English -Promise-,
hololive English -Council- (formerly)
Fan NameHoomans
Emoji /
Oshi Mark
Official Media
YouTubeNanashi Mumei Ch.
Verified (EN) (JP) (EN) (JP)
BirthdayAugust 4
Stream Talk#watchMEI
  • Moomers
  • Meimei
  • Mumei-shi
  • 文明
  • 猫头鹰

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Introduction Video[edit]

Official Bio[edit]

"Oh hi! Hoo’s this? Nanashi Mumei!"

The Guardian of Civilization, a traveling owl who has borne witness to numerous events.

Even though glimpses of past memories—seen and forgotten throughout her endless journey—occasionally surface, she is now a lovely girl who relishes each and every day. When once she was just an observer, she now enjoys her everyday interactions with civilizations and its people.

And soon the ordinary, ever-present daily life, shall also weave itself into the tapestry of civilization.

Guardian of "Civilization"

A member of the Council and the Guardian of "Civilization," a concept crafted by mankind.

As a living embodiment of the sum of mankind's efforts—the mark that humans have left on the world—she is far removed from her fellow members, as well as other lifeforms. Due to not being created by the Gods, she was free to choose her own appearance, and decided to make herself owl-like, after the bird that symbolizes wisdom.

She is gentle, wise, and an unbelievably hard worker. As a well-traveled vagabond, she is blessed with a wealth of knowledge of the world. She has seen, heard, and experienced so many things that she has forgotten most of them, one of them being her own name.

For some reason, she seems to project a rather pitiable aura. Perhaps this is in part thanks to the loneliness she has often felt in her perennial travels. That is what gave her the idea of making her own friend out of a material that was indispensable to the development of human civilization: paper.

"It may fade and rip, but once a friend, forever a friend."


Nanashi Mumei (七詩ムメイ), born on August 4th, is an owl VTuber who debuted as part of hololive English -Council- representing “Civilization”. As an all-seeing guardian of mankind, she protects all who she looks upon and hopes everyone can be their best version of themselves.[15]

Mumei’s streams are characterised by the duality between a relatively low energy, relaxing, and comfortable tone (which she takes pride in[16][17]) to another side which is more spontaneous and energetic; with her often demonstrating psychopathic tendencies in these moments. Though the disparity between her macabre thoughts and cute voice surprised many at first, the line separating these two sides has since blurred to a point of seamlessness – with Mumei’s appreciation of the grotesque and ‘cursed’ being wholly embraced by Hoomans today. Possessing a dorky sense of humour, she is also a fan of puns and frequently uses owl or bird-related wordplay in her Tweets and streams (as evidenced by her choice of fan name and Twitter hashtags).

As an owl, Mumei is stereotypically forgetful and birdbrained with her forgetting both her age and previous names over the millennia. This led her to refer to her mascot only as “Friend” and her pet animal as "Animal" because she wouldn’t be able to forgive herself were she to forget their names.[18][19] Despite this forgetfulness, Mumei’s love of knowledge, drawing and singing come across strongly from her streams: with her frequently searching online during streams for information she either forgot or is unsure of;[20][21][22][23] her frequent drawing-themed streams and knowledge of techniques demonstrated by painter Bob Ross;[24][25][26] and her regularly singing parts of songs from artists across a wide range of genres – from Kelly Clarkson[27] and My Chemical Romance,[28] to The Story So Far[29][30] and Backstreet Boys,[31] to various songs from Disney movies[32][33][34] and those from the musical adaptation of Les Misérables[35][36] (which is also her favourite musical[37][38]).

In terms of larger-scale forays into singing Mumei released an original song titled A New Start on 17th January, 2022,[39] with this song first previewed during her debut stream.[40] She has since covered numerous songs, the first of which being Silhouette by Kana-Boon (an OP for the anime Naruto: Shippuden)[41] and has also held a multitude of archived and unarchived karaoke streams covering both English and Japanese songs (see General Trivia).

Her representative fan emoji is a feather because her physical form is of an owl.


As a cheerful, caring and introverted[16] barn owl,[42][43] Nanashi Mumei takes her job seriously as a guardian protector of mankind. Though she has elements that make Hoomans want to protect her — such as the ease with which she becomes embarrassed and overwhelmed, as well as her general forgetfulness (the latter frequent enough to make Hoomans joke that she “forgor” and “rembers” during streams) — she undeniably takes pride of place as the apex predator of the skies with her boundless, near-psychopathic fascination of the morbid and cursed; a trait most prominently evidenced in her drawing streams.

In stark contrast to her psychopathic tendencies, an early instance of Mumei being overwhelmed in a heartwarming manner was her monetisation celebration stream, in which she chose not to read chat at the beginning because she knew that she would (and eventually did) get startled by the fast rate of donations sent to her.[44] However, this same stream also highlighted the care and appreciation she holds for her fans, with her stating numerous times throughout the stream that she sees the precious time people set aside to watch her streams “genuinely as valuable [as money]”.[45][46][47] Similar sentiments were also shared during Mumei's membership opening stream in which she said that she didn't mind if Hoomans didn't become members as she was "so appreciative of... anybody who comes and watches",[48] and also was understanding of viewers who wanted to wait until she was feeling better before purchasing membership because she was feeling notably unwell at the time of this stream - this choice making "a lot of sense" to her.[49]

Outside of these celebration streams, her appreciation can further be seen in frequent Tweets expressing her gratefulness to those who watch and convey their enjoyment of her streams (particularly when the stream does not go as planned),[50][51][52] her responses to those expressing gratitude for her content during streams,[53][54][55][56][57] and her general interactions with chat. Such interactions include her pleading with tired fans staying up late for her stream to go get some sleep,[58][59][60] as well as her expressing the happiness she felt knowing Hoomans were inspired to draw because of her, and were also using her #watchMEI Twitter hashtag to draw alongside her during her first drawing stream.[61]

Although she has moments of high energy and excitability (especially while under the effects of caffeine), Mumei regards herself as a “low energy” individual with the social aspect of streaming being surprisingly tiring at times. She believes herself to be an awkward individual[62] and this introverted disposition manifests itself during streams whenever she finds it difficult to know what to say; with her often resorting to impromptu singing or noises to fill the silence if streaming in silence,[35][63][64][65] or at times struggling to find an appropriate greeting or response while in the presence of others[66][67] (though this can result in entertaining but nonsensical conversations with other hololive members such as Gawr Gura[68][69] and Mori Calliope[70]). These bouts of random sounds and responses may also be partially attributed to her birdbrained nature, with Mumei herself admitting that she has a very short attention span and finds it difficult to multitask.[71][72]



  • Jun. 29 Twitter account created.[73]
  • Jul. 26 YouTube channel created.[74]
  • Aug. 23 Officially debuted on YouTube.[75]
  • Aug. 23 Achieved a 200,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.[76]
  • Sep. 05 Achieved a 250,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.[77]
  • Sep. 22 Achieved a 300,000 YouTube subscriber milestone during a Minecraft stream.[78][79]
  • Sep. 25 Membership feature opened.[80]
  • Oct. 30 Achieved a 400,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.[81]
  • Nov. 20 Participated in a panel alongside other Council members at Anime NYC 2021.[82]


  • Jan. 02 Achieved a 500,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.[83]
  • Jan. 15 Revealed her New Years Live2D outfit.[84]
  • Jan. 29 Mumei's original song "A New Start" reached 1 million views.
  • Mar. 25 Achieved a 600,000 YouTube subscriber milestone during an endurance stream.[85][86]
  • Apr. 03 Mumei's original song "A New Start" reached 2 million views.
  • Jul. 20 Revealed "Beeg Smol" 3D VR models designed by Tsukumo Sana alongside IRyS and other Council members.[87]
  • Aug. 04 Achieved a 700,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.
  • Aug. 27 Mumei's original song "A New Start" reached 3 million views.


  • Mar. 18 Participated in hololive 4th fes. Our Bright Parade, in which she debuted her idol 3D costume.
  • Mar. 19 Participated in hololive 4th fes. holo*27 stage, in which she debuted her main 3D costume. Also achieved an 800,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.
  • Apr. 08 Revealed her casual Live2D outfit.[88]
  • Aug. 11 Achieved a 900,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.
  • Sep. 5 Mumei's original song "A New Start" reached 4 million views.
  • Oct. 9 Announced that she would join the new unit "hololive English -Promise-" alongside Ceres Fauna, Ouro Kronii, Hakos Baelz, and IRyS.[89]
  • Nov. 10 Achieved an 800,000 YouTube subscriber milestone[90]
  • Oct. 14 Mumei's second original song "mumei" reached 1 million views.
  • Nov. 3 Mumei's second original song "mumei" reached 2 million views.


  • Jan. 20 Mumei's second original song "mumei" reached 3 million views.
  • Jan. 26 Achieved a 1,000,000 Youtube subscriber milestone during a karaoke stream.
  • Feb. 24 Revealed her emo-themed Live2D outfit.[91]

Streaming Information[edit]

Stream Rules[edit]

For the main page, see Stream Rules.

Mumei has the following streaming rules in her streams' descriptions:

How to maintain a civilization:
Follow the Rules! Please!

  • 1. Be civilized!
  • 2. If you do see spam or trolling, don’t respond. Block report and ignore.
  • 3. Talk in relation to stream content. Please don’t bring up unrelated topics or have personal conversations.
  • 4. Don’t bring up other streamers/streams unless I do first.
  • 5. Further, don’t talk about me or my stream in another streamer’s chat.
  • 6. Enjoy yourself! All languages are welcome!


Mumei's fans are called Hoomans: a portmanteau of "humans" and "hoo" (the sound an owl makes).

Streamer Side
Scene Lines Romaji Meaning / Notes
Greetings Hello!
Oh hi!
It's moomin' time! Comes in many variations e.g. "It's time to moom!" or "Are you ready to moom?"
Introduction Oh hi! Hoo’s this? Nanashi Mumei from hololive English Promise!
Farewell Bye-bye!
See Mu-meiter! Play-on-words on "See you later", coined by Ouro Kronii at the end of the first Council collaboration stream.[92]
Have a good rest of your day, night, or evening (or go to bed!)
Viewer Side
Scene Lines Romaji Meaning / Notes
Waiting , or the "Processing" membership emote. Used because of the buffering animation seen on Mumei's original waiting screen ("Processing...").
Greetings Oh hi!
Farewell See Mu-meiter!
YouTube Membership Perks
Badges and Emoji Perk Levels
Owl Pal
  • Members-only live chats
  • Members-only live streams
  • Photos and status updates
  • Includes access to perks from previous level
  • All members receive the same perks! Thank you!

Legendary Streams[edit]

The following streams are considered legendary streams (伝説の配信, densetsu no haishin) by Mumei's fans.

Stream list
Stream Summary Air date


Mumei sings for an audience of over 30,000 concurrent viewers during her first karaoke stream, which was guerrilla and unarchived in nature. During the stream, the word "Mumei" becomes trending worldwide on Twitter: peaking at #13 worldwide,[93] #7 in the United States,[94] and #1 in Canada.[95]

September 28, 2021

Other Media[edit]


* Nanashi (名無し) and Mumei (無名) are both Japanese words which signify namelessness, which is apt considering she has forgotten her previous names.[96]

  • Mumei's birthday falls on August 4th, which is also International Owl Awareness Day.[97]
  • Her favourite colours are pink and white,[98] and her lucky number is 12.[99]
  • She has given express permission for Hoomans to use the artwork she has herself drawn (such as those from her Passpartout streams), for use as a personal avatar or other similar use cases.[100]
  • Mumei held 8 unarchived karaoke streams for public viewing in 2021, 22 of such streams in 2022, and in 2023 has held them on 28th January,[101] 8th[102] and 15th[103] February thus far. She has also held 1 members-only karaoke stream (also unarchived) in 2021, and 4 of these streams in 2022.
    • Although she frequently holds karaoke streams (which at one point was her favourite type of stream alongside collabs[104]), Mumei did not sing during her audition for hololive.[105]
  • Her first Twitter Space stream was on 12th January, 2022, where she cooked while using the #MumeiCooking hashtag to interact with viewers.[106] Recipes for the dishes she cooked were outlined in a stream the following day.[107]
    • A second cooking Twitter Space stream was held on 30th June, 2022, in which she used the #MumeisCookin hashtag instead.[108]
  • Although she attempted to explain her streaming activities to Mother Owl,[109] Mumei's relatives do not fully understand her streaming activities. For instance, Grandfather Owl had once believed that Mumei was a fitness influencer operating on Instagram.[110]
  • Mumei does not foresee herself regularly streaming FPS games on her own channel as she would feel too much pressure to perform well and would not enjoy streaming these games as a result.[111] She is however, willing to play as part of other hololive members' streams (such as those of Kureiji Ollie)[112][113] as she only enjoys playing (competitive) FPS games if playing alongside other people.[114]
    • The first FPS game she streamed on her channel was Doom Eternal on March 15th, 2022; in which she talked about (and demonstrated) her panicked nature when playing such games,[115] while the first competitive FPS game she streamed was Fortnite for a collab stream with Gura on April 15th, 2022.[116]
  • Inugami Korone was the first hololive member that Mumei was interested in[117] and has remained as one of Mumei's oshis ever since; causing Mumei to "fangirl" when they first met in the hololive Minecraft server.[118]
    • Prior to debut, Ninomae Ina'nis was the hololive English member she watched the most. As Mumei finds it difficult to focus when watching media such as streams,[119][120] TV shows and movies (with her frequently leaving them unfinished[121]), she watched Ina's streams while doing other activities[122] and would sometimes draw while Ina was herself drawing on stream.[123] Ina also streamed at convenient times of day for Mumei to watch her streams live.[124]
  • From video clips Mumei watches of herself, she has no recollection of "60 percent" of what was clipped. She believes that this is because of the difficulties she has multitasking which makes her not fully process what she is saying at these moments.[125]
    • Her difficulties with multitasking have also caused her to do fewer drawing streams.[126] This is because she gets frustrated at being unable to draw and talk at the same time, which cascades into a slower drawing speed. The stresses from both these factors prevent her from fully enjoying doing drawing streams.[127][128] However, she has recently started enjoying drawing on stream again after beginning her stream series of drawing hololive members.[129]
  • She has stated that viewers do not need to send Super Chats toward equipment upgrades or similar purposes as she will be able to cover all relevant costs herself.[130]
    • Such donations were initially so frequent that Mumei (jokingly) "banned" such donations[131] because of the sheer number she had received,[132][133] as well as the absurdity of what Hoomans said they were donating toward.[134][135]
    • Despite it being a normalised "tradition" within the VTuber community, Mumei has further stated that viewers do not need to donate blue Super Chats whenever she takes a streaming break to go to an "idol meeting" (the bathroom).[136]
  • The first official collaboration stream she had beyond other Council members was a Minecraft stream with Takanashi Kiara on 28th September, 2021.[137]
  • Mumei purchased a new $3,000 PC which was first used for a stream on May 10th, 2022.[140] The specifications of this computer include an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti GPU and an AMD Ryzen 9 5900X CPU,[141] with 32 GB of RAM.[142]
  • At debut, she used a keyboard with blue ("clicky") mechanical switches but soon ordered a new keyboard with red ("linear") mechanical switches to replace it.[147] This is because she personally would not want to hear the loud "clickity-clackity" (noise of blue mechanical switches) if she herself were watching someone else's stream.[148] The first stream in which she used her new, quieter keyboard was her first Minecraft stream on September 7th, 2021 (two weeks after debut).[149]
  • One of the primary draws that made Mumei apply to hololive was the prospect of collaborating within a group of female coworkers to create projects together, with a management structure in place to facilitate proceedings.[150]
  • After she posted her first Tweet, Mumei's Twitter account was flooded with new followers. This led to Twitter temporarily restricting her account due to excessive activity.[151]
  • She is one of the hololive production VTubers with a verified YouTube channel. Other verified members can be found here.
  • Mumei shares the same illustrator with the following VTubers:
  • Mumei shares the same oshi/fan mark with the following VTuber:

* Mumei does not know her original name. Nanashi Mumei is merely a name that she was given.[152]

  • She is able to take the form of any owl species, but has most recently taken the form of a barn owl because it matched her "current state of mind".[42][43]
    • The only other owl form she has taken in the past is that of the eagle-owl.[153][154]
    • While in owl form, Mumei is able to rotate her head by 270 degrees (as owls typically can). However, she will not divulge whether or not she is able to rotate her head in this fashion while in human form; either because she is embarrassed about being unable to, or because she would like to surprise people with it.[155]
  • The feathers on Mumei's head are actually accessories which form part of her hair tie. These feathers are trophies claimed by Mumei and worn to act as a warning to others.[156][157]
    • As a result, Mumei doesn't wear her hood frequently because it would prevent her from "proudly" displaying these feathers.[158]
  • Mumei is "pretty sure" that she is unable to age any further.[159]
  • Every 100 years, Mumei undergoes a "reset" from which she grows up again.[160]
  • Due to her forgetful nature, Mumei has returned to school (from kindergarten to high school) once every century.[161]
  • In the year 1346, Mumei was collecting fleas "for something".[162] Incidentally, 1346 was year in which the Black Death is believed to have begun, with rat fleas being the primary vector of bubonic plague.
  • Prior to her "war" with Haato on Twitter (1, 2, 3), it had been multiple centuries since Mumei last participated in a war.[163]
  • Mumei drinks water from a "water tank" that is present in her mouth which is why Hoomans are unable to see her drinking on stream. Although she is able to "produce" her own water, she must also refill this water tank.[164]
  • Mumei paradoxically has a belly button even though she consistently claims that she was not birthed.[165]
  • Through countless anecdotes given by both Mumei and Hoomans alike, Friend appears to have an untrustworthy personality. Descriptions of Friend’s exploits include him conning Hoomans, fighting using underhanded tactics and trying to take Mumei’s powers as Guardian of Civilization away from her.[166] Because of this, she says that he must be punished so that he can “remember his place” and have his powers be under control.[167]
    • Friend's suspicious behaviour means that Mumei advises caution around Friend - going so far as to suggest that Friend is named as such not because of forgetfulness as stated during her debut stream, but rather her needing to remind herself that Friend is in fact, "her friend".[168]
  • When Mumei is unable to directly keep an eye on Friend, she folds Friend away to be stored in a box or her pocket so Friend cannot go and cause mischief.[169] She describes this state as a "forced hibernation".[170]
  • The appearance of Friends change if they eat other Friends, but their appearance will revert back to normal by the following day.[171]
  • Friend is romantically "taken" because Mumei revoked Friend's rights.[172]
  • Friend apparently smells unpleasant, with paper also being difficult to wash.[173]

  • * Her main goals for her time in hololive include: having an original song be used in a rhythm game; learning new skills (and improving upon current ones, such as Japanese); writing a song for guitar; and being in a 3D Live (as well as general) collaboration stream with her senpai and other Council members.[174]

  • In terms of Mumei's duties as Guardian of "Civilization", the closest parallel to human activities she can think of is "going to school" with her responsibilities including reading, writing, listening, research and testing (or generally "using your brain").[175]
    • Coupled with her streaming responsibilities, her duties mean that she very rarely has rest days or proper breaks for herself without other obligations to take care of.[176] Overall, she has run into difficulties finding the appropriate balance between her duties, streaming and lifestyle responsibilities[177] which isn't helped by her self-professed bad time management skills.[178]
  • Although she achieved a GPA (grade point average) of around 3.6, she believes that this score was higher than she deserved at the time.[179]
  • Mumei is most productive at night and sees herself as a "night owl"[180][181] but would prefer to be a "morning person",[182] partially because she dislikes sleeping through the daylight hours.[183]
    • She generally struggles with sleep: tending to sleep either too long or too little[184] while also being bad at both waking up and falling asleep.[185] These cause her to struggle sleeping for more than two or three consecutive hours at a time. Although she originally attributed this to having innate problems sleeping, she has since attributed this to being a light sleeper which results in Animal's small movements or noises waking her up throughout the night.[186][187][188]
    • It has been "decades" since she last felt appropriately rested after sleeping, irrespective of how much sleep she gets on any given night.[189][190] In recent times where she struggled to sleep at "normal" times, though she generally dislikes taking it during streams[191] she has used melatonin supplements despite avoiding them in the past.[192]
  • She heavily suspects that she has aphantasia, which is an inability to voluntarily create a mental image in one's own mind (for example, of an apple).[193] This suspicion is supported by her normally needing to search for reference images of things that she merely wants to doodle.[194] This trait caused a bad past experience with an art teacher, who told Mumei that she "couldn't do art" as she was uncreative and "all [she] could ever do was copy".[195]
  • Ironically, although she is an owl, Mumei has poor eyesight[196] which causes her to get her eyes checked annually[197] and wear contact lenses.[198] She also has periods where she suffers from impaired depth perception.[199][200]
    • A notable example of her poor depth perception includes a time in which she reversed into a McDonald's car park fence.[201]
  • She suffers from shoulder and upper-back pain due to bad posture during her younger years. Her bad posture was particularly pronounced not only when she was tense from stress or nerves,[202] but also when she played games or did drawings because her eyesight was much worse than she realised at the time;[203][204] even resulting in teachers asking whether or not she was in pain after being concerned about her posture.[205] In response, she visited a chiropractor but ultimately forgot to book any follow-up appointments.[206]
  • Mumei has historically taken a blood test once per year, but has not taken one in a long time.[207] Typically, the results would show deficiencies across a range of different vitamins.[208]
    • She has taken vitamin B12 capsules in the past as she has previously been (and thinks she may still be) deficient. This is despite recommendations by a doctor to supplement her intake with a wrist-applied cutaneous cream rather than the traditional capsule form, due to her absorption of vitamin B12 via ingestion being impeded for genetic reasons.[209] She has also previously taken vitamin D and zinc supplements.[210] However, she dislikes taking vitamins due to the quantity of tablets she has previously had to intake: at one time ingesting 9 tablets, 3 times per day.[211]
  • She thinks of herself as nomadic as she frequently moves house;[212] having moved around ten times in the past five or so years, to four separate locations (now five, with her most recent move).[213] However, she has wished that she could live in one place for a prolonged period: citing "over a year" as an ideal length of time.[214] Prior to her most recent move (see below), she believes that her last location was the longest that she has stayed in one place; but even this period of time was relatively short.[215]
    • Mumei moved to a new location with soundproofing capacity in March 2022, with her first stream from this location on 9th March, 2022.[216] However, after moving in she learnt that this new location was not as innately noise isolating as she had originally thought.[217]
  • In the past, she has worked as a waitress[218], as a food delivery driver[219] (her first "proper" job[220]), and has also worked in a retail-type role.[221] From these experiences, she now heavily dislikes retail and especially dislikes sales.[222] This is possibly because has hated past jobs in which she had to talk a lot; going as far as to take evening work shifts to have fewer interactions with people.[223]
  • Mumei has Hitchhiker's thumb[224] as well as uncommon method of holding pens and pencils, referred to by some as a "cavewoman" grip.[225] Downsides of this grip include a faster rate of hand cramping and slower rate of writing and taking notes.[226][227] Due to this slower speed, she prefers to type out information with a keyboard as this is significantly faster for her.[228]
  • Although she has looked at guides on the topic, Mumei has never been able to whistle.[229] She has also never learnt how to ride a bicycle.[230][231]
  • Prior to joining hololive, Mumei had visited Japan multiple times before but only ever visited Tokyo on these occasions.[232] However, she didn't have many opportunities to go sightseeing during these visits.[233][234]

  • * Befitting her role as Guardian of "Civilization", Mumei dislikes (but is prone to) forgetting things and likes to obtain new knowledge as well as remember things she has forgotten.[235]

    • Other things she likes include drawing and singing; while she dislikes mud, printers and mosquitoes.[235]
  • Mumei feels self-conscious about her sense of humour, having not met many people who share a similar sense of humour to her.[236] As she thinks that she "laughs at dumb things", she only shares videos she finds funny with people who she knows to have a similar sense of humour - Hakos Baelz being one such person.[237] This general self-consciousness has pervaded Mumei's life, with her younger self feeling perpetually nervous and embarrassed about things which she thought were "silly" at the time - which in hindsight, often were not.[238]
  • She is also self-conscious about her own self-perceived social awkwardness - going so far as to give a "warning" to hololive English members about it before her first off-collab in February 2022. However, she believes that this self-consciousness ironically makes her social interactions even more awkward when she forcibly attempts to make the situation feel less awkward.[239] In particular, she believes that it is eye contact that makes socialising feel awkward - resulting in her believing that she has awkward interactions "every day".[240]
    • Examples of her social anxiety include being scared of visiting new places by herself,[241][242] choosing to wait in line for food orders that she had already prepaid for online,[243] being afraid to ask store workers to grab items that are out of her reach,[244], deciding to skip Civilization Duties if more than a few minutes late,[245] and her having never once returned an item that she had purchased - either in-store or by post.[246]
    • In the past, she would often sit in her car for "thirty to fourty minutes" before leaving to enter the grocery store.[247]
  • Mumei frequently moved while growing up, which caused her to switch schools a lot too.[248] At one of these schools, Mumei's quiet and shy demeanour was such that the first impression she gave, according to a friend, was likened to a "dark fog inside of a hoodie" due to her general lack of "presence". Other students would also remark that they didn't know Mumei still went to their school.[249]
    • For periods of her life, she struggled to make friends in-person[250] and though she tried making efforts to socialise more—including a period where she watched popular shows such as South Park, Family Guy and American Dad in hopes that it would make her more approachable and likeable[251]—her excitement and nervousness would often result in her "butchering" these attempts, eventually causing her to stop making an effort to this end.[252]
    • She was, for a time, happy to divulge her interests to other people and wasn't concerned about other peoples' opinions of them. However, this didn't last and she ended up dropping some interests while growing up due to self-consciousness about these interests.[253] One such interest that she hid was her love of anime,[254] with her embarrassment of being an "anime watcher" causing her to watch it alone at lunch in a school bathroom or study hall.[255] This led to her seeking out like-minded friends and communities online.[256]
  • Mumei believes that she isn't fashionable and lacks style,[257][258] and only has a basic knowledge about make-up.[259]
  • When she was much younger, Mumei used to do role-play but would normally only role-play as animals instead of role-playing as people.[260] Such role-playing instances include her: barking and growling like a large dog[261] (also doing so toward other dogs) and thinking that she was good at it;[262] learning to howl like a wolf because of time she spent in an online group where they role-played as if they were a wolf pack;[263] and doing in-person role-play as part of a group where they pretended to be either a horse or the horse's rider.[264]
  • She gets nervous drawing other people because of a past experience in which she got in trouble after drawing classmates in a manner which was deemed too "creepy".[265] A major factor for this creepiness may have come from the fact that she did not draw them in the likeness of people.[266]
  • With regard to alcohol, Mumei is a social drinker[267] and will generally only enjoy drinking if in the presence of people she trusts, and in a "controlled environment" such as her home.[268]
    • An aspect of intoxication she dislikes, is how she is unable to stop herself from saying things out loud which, if she were sober, her "mental filter" would have stopped her from saying.[269]
  • December is Mumei's favourite month not only because she is a fan of the Christmas holiday spirit and all its associated sights, sounds and smells, but also because the Christmas period allows her to spend valuable time with her family.[270][271]
  • She used to dislike Halloween as she was scared of it but has now come to like it. She particularly likes how leftover Halloween (as well as Valentine's Day and Easter[272]) sweets and chocolate become heavily discounted shortly after the main day passes.[273]
  • Mumei dislikes driving but is forced to do so - especially in the interests of her pet, Animal (see Animal Trivia).[274]

  • * The digital illustration software Mumei uses with her drawing tablet is Clip Studio Paint.[275]

  • Her interest in drawing animals and macabre subject matter was heavily influenced by time spent watching Animal Planet documentaries while growing up.[277]
    • In the past, she drew upon her enjoyment of drawing to take small commissions at a rate of one dollar; with this fee eventually growing to five dollars upon her further honing her skills.[278]
  • She likes a wide range of musical genres including: folk and "campfire music"; pop-punk; J-pop; VOCALOID[279] and emo.[280]
  • Mumei has always been insecure about her own music tastes; telling others that she "doesn't listen to music much" if questioned about music.[285]
  • Due to her struggling to reach higher vocal registers, she believes her vocal range is that of an alto[286] while her vocal coach believes she has the range of a mezzo-soprano.[287]
  • Although Mumei liked singing when she was younger, she ended up singing a lot less than she wanted due to self-consciousness about bothering others in her household.[288]
    • During her (most recent) time at school, Mumei participated in multiple school musical productions but eventually stopped taking part as she became more introverted and self-conscious in later years.[289][290]
  • In the past, she was able to play "campfire songs" on guitar with simple chord progressions and basic fingerpicking.[291]
    • She prefers the sound and feel of playing acoustic guitars over electric,[292] electro-acoustic[293] and classical variants, though she does concede that classical guitars are the easiest for her to play.[294]
    • Due to having "oddly small" hands she was forced to consider purchasing an acoustic guitar that was of a smaller-than-normal size.[295] Such a size would allow her to overcome her difficulties in stretching her fingers to reach various barre chords[296][297] and make guitar playing significantly less painful as a result (having played on both acoustic and electro-acoustic guitars in the past).[298]
    • Her guitar strumming technique is peculiar in that the joints next to her index, middle and ring fingertips would bleed when she played guitar. She also prefers to not use guitar picks.[299]
  • She had learnt to play the piano for multiple years in the past, but the disagreeable nature of her then piano teacher made her dislike the piano and ultimately drove her away from wanting to continue playing.[300][301][302]
  • Mumei prefers the musical adaptation of Les Misérables over the 2012 movie adaptation,[303] and has a preference for the British casting of the musical.[304]
  • Despite having taken dance lessons in ballet, tap dancing and hip-hop for some years in her youth,[305] she believes that she is unable to dance due to an innate lack of body and hand-eye coordination.[306] Her lack of dancing ability has meant that she was unable to learn a "simple" K-pop dance involving only arm movements, and she thinks that this same absence of coordination is the reason for her lack of sporting ability.[307]
  • Sports that Mumei actively played in her younger years include softball, lacrosse and soccer - the latter being her favourite. However, she generally disliked playing sports in part due to differences in personality with some of the more outspoken individuals within the teams.[308]
  • Anime series she has liked include Neon Genesis Evangelion (her favourite), Gurren Lagann, Steins;Gate, Hunter × Hunter, Bokurano and Made in Abyss.[309]
  • The first anime series that she watched was the English dub of Ouran High School Host Club (excluding 'mainstream' series such as Pokémon and Dragon Ball).[310]
  • Mumei's aforementioned difficulties when watching streams, TV series and movies (see General Trivia) also means she doesn't watch much anime. This is because it becomes too difficult to pay adequate attention to anime subtitles when she's simultaneously trying to focus on other things.[72][311]
    • She also infrequently watches movies as she finds it difficult to get invested into their stories. This is because she gets distracted by a persistent curiosity about how movie scenes are shot, so is unable to focus on the movie and its story.[312]
  • Her favourite Disney movie is The Lion King, with Brother Bear a close second.[313]
  • Though she is partial to horror movies, she dislikes movies such as those of the SAW and Final Destination franchises which primarily rely on gore and shock value as the core of their horror elements.[314]
  • Games she enjoys include simulators, world builders and rhythm games.[279]
  • She tends to get heavily immersed into and addicted to games she really likes - losing interest in other games as a result.[319]
    • However, she doesn't have much free time to play games off-stream due to her responsibilities as a streamer and as Guardian of "Civilization".[319][320][321] A further reason that she rarely plays games off-stream is that her pet Animal's constant needs means that Animal does not like when Mumei sits at her desk for long periods of time (see Animal Trivia).[322]

  • * Mumei appreciates good cooking but doesn't particularly enjoy cooking itself,[323] with her finding it a chore due to it taking a long time.[324] The biggest pain point for her is food preparation as it takes her a long time to chop up ingredients.[325][324]

  • The best dish she has ever cooked for herself is sesame chicken but she has never made it since due to the effort required to make it.[326][327]
  • When she doesn't want to cook too much, Mumei often makes simple pasta dishes.[328] Whenever she makes this type of dish she also tends to add a lot of tabasco sauce to it,[329] going so far as to say that the main reason for the meal is so that she "can have a lot of tabasco".[330][331]
    • Her usual pasta dishes include tuna, shrimp scampi and chicken with pesto, but her favourite is seafood pasta.[332]
  • She also likes to cook fried rice when she feels lazy because it is easy to make and is "difficult to mess up".[333]
  • As she doesn't think of herself as a particularly good cook,[335] she finds air fryers very useful and convenient due to the speed and ease of both food preparation and cooking when using the appliance.[336]
  • Before debut, Mumei was "banned" from having caffeine by Hakos Baelz due to it affecting her for an unusually long time ("nearby 15 hours");[343][344] causing her to stay up much later than usual and lose sleep or misalign her sleep schedule as a result.[345][346][347] Long after debut however, Bae eventually relented and has herself provided Mumei with caffeinated drinks.[348]
    • Due to this sensitivity to caffeine, Mumei rarely drank caffeinated drinks before joining hololive and actively disliked ingesting caffeine even after joining[349]). However, as she started drinking these drinks more regularly[350] she has now grown to "love caffeine".[351] This is because caffeine helps her deal with nervousness[352] and also allows her to maintain the productivity she feels she needs for her busy lifestyle[353] - going so far as to order a coffee machine to this end.[354]
    • Her preferred caffeinated drink is instant coffee but she sometimes has soda. She avoids drinking energy drinks.[355]
  • She dislikes grocery shopping as her indecisiveness can cause her to spend multiple hours purchasing everything she needs.[356][357] For instance, this indecisiveness results in her spending inordinate amounts of time comparing different brands of the same item,[358] which also leads to her becoming self-consciousness about other shoppers' thoughts of her spending so long in one place.[359]
  • She tends not to feel hungry in mornings[360] and early-afternoons;[361] sometimes eating her first meal of the day just before streaming.[362] Although she doesn't like to eat on stream,[363][364] she often keeps a snack on hand nearby before starting streaming[365][366] and will sometimes eat during her streams, if needed.[367]
    • In the distant past, her appetite was so poor that she regularly ingested (chocolate-flavoured) Ensure to maintain some degree of nutritional intake throughout a day.[368]
  • Mumei believes she handles spicy food reasonably well, having found the hot chicken-flavoured ("black packet") Samyang ramen "not that bad".[369]
  • As she doesn't particularly like the taste of alcohol (including beer, which she typically only drinks with family[370]), if purchasing alcohol for herself, Mumei's preferred choice would be peach-flavoured soju due to its fruity, sweet taste and less prominent taste of alcohol. She also likes fruity alcoholic drinks such as piña colada, though she would prefer the taste of these drinks if the alcohol was left out[371] as it can "ruin the flavour" for her.[372]
  • While cooking, Mumei doesn't volumetrically measure out ingredients such as oil, herbs or spices - generally preferring to add them "by eye" or "to taste" instead.[106][373]
  • If using raw red onion in a dish, she will not add too much of it.[106] This is because consuming too much will give her a headache[374] and also hurt her throat.[375]
  • Her favourite dipping sauces are chipotle aioli and chipotle mayonnaise, particularly when paired with sweet potato fries.[376]
  • She especially enjoys sour cream but doesn't like tomato ketchup.[377] This dislike of ketchup makes her think that meatloaf is "gross",[378] while she also dislikes whenever ketchup touches bread as with hamburgers and hot dogs (though mayonnaise and mustard is okay for her, to this end).[379]
  • Mumei has a "complicated relationship" with mayonnaise as she enjoys the taste of it but also finds it "gross".[106]
    • She also has mixed feelings about beets because she was forced to eat a particularly unappetising "beet soup" while growing up[380] (describing it as the "most disgusting thing [she] ever ate"[381]). She theorises that this beet soup was especially bad due to it being "super spicy" and also containing quinoa. She does like pickled beets, however.[382]
  • Mumei has separate cheese preferences for different use cases: preferring Gouda for crackers; Havarti for sandwiches; feta in salads, and Parmesan for pasta dishes.[383]
  • She is not a big fan of raw tomatoes[384][385] so will only eat them if eaten alongside other food (e.g. in a dish).[106]
    • In the past, she disliked tomatoes so much that she used to "gag" if forced to eat them[386] and also disliked eating spaghetti as a result (a common pairing with tomato). However, regularly being made to eat tomatoes eventually got her used to eating them - but she will still not go out of her way to order or request tomatoes at a restaurant.[106]
  • She does not mind having pineapple as a pizza topping, but will not go out of her way to request it.[387]
  • Apple bananas are Mumei's favourite type of banana[389][390] and she prefers eating bananas when they are still slightly green and unripe; as the flesh is firmer and more texturally pleasant, and they have a more tart and less strong taste at this level of ripeness.[391][392]
  • She is a big fan of asparagus[393] and Red Delicious apples.[394]
  • Her general favourite flavour of jam is apricot, while her favourite jam flavour for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches is strawberry.[395]
  • Despite liking the taste and smell of it, she dislikes the texture of red bean paste (also known as adzuki).[396]
  • She slightly prefers Pepsi over Coca Cola,[397] but dislikes carbonated water and root beer.[398][399]
  • In terms of juices, while she likes orange and watermeleon juice, she actively dislikes apple juice and grape juice.[400]
    • Mumei drank apple juice both as a child and pre-teen but found she did not like it even after her palate changed and she started enjoyed some food and drink that she was previously picky about, such as mustard.[401]
  • Her favourite bubble tea flavour is Thai tea,[402] while her favourite coffee drink is the latte.[403]
  • The type of cake she likes most is strawberry shortcake,[404] while her favourite ice cream flavours are pistachio, vanilla and chocolate (with her also liking a combination of the latter two).[405]
  • Mumei prefers drier, crunchier cookies to chewy cookies, with her favourite type of cookie being chocolate chip. In particular, she likes Chips Ahoy! cookies but has a strong distaste for Lofthouse cookies.[406][407]
  • She likes both vegetable broth soup[408] and berries[409] - her favourite culinary berry being the strawberry.[410]

  • * Mumei has a female pet[411] that she refers to as "Animal" (named as such for the same reason she calls her mascot "Friend"[19]) who initially intruded upon and made unwelcome noise in her streams,[412][413][414] but has since been regularly welcomed (noises included) on her streams. She concedes that Animal is spoiled not only in general,[415][416][417] but also by Hoomans who are very loving toward Animal as a whole - with some going as far as sending Super Chats for Animal.[418][419][420][421]

  • Animal has separation anxiety and will cry, wail and generally make a lot of noise if Mumei has to leave Animal's side for an extended period of time.[424][425] This makes Mumei not want to leave Animal alone, and is the main reason why Mumei sometimes struggles to run even small errands.[426] She has also described Animal to be "like a baby", in that Animal will cry for things that they want when they are tired.[106]
    • Though Mumei has attempted to crate train Animal in the past, these attempts were unsuccessful as Animal's noises disrupted Mumei's neighbours to an extent that she received complaints.[427]
  • Animal dislikes it when Mumei sits at her desk for long stretches and will often vie for Mumei's attention.[428] An example of this is Animal flipping their basket of toys over numerous times per day; forcing Mumei to stop what she's doing and pick them all back up.[429][430]
    • Animal is able to make noise for multiple hours to get Mumei's undivided attention, with Mumei stating that she has tried not reacting to these pleas (to no avail).[431]
  • Mumei rarely purchases new toys for Animal because Animal quickly gets tired of whatever they play with. To counteract this, Mumei will regularly hide away and then reintroduce a selection of toys to keep Animal from losing interest in all their toys at once.[432]
  • Animal is a "high maintenance"[433][434] and hyper[active] animal,[106] with Mumei spending two to three hours outside with Animal daily.[435][436] Mumei's daily routine includes her waking up early each morning to take Animal out for a walk, and taking them out again just before she starts streaming to make sure Animal is tired out.[437]
  • On days in which Mumei must "go out into society" or when her duties as Guardian of "Civilization" are the busiest, Animal is normally cared for at an "animal day care"/"animal school".[438][439][440]
  • Animal tends to dislike other people (including Mumei's own family) and will act "cold" towards them.[441] On the other hand, Animal acts friendly toward other animals as long as they are not small enough for Animal to prey upon. Together, this limits Mumei's ability to hire others to care for Animal in her stead.[442]
  • Animal has unusually large root canals,[443] with this natural growth-related deformity resulting in Animal requiring surgical removal of multiple teeth.[444]
  • After Mumei eats something, Animal will often want to smell Mumei's mouth as Animal gets curious as to what Mumei has just eaten.[445]
  • Of the pet food she has purchased over the years, Mumei has personally tasted Milk-Bone dog treats and freeze-dried beef liver.[446]
  • In the past, Animal used to be very picky about the food they ate: forcing Mumei to change the food that she feeds Animal after what could be as quick as two weeks.[447] Recently however, Animal has become more amenable to eating the same foods for longer periods of time.[448]
    • Food that Animal likes to eat include fish, fish skin,[449] pork, kangaroo and rabbit, with the latter two being a gamier protein option and fish being a leaner source of protein. Conversely, Animal does not particularly like beef nor chicken.[450][451]
    • Animal is also given salmon oil with their food to act as a source of omega-3.[452]
  • Mumei thinks that Animal is a little "gross" for seemingly liking the taste of Mumei's skin and ear wax, among other undesirable things that Animal could enjoy.[453]
  • Animal often quickly rips out the stuffing[454] and squeakers of toys,[455] and sometimes likes to jump onto Mumei's chair and grab things from her desk to tear apart.[456] Examples of things that have been destroyed during these instances include a microphone pop filter and a phone charging cable.[456]
    • Animal tends to get attached to their toys, so Mumei does not throw toys away even if their stuffing has been long ripped out.[457]
    • Animal's tendency to rip things apart is a major reason why Mumei does not use an ethernet-cabled connection for streaming, but instead uses Wi-Fi despite being very well aware of the downsides of this connection method.[458]
  • Chew toys that Mumei has purchased for Animal include beef tracheae,[459][460] Himalayan yak cheese,[461][462] and peanut butter twists.[463] However, Mumei does not buy rawhide as it "gets gross".[464]
    • Although Mumei has dental sticks for Animal, Animal tends to prefer chewing on other things.[465]
  • Mumei loves sleeping and cuddling next to Animal in bed,[466][467][468] though it forces her to change the bed sheets much more frequently as a result. Animal also tends not to go to bed until Mumei herself does.[469]
  • If Mumei is lying down somewhere and briefly gets up, Animal likes to go and lie down at the exact spot where Mumei had just lay.[470]
  • Animal likes to stealthily stalk other animals even though Animal is very visible while doing so, and also tries to dig through objects that cannot be dug through (such as cardboard[106] and bed mattresses).[471]
  • Mumei thinks that Animal was more intelligent in the past, with Animal at one point being trained to ring a bell whenever they needed to go outside and use the bathroom.[472]
  • Something that Animal does which Mumei finds irresistably cute is when Animal lays on their back and keeps their claws pointed straight up into the air while staring at Mumei;[473] making Mumei want to give attention to and play with Animal.[474][475]
  • Animal sometimes does impressions of cats and dogs.[476]
  • Animal dislikes vacuum cleaners and lint rollers.[477]
  • According to Mumei, Animal's long claws and scales make Animal's appearance scary to other people.[478] Animal also has "half a broken wing", and can breathe fire and ice.[479]
  • Prior to Animal, Mumei had adopted a rescue animal who, compared to Animal, was older and less sociable with other animals.[480]
    • Animal was purchased shortly after her previous animal's passing and though she doesn't regret it, in hindsight, Mumei thinks that she maybe ought to have been more patient before taking Animal in.[481]

  • Media[edit]

    Image Gallery[edit]


    The Twelve Days of Christmas

    Ochame Kinou

    光るなら (Hikaru Nara)

    ジレンマ (Dilemma)

    The Forgotten Song

    Dan Dan Don Don

    アニマル (Animal)


    好き!雪!本気マジック (Suki! Yuki! Maji Magic)

    Stellar Stellar


    The following are a list of albums Mumei has made or participated in.

    A New Start
    Release Date January 17, 2022
    Track List
    1. A New Start
    2. A New Start (Instrumental)
    External links
    Digital Release • Music Video
    Release Date October 10, 2023
    Track List
    1. mumei
    2. mumei (Instrumental)
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    Digital Release • Music Video
    Collab Singles
    Release Date August 23, 2022
    Track List
    1. Rise
    2. Rise (Instrumental)
    External links
    Digital Release • Music Video
    Connect the World
    Release Date June 17, 2023
    Track List
    1. Connect the World
    2. Connect the World (Instrumental)
    External links
    Digital Release • Music Video

    Cover Songs[edit]

    The following are a list of songs covered by Mumei.

    Solo Covers
    • ジレンマ (Dilemma)
      Listen to cover
      Original by: DECO*27 DECO*27
    • The Forgotten Song
      Listen to cover
      Original by: whoo whoo
    • Dan Dan Don Don
      Listen to cover
      Original by: 40mp 40mp
    • Stellar Stellar
      Listen to cover
      Original by: Hoshimachi Suisei (YouTube)

    Collab Covers


    The following is a list of background music Mumei has used in her streams and videos.



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