Connect the World (Song)

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Connect the World (Song)
Song Information
Release DateJune 16, 2023
Sung byMori Calliope
Takanashi Kiara
Ninomae Ina'nis
Gawr Gura
Amelia Watson
Ceres Fauna
Ouro Kronii
Nanashi Mumei
Hakos Baelz
ComposerRyota Nakano
ArrangementRyota Nakano
MixYota Ishizuka
TranslationsGomadare, arc_, Yuri
Digital ReleaseLink

Connect the World is the first original song of Hololive English which features all active female talents, and is the theme song for the Connect the World concert. The music video was released on June 16, 2023, featuring the members in their idol outfits. A digital release was made available on June 17, 2023.



  • Jun. 16 Music video released.[1]
  • Jun. 17 Digital release.[2]



We’re ready to greet the world!
We’re voyaging forward with courage to run toward a brand-new start
Let’s go live!
Bridging the distance across the sea endlessly
Cheerfully meeting heart to heart!

Waking from a dream, swept up into a stream
I make a wish and wait for my cue—

How will we connect in this new frontier we’re journeying through?
Thriving in a scene where no one’s ever been
With vibrant colors bursting like stars—

Radiant and warm; charged with energy
that’s carried us this far.

Each new debut brings a miracle to life

We’ve gotta take that chance
We’re running nonstop; straight to the top
That’s right!

We’re ready to change the game
A shimmering showcase
Creating a new place where we can shine!
Day by day, sparkling stories will intertwine
Get ready to cross the waves
We’re voyaging forward with courage to run toward a brand-new stage
Let’s go live!
Bridging the distance across the sea endlessly
Follow me and we’ll turn the page!

Breaking through the doubt, we know
we’ll figure out a way to clear each towering trial;

Sharing all our hopes,
we can conquer any challenge with a smile!

We’ll link our hearts as we search across the globe

No matter where we are, no matter how far
We can be stars
Let’s go!

[Calliope/Kiara/Ina'nis/Gura/Amelia] I wanna chase a wish unwaveringly,
[Calliope/Kiara/Ina'nis/Gura/Amelia] playing out a grand story
[Calliope/Kiara/Ina'nis/Gura/Amelia] Share the futures that we can see
[Calliope/Kiara/Ina'nis/Gura/Amelia] Making them reality!
[IRyS/Fauna/Kronii/Mumei/Baelz] Take my hand and reach for the screen
[IRyS/Fauna/Kronii/Mumei/Baelz] All we need are glittering dreams
[IRyS/Fauna/Kronii/Mumei/Baelz] Our hearts and souls,
[IRyS/Fauna/Kronii/Mumei/Baelz] all fulfilled in the world we build!

We’re ready to seize the day
Traversing the pathways,
discovering highways to everywhere!
Step by step, gathering stories that we can share!
Get ready to lead the way
With each generation, a shining sensation;
a dream unfurls—
Let’s make friends,
making a moment of history joyfully!
Follow me; we’ll connect the world!

They’ll hear our song ringing out over hills and oceans
Our legend grows and continues!
We’ll carry on starting now; setting hearts in motion—
Connecting all of the world!


【MV】 Connect the World 【hololive English Original Song】


  • The bridge of this song incorporates the same melody as the chorus of "Shiny Smily Story".


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