Watame no Uta Vol. 1

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Watame no Uta Vol. 1
Studio Album by Tsunomaki Watame
Japanese nameわためのうた vol.1
English nameWatame’s Songs vol.1
Digital releaseLink

Watame no Uta Vol. 1 (わためのうた vol.1, Wa tame no uta vol. 1) is the debut album by Japanese Virtual YouTuber Tsunomaki Watame. It was released on May 31, 2021,[1] Cover Corporation. The physical CD version was released as part of Watame's first anniversary celebration. The album features a sole guest appearance Mori Calliope. The Album also includes "Ai-mai Chocolate" which was previously released as a single.

Track listing[edit]

No. Song Lyrics Producer(s) Duration
1 "KSZK Kaisen Sotsugyo! Song" Tsunomaki’s Minstrel Troupe 0:27
2 "Hungry Song" 1:15
3 "Watame Lullaby" 1:21
4 "Watame Rap" 1:07
5 "TEE TEE Song" 0:43
6 "Can You Do the hololive?" 2:00
7 "Cloudy Sheep" T-POCKET 3:54
8 "Ai-mai Chocolate" Junky 4:43
9 "Cloudy Sheep" (feat. Mori Calliope) T-POCKET 3:54



  • May 31 Album release date.



わための子守唄 (Watame no Komoriuta)

ホロライブ言えるかな? (hololive ieru ka na?)

わためラップ Loud ver.

愛昧ショコラーテ (Ai-mai Chocolate)

曇天羊/角巻わため feat.Calliope Mori



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