Watame Night Fever!! in Zepp Tokyo

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Overview[edit source]

Tsunomaki Watame 1st Live "Watame Night Fever!! in Zepp Tokyo" (角巻わため 1st Live「わためぇ Night Fever!! in Zepp Tokyo」) was a solo live concert held online on October 12, 2021 featuring Tsunomaki Watame.

During this live, Watame unveiled a new 3D outfit based on the concert illustration made by Fu-mi.

Setlist[edit source]

Japanese English / Romaji
おはようのうた Good Morning Song
愛昧ショコラーテ Ai-mai Chocolate
ゼロの足跡 Zero no Ashiato
Everlasting Soul
キミだけのメロディ Melody For You
sweet night, sweet time...
曇天羊 Cloudy Sheep
御伽の詩と永久なるミライ Ode to an Eternal Future
My song
わためラップ Watame Rap
Shiny Smily Story
曇天羊 -Acoustic Arrange- Cloudy Sheep -Acoustic Arrange-
愛昧ショコラーテ Ai-mai Chocolate

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