Yoi no Yo, Yoi!

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Yoi no Yo, Yoi!
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Song Information
Japanese Name宵の余、良い!
English NameYoi no Yo, Yoi!
Release DateOctober 3, 2021
Video Editingすこっち
Illustrationさとうぽて, 山吹色
Logo Design柊椋
Subtitlesfts, T-chan, IAmVisco
Digital ReleaseLink

"Yoi no Yo, Yoi!" (宵の余、良い!) is the first original song by Nakiri Ayame. It was first performed during her 3rd anniversary live stream[1] on October 2, 2021, with the music video premiered the same day on her YouTube channel. It was then officially released as a single the following day.

Track listing[edit source]

No. Title Length
1 宵の余、良い! 4:24
2 宵の余、良い! (Instrumental) 4:24

History[edit source]

  • Oct. 2 Performed during 3rd anniversary live stream and music video premiere.[1]
  • Oct. 3 Single release date.[2]
  • Oct. 11 Instrumental release date in piapro.

Lyrics[edit source]

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Media[edit source]

Audio[edit source]

Spotify release

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宵の余、良い! (Instrumental)


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References[edit source]

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