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holo-n is a musical label, established in collaboration with Universal Music Group Japan's subsidiary EMI Records. The label was created to enabled Hololive members better access to the resource afforded by a large music label like UMJ, allowing them to better pursue their music career. The first project headed by holo-n is the music project Blue Journey which lasted for a year and included a series of music release including an album titled Yoake no Uta as well as a concert of the same name. The label currently have two Hololive members fully sign-up to it.



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  • EMI Records (Japan, not to be confused with the original British label of the same name) is the same label that is responsible for Mori Calliope as well as many other notable Japanese musicians and music groups such as AKB48 and RADWIMPS.
    • Even after Holo-n creation, Calli is still directly under EMI itself and not under holo-n.
  • Despite being a temporary project, Blue Journey is listed as an artist under EMI on UMJ artist list.[1]