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Hello everyone!
I am Motoaki Tanigo, CEO of COVER Corporation.
Japanese Name谷郷 元昭
English NameMotoaki Tanigo
Official Media
Twitter@tanigox Verified
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tanigox - Medium
BirthdayDecember 10, 1973[1]

Motoaki Tanigo (谷郷元昭, Tanigo Motoaki, born December 10, 1973), known affectionately as YAGOO is a Co-founder and current CEO of COVER Corporation the parent company of Hololive Production.


Graduated from the Faculty of Science and Technology of Keio University. Tanigo early career involved developing video game characters in collaboration with Sanrio at the content company Imagineer[2] Afterward, he oversaw a business operating official mobile sites in partnership with TV stations and publishing companies. After launching an e-commerce business at istyle Inc., operator of the cosmetics review site @cosme, and participating in the founding of the mobile advertising company Interspire Inc. (now UNITED, Inc.), he founded 30min. Inc. and developed an O2O business centered on 30min., Japan’s first GPS-enabled smartphone application, which was sold to IID, Inc.[3][4]Using this money, He along side Cover's future CTO Ikko Fukuda went on to found Cover Corporation in June 2016 which was first aimed at developing new content that utilizes AR/VR technology, as he believed that had lots of future business opportunities, before working in the Virtual YouTuber business.[2]

He still considers Cover to be a tech company.

He says he learned a lot from the first company he started and makes sure not to repeat the same mistakes. There were some difficulties as hololive grew so suddenly and rapidly, they have to be careful with so many people streaming at once.


His nickname among the talents and many fans. The name YAGOO originated from one of Roboco's streams, where Subaru (intentionally) misread "Tanigo" as "Yagoo"((The kanji 谷 can either be read as Tani or Ya). [5]

He has said nobody really talked about him on streams before the nickname, but now he even shows up as a "model" showing off hololive merchandise.

With hololive[edit]

hololive started with Tokino Sora and after they had gained experience with talent management with her and Roboco, they debuted Gen 1.

He first imagined hololive as streamers that came from a different or parallel worlds and came together as a group, while the concept is very different now he still thinks it's very fun.

The most important thing he looks for when hiring new talents are eagerness and determination, being able to stream almost every day is something you need determination for and he respects that. The person needs to be fit to stream in the long term as well.

He doesn't often join interviews for new talents, but before debut he still sees them face to face and introduces himself.

When asked about plans to expand to other countries, he said the focus is on the ones they're covering right now as overseas viewers need to be more aware of the male talents under Holostars (Though this interview was before Tempus debuted.)



  • Sep. 27 Achieved a 10,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.[6]


  • Jan. 10 Achieved a 100,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.
  • Nov. 27 Achieved a 200,000 YouTube subscriber milestone.


  • Aug. 30 Achieved a 600,000 Twitter follower milestone.[7]


  • Likes to watch TV and YouTube before going to bed, and sometimes falls asleep on the sofa.[8]
  • Is one of Hololive Production staff members with a verified Twitter account. Other verified members can be found here.
  • YAGOO is also known to use the phrase "so desu ne" very often such as during Kiryu Coco's interview of him.
  • Likes Macross Frontier


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