Hololive Sports Festival

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Hololive Sports Festival
Promotional Illustration-Hololive Sports Festival-2022.png
Promotional illustration used to announce the 2022 installment of the sports festival.
Current Season2022
Last Season2021
Next Season2022 (Upcoming)
OrganizerSakura Miko
HostsSakura Miko, Ookami Mio
QualificationVoluntary participation

The Hololive Sports Festival (Japanese: ホロライブ運動会, Hororaibu undōkai), is an annual Minecraft competition held by Hololive members. This event follows the format of a traditional school [Multi-sport event], featuring various disciplines and challenges that can be played by the talents in Minecraft. The first installment featured only a few Hololive Japan and Hololive Indonesia members, with subsequent editions inviting talents from Hololive English.

Overview[edit source]

The Hololive Sports festival started in 2020 whit talents from Hololive and Hololive Indonesia participating. The event features skill-based competitions such as archery, parkour, and relay races, as well as time-based contests. The event was first hosted and organized by Sakura Miko, and followed a format akin to sports festivals hosted in Japanese public schools. Talents are split into teams by colour and lettering, and one guest team. This format created a total of 5 teams in 2020. The 2021 edition was the first to feature talents from the then 1-year old branch, Hololive English -Myth-, and recently debuted Hololive English -Council-, and Hololive English Project: HOPE.[1] The 2021 edition featured 6 teams, with Hololive Indonesia and Hololive English forming the last 2 teams [2]. At the time of the announcement of the 2022 installment, the team structure had been changed to feature only 3 colour-based teams, with no lettering involved.[3]

Teams[edit source]

A list of the previous teams by colour can be found below.

2020[edit source]

White Teams[edit source]

Section Name
A Minato Aqua
A Hoshimachi Suisei
A Uruha Rushia
A Oozora Subaru
A Nekomata Okayu
A Inugami Korone
A Aki Rosenthal
B Shirakami Fubuki
B Nakiri Ayame
B Tsunomaki Watame
B Natsuiro Matsuri
B Shirogane Noel
B Yukihana Lamy

Red Teams[edit source]

Section Name
A Usada Pekora
A Roboco
A Yozora Mel
A Shishiro Botan
A Murasaki Shion
A Houshou Marine
B Akai Haato
B Tokoyami Towa
B Himemori Luna
B Amane Kanata
B Omaru Polka
B Kiryu Coco

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