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Holostars UPROAR!! (ホロスターズアップロー) is the fourth wave of VTubers under Holostars. This wave was teased at the end of JOURNEY to FIND STARS!! and announced at Hololive SUPER EXPO 2022. A manga one-shot providing a narrative to the formation of this unit was published by the official twitter account on March 31, 2022. [1][2]

Members[edit source]

Yatogami Fuma
Yatogami Fuma - Portrait 01.png

Yatogami Fuma debuted on March 29, 2022

Links Fuma Ch. 夜十神封魔 - UPROAR!! -       @yatogamifuma
Utsugi Uyu
Utsugi Uyu - Portrait 01.png

Utsugi Uyu debuted on March 29, 2022

Links Uyu Ch. 羽継烏有 - UPROAR!! -       @utsugiuyu
Hizaki Gamma
Hizaki Gamma - Portrait 01.png

Hizaki Gamma debuted on March 30, 2022

Links Gamma Ch. 緋崎ガンマ - UPROAR!! -       @hizakigamma
Minase Rio
Minase Rio - Portrait 01.png

Minase Rio debuted on March 30, 2022

Links Rio Ch. 水無世燐央 - UPROAR!! -       @minaserioch

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