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Game logo
Hololive fan made game
Developer(s)Kay Yu
Platform(s)Microsoft Windows
EngineGameMaker Studio
ReleaseJune 24, 2022[a]
Genre(s)Roguelike, shoot 'em up
Mode(s)Single player
TwitterHoloCure HoloCure

HoloCure (ホロキュア, Horokyua) is a free Hololive fan made video game developed by Kay Yu. The game draws heavy inspiration from Vampire Survivors and Magic Survival.[1]

Within hours after its release, HoloCure became a viral hit, garnering over 50,000 downloads on its first day.[2] The game was also featured by numerous Hololive talents who streamed themselves playing the game.[3] In addition, the game's leaderboard functionality was disabled by the game's developer, citing the overwhelming data load.[4]

Development[edit source]

Development of HoloCure began around late February 2022,[5] and on March 9, 2022, lead developer Kay Yu wrote a tweet announcing that he, DuDuL, and eufrik were working on a new Hololive fan game as a hobby, and shared a clip of an early build of the game. At the time, the game was titled Holo Fan Love.[6] The game was made using GameMaker Studio 2, with Yu having been familiar with the engine since 2008,[7] and online leaderboards were hosted using Firebase.[8]

Following a period of closed beta, the first public demo of the game was released on June 24, 2022 and included all members of Hololive English as playable characters.[9][10] The game's logo was designed by Ribbon Black and Japanese translation done by HighGai and Miss Wendi Gogh.[11]

The game's development is still ongoing and all development costs for the game were paid for by Yu out of his own pocket, including costs for translation work and server costs. However, Yu has refused to accept donations for the game's development, citing his desire to keep the game strictly as a passion project.[12]

Plot[edit source]

Set in the year 20XX, virtual idols have won the hearts of many on the internet. However, one day, an evil force brainwashes the fans and turns them into mindless minions. Hololive talents must now work to "cure" the fans and save them.

Gameplay[edit source]

The gameplay is similar to Vampire Survivors. Players must move characters in an infinite 2D space, while swarms of mobs come on screen from all directions. As players kill mobs, they drop items. Most commonly, they drop experience points in the form of the Hololive logo. The experience points level up the characters, which give them access to a number of choice power ups to be selected upon each level up.

Two modes of gameplay are available: Stage and Endless. In stage mode, players must defeat the final boss to mark completion. In endless mode, players must survive the game as long as possible, while accumulating score.

Characters[edit source]

The following are playable characters in-game. Each have their own unique set of power ups and special ability. The first five characters from Hololive English -Myth- are available as default characters. Additional characters must be pulled via the game's gacha system. More characters are planned to be added in future updates, as well as additional outfits.[13]

Power ups[edit source]

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The game offers a large number of power-ups for the characters. Each character has their own exclusive set of power-ups. The rest are made available for all characters, and some have particular references to All members. All can be upgraded a number of times, while some can actually be combined as "collaboration" for additional power.

Power Up Type Character Description
Attack Up Stat All
BL Book Weapon All Reference to various members who are into "Boys Love". Most commonly, Anemachi, Suisei's sister, and Marine.
Credit Card Item All Reference to either Matsuri (getting her card locked multiple times), Suisei (many gacha pulls), Kanata's inability to get one of these cards, or fans donating too much money.
Cutting Board Weapon All Reference is an inside joke about being flat chested.
Elite Lava Bucket Weapon All References Miko's disastrous use of the lava bucket in Minecraft.
Energy Drink Item All
Facemask Item All
Fan Beam Weapon All
Full Meal Item All
Glowstick Weapon All Reference to Pen-light glowsticks featured in the crowds of most Hololive live performances.
Gorilla's Paw Item All Reference to Kanata's incredibly high grip power, causing other members to refer to her as a gorilla.
Headphones Item All Resembles the headphones worn by Aloe
Holo Bomb Weapon All Subtle reference to Pekora. This was originally intended to be a Minecraft-esque TNT block, but was changed due to copyright concerns.[14]
Idol Costume Item All Referencing the Idol Costumes members are given for their 3D model.
Idol Song Weapon All
Injection Type Asacoco Item All Reference to the fake ads on Kiryu Coco's morning "Asacoco" news streams.
Piki Piki Piman Item All The name is a reference to the bell pepper emoji's on Korone's channel, while the icon is her on-screen prop of a pepper in a coffee, called shishitou.
Plug Type Asacoco Weapon All Reference to Coco's tail plug, known for it's "medicinal" effects.
Psycho Axe Weapon All Similar Reference to Suisei's weapon in-game.
Sake Item All Reference to Lamy's drinking habit.
Knight Milk Item All Reference to either Noel's "Knight Cup" breasts and the trope of drinking milk to increase breast size, or referencing Lamy's Story of Seasons playthrough where she named a cow "Noel" and regularly collected fresh "Noel's Milk" for her personal consumption.
Speed Up Stat All
Spider Cooking Weapon All Reference to Haato's tarantula cooking.
Study Glasses Item All Spiral-patterned glasses resembling those worn by Korone.[15] Inugami Korone study glasses.png
Uber Sheep Item All Reference to Watame's Minecraft delivery service.
CEO's Tears Weapon All Reference to jokes about members crushing YAGOO's "Hololive is a Idol company" statement "dream".
X-Potato Weapon All Reference to Korone's mispronunciation of "Exposito" becoming a joke that it sounded like "X Potato".
Wamy Water Weapon All Reference to Nene trying to bottle and sell Lamy's sweat. Wamy being her nickname for Lamy.
Just Bandaids Item All Reference to a famous story by Matsuri how she wore only bandaids instead of a bra to a gym class.
Plushie Item All A plushie resembling YAGOO
Stolen Piggy Bank Item All A reference to how Risu stole Moona's piggy bank to do a stream about counting coins
Limiter Item All A reference to Sana's Limiter
Membership Item All A reference to Youtube Membership
Halu Item All See Glossary
GWS Pill Item All See Glossary
Pistol Shot Weapon Amelia Amelia's bio states "She loves to pass her time training her reflexes with FPS games".
Slow Time Special Amelia Ame's pocket watch as well as her (mostly fan made) lore of being a time traveler.
FPS Mastery Skill Amelia Ame's bio states "She loves to pass her time training her reflexes with FPS games".
Detective Eye Skill Amelia Ame is a is a private detective.
Bubba Skill Amelia Ame's pet dog. You can pet Bubba by standing next to him and pressing P.
Trident Thrust Weapon Gura Gura can hold a Trident on her model.
Shark Call Special Gura Gura is a shark. Gura turning red during this attack is a reference to her original song [REFLECT]
Short Height Skill Gura Reference to Gura's short height.
Power of Atlantis Skill Gura Gura's bio states she is "A descendant of the Lost City of Atlantis".
Shark Bite Skill Gura Gura is a shark.
Summon Tentacle Weapon Ina Reference to the tentacles seen on Ninomae Ina'nis's back.
Tako Spin Special Ina Reference to Ina's fans being called "Takodachi".
The Ancient One Skill Ina The icon is a reference to the book Ina can be seen holding on her model, the name is a reference to her bio stating she is "a priestess of the Ancient Ones".
The Void Skill Ina "Takodachi" are crated from the void. She sometimes references the void on her stream titles etc. "The Void" is also a philosophical concept of nothingness manifested.
Cult Skill Ina Ina's fanbase is called "Tentacult".
Phoenix Sword Weapon Kiara The sword Kiara can be seen holding on her model.
Phoenix Fire Special Kiara The mythical creature Phoenix dies in a blaze of fire before it is reborn from the ashes. Kiara's Bio states she is a Phoenix.
Dancer Skill Kiara Kiara is an avid dancer, even holding a dance practice collab with other EN members.
Trailblazer Skill Kiara No apparent Kiara related reference. Possibly just a fitting name for the skills effect.
Phoenix Shield Skill Kiara The shield Kiara can be seen holding on her model.
Scythe Swing Weapon Calliope Calliope Mori's bio states she is a "Grim Reaper's first apprentice." Calli also has joked about having "Scythe swinging lessons"
The Reaper Special Calliope Calli's bio states she is the "Grim Reaper's first apprentice."
The Rapper Skill Calliope Large part of Calli's musical output is rap or include rapping.
Death Skill Calliope Aside from referencing Reapers causing death, Calli sometimes mentions "Death Sensei".
Workaholic Skill Calliope Reference to Calli's tendency to remain constantly busy or with one project or another as well as the lyrics on her song "Excuse My Rudeness, But Could You Please RIP?":

'Cause I'm a workaholic business-lady getting shit done'.

Play Dice Weapon Baelz Reference to Baelz's original song PLAY DICE!
Absolute Chaos Special Baelz Bae's bio states she is "the very concept of Chaos".
Down Under Skill Baelz Reference to Bae being from Australia.
CRATical Hit Skill Baelz Pun on the words "Rat" and "Critical".
RatNG Skill Baelz Pun on the word "Rat" and the abbreviation "RNG" (Random Number Generator).
Clock Hands Weapon Kronii Reference to the clock hands Kronii can be seeing holding on her model.
Ruler of Time Special Kronii Kronii's bio states she is "The Warden of Time".
Time Bubble Skill Kronii Reference to Kronii being "The Warden of Time".
Kroniicopter Skill Kronii Reference to the joke that the floating clock behind her head could make her fly like a helicopter, a concept also used in her "Small Halloween" 3D model.
Perfection Skill Kronii Refence to Kronii's narcissistic jokes as the icon for the skill is of herself.
Nature Shield Weapon Fauna Fauna's bio states she is "The Keeper of Nature", as well as a reference to the nature theming around her.
Mother Nature Special Fauna Fauna's bio states she is "The Keeper of Nature" as well as a reference to the nature theming around her.
Whisperer Skill Fauna Fauna has a very soft-spoken voice and likes doing ASMR.
Guardian Tree Skill Fauna Possibly a reference Yggdrasil, an immense sacred tree in the Norse Mythology.
Sapling Skill Fauna Fauna's fans are called "Saplings".
Bird Feather Weapon Mumei Mumei is an owl.
True Horror Special Mumei Reference to a painting Mumei drew in the game "Passpartout". Mumei Drawing.jpg
Friend Skill Mumei The floating "bag" next to Mumei is called "Friend".
Civilization Skill Mumei Mumei's bio states she is "the Guardian of Civilization".
History Skill Mumei Mumei's bio states she is "the Guardian of Civilization", History being part of civilization.
Orbit Weapon Sana The skill icon being of a planet is a reference to Sana's bio stating she is "The Speaker of Space".
Become Beeg Special Sana A reference to "Sana is beeg" from her debut stream which became a popular phrase among her and her fans. The icon for the skill is the Kanji from the word "big" (大きな).
Gravity Skill Sana A concept relating to Space.
Astrology Skill Sana Sana often did astrology streams centered around a specific themes.
Speaker Of Space Skill Sana Sana's bio states she is "The Speaker of Space".
Nephilim Blast Weapon IRyS IRyS's bio states she is "a half-demon, half-angel also known as a Nephilim".
Hope is Descending Special IRyS Reference to IRyS's debut steam title "Hope has descended!".
Half Angel Skill IRyS Reference to IRyS being a Nephilim.
Half Demon Skill IRyS Reference to IRyS being a Nephilim.
Hope Skill IRyS Reference to IRyS being part of hololive English Project: HOPE
Bright Star Weapon Sora Possibly a reference to Sora's star-shaped hair pin or Sora "shining like a star" as an idol.
Idol Dream Special Sora Reference to the joke about "Yagoo's dream" of "Hololive being an idol company" being dead. Or possibly Sora being the one keeping it alive.
Ankimo Skill Sora Ankimo is Sora's sidekick / mascot bear.
Idol Healing Skill Sora Reference to Sora being very idol-like.
You're The Enemy, Then Skill Sora Reference to a famous line uttered by Sora during an old Minecraft collab where Aqua stated she was part of the "Hololive Resistance" and Sora responded with "So you're the enemy"
Hi-Spec Pistol Weapon Roboco-san Reference to Roboco often stating she is "High-Spec Robot". The pistol may also be a reference to an animation by Roboco's designer
Hi-Spec Mode Special Roboco-san Reference to Roboco often stating she is "High-Spec Robot"
Battery Charged Skill Roboco-san Roboco's fans are represented as sentient batteries, possibly also a reference as to a power source for Roboco.
Hi-Level Skill Roboco-san Reference to Roboco often stating she is "High-Spec Robot".
Robo-Discharge Skill Roboco-san No particular reference.
Sakura Gohei Weapon Miko Gohei are wooden wands, decorated with two shide (zigzagging paper streamers). The shrine priest or attendants (miko) use the gohei to bless or sanctify a person or object in various Shinto rituals. Sakura is Miko's last name.
Demon Lord's Domain Special Miko Miko created a "Demon Lord Castle" in Minecraft and called herself a "Demon Lord".
Elite Skill Miko Miko often refers to herself as being "Elite".
Baby Language? Skill Miko Many members and fans joke about Miko's accent and speech as being hard to understand, even calling her a baby. She also has an original song called Baby Dance

The skill effect creates the word "Nyeh" that is often said by Miko

Eroge Hero Skill Miko Miko is a big fan of Eroges
Axe Swing Weapon Suisei Suisei used an axe in the game Project Winter to terrify other players. Also an emote on her channel.
Summon Blocks Special Suisei The icon and effect being Tetris pieces is a reference to Suisei's extremely good Tetris skills.
Suicopath Skill Suisei Suisei's nickname, combination of her name and "psycopath", due to her tendencies to become very murderous or scary in video games.
Stellar Skill Suisei Reference to the name of Suisei's original song Stellar Stellar
Blocks Master Skill Suisei Reference to Suisei's Tetris skills.
Diva Song Weapon AZKi AZKi's bio calls her "A diva who became reborn into the virtual world".
Full Concert Special AZKi Reference to AZKi often holding concerts.
Virtual Diva Skill AZKi AZKi's bio calls her "A diva who became reborn into the virtual world". The icon for the skill is based on the the second iteration of her design by late artist Kogecha.
Encore! Skill AZKi An encore is an additional performance given after the planned show has ended. AZKi is known to hold long encore's in her concerts.
Performance Skill AZKi No specific reference.
Fox Tail Weapon Fubuki Fubuki is a fox. Fubuki's primary weapon being her tail was a personal suggestion made by Fubuki herself to Kay Yu in a Twitter conversation.
Fubuki Storm Special Fubuki Reference to Fubuki's appearance in the Holoearth Chronicles Manga, where she wields a sword.
Friendzone Skill Fubuki When asked to be someone's wife or marry them, Fubuki responded with "No Wife, Friend" which has led to her calling her overseas fans Friends.
Fox King Skill Fubuki Reference to "Fubuking", a nickname for Fubuki combining her name and the word "King". Possibly also a reference to her love of Burger King.
Kon Kon Skill Fubuki Fubuki's greeting is "Kon Kon Kitsune".
Tarot Cards Weapon Mio Mio often does Tarrot card readings for other members.
Hatotaurus Special Mio Hatotaurus is Mio's mascot.
Omen Skill Mio The icon and skill animation reference both the Hatotaurus and Mio's Tarrot hobby.
Cheerful Laugh Skill Mio Reference to Mio's cheerful and contagious laugh.
Mama Skill Mio Reference to Mio often being called "Mio Mama" by other members and fans. The icon is a Japanese kindergarteners hat.
Onigiri Weapon Okayu Okayu's representative emote.
Mogu Mogu Special Okayu Japanese Onomatopoeia for eating. Okayu is known for her strong appetite, even eating other members food at the Hololive office. Also part of the name of her original song Mogu Mogu Yummy
Feast Skill Okayu Reference to Okayu's love for food.
Yummy Skill Okayu Reference to Okayu's love for food. Also part of the name of her original song Mogu Mogu Yummy
Sensitive Voice Skill Okayu Okayu tends to make "sensitive" sounds during gaming, such as when getting hit by enemies.
Orayo! Weapon Korone An exclamation Korone often makes. It is mainly uttered when choosing something or making an aggressive move. The attack animation being boxing gloves is due to Korone practicing boxing.
Ending Making Time! Special Korone Korone often ends her streams with an "Ending Making Time" segment where she sets up a small gag using clip art and her drawing of her fans.
Choco Coronet Skill Korone Possibly reference to Korone's bio stating she works at bakery and "Coronet" sounding like "Korone".
Korone Brainwashing Skill Korone Reference to the game Evil God Korone where she brainwashes humans.
Endurance Skill Korone Korone is known for doing "endurance streams", streaming anywhere from 8 to 12 hours.

Trivia[edit source]

  • On April 12, 2021, Yu tweeted a pixel animation of Fubuzilla which would later be used in-game.[16]

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  1. First public demo

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