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English NameHoloCure - Save the Fans!
Release DateJune 24, 2022 (Itch)[a]
August 17th, 2023 (Steam)[b]
ProgrammersKay Yu, Seirai, nullrefrepro
ArtistsKay Yu, DuDuL, Smpletan, Caliyaki, Kaitsum, Potato7192
Composerseufrik, Patterns, Raining Marbles
  • Japanese: ハイテンションガイジン(HaiGai), Miss Wendi Gogh
  • Indonesian: Minyak Sayur, D.D. Investigator, Pincen
EngineGameMaker Studio
PlatformsWindows (via Steam & Itch.io)
GenresBullet Heaven
HoloCure HoloCure
  • Translators:

HoloCure (ホロキュア, Horokyua) is a free Hololive fan made video game developed by Kay Yu. The game draws heavy inspiration from Vampire Survivors and Magic Survival.[1]

Within hours after its release, HoloCure became a viral hit, garnering over 50,000 downloads on its first day.[2] The game was also featured by numerous Hololive talents who streamed themselves playing the game.[3] In addition, the game's leaderboard functionality was disabled by the game's developer, citing the overwhelming data load.[4] It was re-added a year later in HoloCure 0.6.[5]


Kay Yu was inspired to make HoloCure after seeing Hololive members play Vampire Survivors[6] with development starting around late February 2022,[7] and on March 9, 2022, lead developer Kay Yu wrote a tweet announcing that he, DuDuL, and eufrik were working on a new Hololive fan game as a hobby, and shared a clip of an early build of the game. At the time, the game was titled Holo Fan Love.[8] The game was made using GameMaker Studio 2, with Yu having been familiar with the engine since 2008,[9] and online leaderboards were hosted using Firebase.[10]

Following a period of closed beta, the first public demo of the game was released on June 24, 2022 and included all members of Hololive English at the time[c] as playable characters.[11][12] The game's logo was designed by Ribbon Black and Japanese translation done by HighGai and Miss Wendi Gogh.[13]

The game's development is still ongoing and all development costs for the game were paid for by Yu out of his own pocket, including costs for translation work and server costs. However, Yu has refused to accept donations for the game's development, citing his desire to keep the game strictly as a passion project.[14]

Hololive GAMERS and Hololive 0th Generation[15] were added on September 9, 2022 in HoloCure 0.4. The Leaderboard was also disabled due to the overwhelming data load.[16]

HoloCure 0.5 released on February 10, 2023.[17] The update added Hololive 1st Generation, Hololive 2nd Generation and the Achievement system.

On May 12, 2023, it was announced that HoloCure 0.6 would be additionally released on Steam.[18] The itch.io version would continue to be updated.[19] Holocure 0.6 released on Steam and Itch.io on August 17th, 2023 with it peaking at over 46,000 players after 2 days on steam.[20] HoloCure 0.6 added Holo House, Hololive Indonesia and various other features and changes. HoloCure 0.6 also re-added the Leaderboard.[21]

The HoloCure Twitter account showed a teaser for HoloCure 0.7 on October 28th, 2023.[22]


Set in the year 20XX, virtual idols have won the hearts of many on the internet. However, one day, an evil force brainwashes the fans and turns them into mindless minions. Hololive talents must now work to "cure" the fans and save them.


Similar to other "bullet heaven" games inspired by Vampire Survivors, players must move their chosen character in a 2D space from a top-down perspective, "curing" (defeating) swarms of "fans" (mobs) that come on screen from all directions by using various methods of attacking. As players cured fans, they drop items. Most commonly, they'd drop experience points in the form of the Hololive logo. Accumulating enough experience points level up the character, which give them access to a semi-randomized choice of power-ups to be selected upon to strengthen the character. Fans would also sometimes drop Coins, which can be used to enhance weapons beyond their maximum Level; unused Coins are saved after a player finished a stage (regardless of result, but as long as they don't quit the game), and can be spent in the Shop to unlock various boons and challenges, or in the Gacha (see below) to unlock more characters and costumes. Actually winning a Stage would also grant even more Coins, in addition to the amount dropped by cured fans.

Players can select a character from a pool of Hololive Production talents. At the beginning of a fresh save file, only those of Hololive English -Myth- are selectable, with further unlocks available by pulling in the Character Gacha by using saved up Coins from playing the game.

Three modes of gameplay are available: Stage, Endless and Time. In Stage mode, players must defeat the final boss to mark completion. In Endless mode, players must survive the game as long as possible, while accumulating score. In Time mode, players must cure a set number of fans as fast as possible.

Holo House[edit]

Holo House is a game mode added in update 0.6, it features multiple activities and a house that can be customized by the player.

Unlocked characters will occasionally join and walk around the map, the player can interact with the characters which will cause emotes to show up above the character. Characters will leave at some point and will be replaced by another character.

The fishing minigame can be found at the small lake at the left of the map and interacting with it will cause the minigame to start. The minigame takes on the form of a rhythm game where the player has to use the correct keys with the correct input timing. When the player wins the minigame they will be rewarded a random amount of fish. The fish can be traded in at the shop for sand, the amount of sand gained depends on its rarity. The shop features more fishing rods and allows the player to trade in the sand for HoloCoins at a 1:1 ratio.

Holo House allows players to farm, it can be found at the right side of the map at the open-fenced garden. It features 8 plots for plants and a vendor called Nemu that allows the player to buy soil and crops. Crops can be used for cooking, feeding fans or sold for HoloCoins.

A large cooking cauldron can be found below the lake, it allows players to cook meals from crops the player has farmed. The meals are used when starting a run in the main game mode giving various buffs and bonus depending on the meal.

There is a management board at the bottom right of the map, it allows the player to hire fans to automatically gain HoloCoins. The player must feed the fans using the crops gained from farming. The fans can leveled up which will improve the fans stats, the player can also level up their manager level allowing the player to hire better fans. The fans have randomly given names submited by players.[23]

At the north of the map the player can find the Holo House, using furnishings bought at the Shiranui Constructions Shop the house can be decorated and changed to the players wishes.


The following are playable characters in-game. Each have their own unique set of power ups and special ability. The first five characters from Hololive English -Myth- are available as default characters. Additional characters must be pulled via the game's gacha system. More characters are planned to be added in future updates, as well as additional outfits.[24] In 2023 Kay Yu stated in a interview with Koefficient that he plans to add all the Hololive members including Holostars.[25]

Hololive English[edit]

Hololive Japan[edit]

Hololive Indonesia[edit]


HoloCure features 8 stages, 4 regular stages, 3 hard stages and 1 time mode stage. Stages are where the main mode of the game takes place.

Main Stages[edit]

Stage 1: Grassy Plains

Stage 1 is a large grassy plain. The fans (enemies) are based on Hololive English -Myth- and CouncilRyS. The final boss is Smol Ame.

In the hard version of the stage called Grassy Plains (Night) the difficulty is increased, Shishiro Botan's SSRB are added and Halloween Bae is added as a boss.

Stage 2: Holo Office

Stage 2 is based on Hololive's Office in Holo no Graffiti. It features a TV that shows various images from Holo no Graffiti, Songs and videos. The final boss A-chan can be seen sleeping before the boss fight starts.

The enemies are based on Hololive 0th Generation, Hololive Gamers and Botan. Cover Corp Employees also appear as enemies.

In the hard version of the stage called Holo Office (Evening) the difficulty is increased and Harusaki Nodoka is added as a boss.

Stage 3: Halloween Castle

Stage 3 is a small Castle. The enemies are based on Hololive 1st Generation, Hololive 2nd Generation and Yuzuki Choco. Spiderchama (Akai Haato) is the final boss.

In the hard version of the stage called Halloween Castle (Myth) the difficulty is increased, enemies based on Hololive English -Myth- are added and -Myth- members are added as bosses based on their Halloween VRChat avatars.

Stage 4: Gelora Bung Yagoo

Stage 4 is named after the real life Gelora Bung Karno Stadium in Indonesia. The enemies are based on Hololive Indonesia and Coco. The final boss is a trio of bosses called Area 15, The 3 bosses are Moontato (Moona Hoshinova), UFOFI (Airani Iofifteen) and Risusaurus (Ayunda Risu)

Time Stages[edit]

Time Stage 1: Concert Stage

Time Stage 1 is the only timestage, it features no bosses and uses enemies from Stage 1-4. (Including hard versions)

Power ups[edit]

The game offers a large number of power ups with each character having their own exclusive set of weapons and abilities. The rest are made available for everyone. Everything can be upgraded a number of times, while some can actually be combined as "collaboration" for even stronger weapons.
Parts borrowed from the Holocure Wiki

More Information: HoloCure Wiki - Weapon
Weapons are the main way to deal damage in HoloCure.

Power Ups Type Reference
BL Book Weapon Reference to various members who are into "Boys Love". Most commonly, Anemachi, Suisei's sister, and Marine.
Cutting Board Weapon Reference is an inside joke about being flat chested.
Elite Lava Bucket Weapon References Miko's disastrous use of the lava bucket in Minecraft.
Fan Beam Weapon
Glowstick Weapon Reference to Pen-light glowsticks featured in the crowds of most Hololive live performances.
Holo Bomb Weapon Subtle reference to Pekora. This was originally intended to be a Minecraft-esque TNT block, but was changed due to copyright concerns.[26]
Idol Song Weapon Reference to the fact that Hololive members are idols.
Plug Type Asacoco Weapon Reference to Coco's tail plug, known for it's "medicinal" effects.
Psycho Axe Weapon Similar Reference to Suisei's weapon in-game.
Spider Cooking Weapon Reference to Haato's tarantula cooking.
CEO's Tears Weapon Reference to jokes about members crushing YAGOO's "Hololive is a Idol company" statement "dream".
X-Potato Weapon Reference to Korone's mispronunciation of "Exposito" becoming a joke that it sounded like "X Potato".
Wamy Water Weapon Reference to Nene trying to bottle and sell Lamy's sweat. Wamy being her nickname for Lamy.
EN's Curse Weapon EN Curse is an informal name for the unfortunate recurring habit of EN talents streams being scuffed in some manner.
Bounce Ball Weapon Reference to the Boing Boing meme.

More Information: HoloCure Wiki - Item
Items can increase stats and can have various effects.

Power Ups Type Reference
Credit Card Item Reference to either Matsuri (getting her card locked multiple times), Suisei (many gacha pulls), Kanata's inability to get one of these cards, or fans donating too much money.
Energy Drink Item During a conversation between Calli and Gura, Calli revealed she drink a lot of energy drinks much to Gura's disgust
Facemask Item Ether a reference to COVID 19 mask mandates or to the fact idols in Japan commonly use face masks to stay anonymous in public.
Full Meal Item
Injection Type Asacoco Item Reference to the fake ads on Coco's morning "Asacoco" news streams.
Piki Piki Piman Item The name is a reference to the bell pepper emoji's on Korone's channel, while the icon is her on-screen prop of a pepper in a coffee, called shishitou.
Gorilla's Paw Item Reference to Kanata's incredibly high grip power, causing other members to refer to her as a gorilla.
Headphones Item Resembles the headphones worn by Aloe
Sake Item Reference to Lamy's drinking habit.
Knight Milk Item Reference to either Noel's "Knight Cup" breasts and the trope of drinking milk to increase breast size, or referencing Lamy's Story of Seasons playthrough where she named a cow "Noel" and regularly collected fresh "Noel's Milk" for her personal consumption.
Idol Costume Item Referencing the Idol Costumes members are given for their 3D model.
Study Glasses Item Spiral-patterned glasses resembling those worn by Korone.[27]
Uber Sheep Item Reference to Watame's Minecraft delivery service.
Just Bandaids Item Reference to a famous story by Matsuri how she wore only bandaids instead of a bra to a gym class.
Plushie Item A plushie resembling YAGOO.
Stolen Piggy Bank Item A reference to how Risu stole Moona's piggy bank to do a stream about counting coins.
Limiter Item A reference to Sana's Limiter.
Membership Item A reference to Youtube Membership.
Halu Item Halu is short for Halusinasi, The Indonesian word for hallucination.
GWS Pill Item Short for Get Well Soon.
Devil Hat Item Towa's hat, Bibi.
Breastplate Item Breastplate worn by Noel.
Kusogaki Shackles Item Collar worn by La+.
Blacksmith's Goggles Item Goggles worn by Kaela.
Hope Soda Item Based on IRyS' stream prop as well as her being known to be addicted to soda.

More Information: HoloCure Wiki - Level Up#Options
Stat ups increase stats.

Power Ups Type Reference
Max HP Up Stat No Reference Known
ATK UP Stat No Reference Known
SPD UP Stat No Reference Known
CRIT UP Stat No Reference Known
Pick Up Range UP Stat No Reference
Haste Up Stat No Reference Known

More Information: HoloCure Wiki - Collab
Collabs are weapons that are created by fusing 2 normal weapons together.

Power Ups Weapon 1 Weapon 2 Reference
Absolute Wall Bounce Ball Cutting Board No Reference Known
BL Fujoshi BL Book Psycho Axe A Reference to the Hoshimachi sisters and their love of BL books
Bone Bros. Cutting Board EN's Curse A Reference to Gura's and Calli's orginal song, Q
Breathe-In Type Asacoco Holo Bomb Plug Type Asacoco A Reference to Coco's Asacoco products
Broken Dreams CEO's Tears Spider Cooking A Reference to the joke that YAGOO's dream to build a idol company is broken due to the how un-idollike hololive memebers act
Crescent Bardiche Idol Song Psycho Axe Based on Suisei's bardiche that was introduced alongside her maid outfit
Curse Ball Bounce Ball EN's Curse No Reference Known
Dragon Fire Fan Beam Plug Type Asacoco The term Legendary and its Japanese equivalent Densetsu (伝説) is a term that was commonly used by Kiryu Coco to described her husbando Kiryu Kazuma. Due to Coco influence and achievement in both Hololive and Virtual YouTubing in general, her fans also attribute the title to her
Eldritch Horror EN's Curse Spider Cooking The collab could be a reference to 'The Haachama Saga' or a general reference to cosmic horror related jokes and meme associated with Hololive members such as Haato, Ina or Mumei
Elite Cooking Elite Lava Bucket Spider Cooking No Reference Known
Flattening Board Cutting Board Holo Bomb No Reference Known
Frozen Sea BL Book Wamy Water Both the item icon and the in game sprite for Frozen Sea features both Marine's Pirate Hat and Lamy's Hair Flower making it a reference to the two. The ice motif could also be referencing Lamy's lore as a snow elf and her ice attack from the 2nd Hololive Alternative trailer
Idol Concert Glowstick Idol Song No Reference Known
I'm Die, Thank You Forever Holo Bomb X-Potato The weapon is a reference to a stream between Calli and Korone where they were playing Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, a collaborative bomb defusion game. Both talents are challenging themselves with the bomb defuser speaking in her non-native language - English for Korone, Japanese for Calliope. In one attempt, as Korone realizes she has no time to win, she goes out on a one-liner that this item would be named after
Legendary Sausage BL Book Sausage The Legendary Sausage's name is based off the mobile game Sausage Legend, with the design of the weapon being based off said game's Lightning Sausage, a unique sausage added to the game during an official collaboration with hololive. In particular, the Lightning Sausage was designed to reference Oozora Subaru, who is a big fan of the game
Light Beam Fan Beam Glowstick Light Beam likely reference Wotagei or glowstick dance typically seen in Idol fandom (and by extension Hololive fandom)
Lightning Wiener Plug Type Asacoco Sausage Lightning Weiner is a reference to the Lightning Cocktail Wieners optional weapon in Sausage Legend
MiComet Elite Lava Bucket w2222222 MiComet is the official unit name of Hoshimachi Suisei and Sakura Miko
MiKorone Elite Lava Bucket X-Potato Mikorone is the unit name for collab streams between Sakura Miko and Inugami Korone
Rap Dog Idol Song X-Potato This item is likely named after Korone doing an impressive rap showing while singing "if..." by DA PUMP with Okayu in a karaoke collab. She's also improvised a rap verse during one of her other streams after expressing a desire to collab with Calliope
Ring Of Fitness Bounce Ball CEO's Tears The Ring of Fitness itself is a reference to Ring Fit Adventure, an "exertainment" RPG where players use a ring-shaped controller to perform exercise maneuvers
Snow Flower Sake Glowstick Wamy Water The weapon is a reference to Yukihana Lamy's Yuki-Yo-Zuki (雪夜月) daiginjo sake with the icon being based on the original bottle. The creation of this sake brand was supervised by Lamy herself, and later won a Bronze Medal at the International Wine Challenge 2022
Stream Of Tears CEO's Tears Fan Beam Reference to jokes about members crushing YAGOO's "Hololive is a Idol company" statement "dream"

More Information: HoloCure Wiki - Super Collab
Super Collabs are weapons that are created by fusing a collab and a item together.

Power Ups Weapon Item Reference
Holy Fire Dragon Fire Gorilla's Paw The use of Dragon Fire and Gorilla's Paw to form Holy Fire is a reference to the "KanaCoco" pairing between Amane Kanata and Coco. The two were genmates under Hololive 4th Generation and formed a close bond together with Kanata frequently acting as Coco's right hand man
Idol Live Idol Concert Idol Costume No Reference Known
Jingisukan Elite Cooking Uber Sheep "Jingisukan" (derived from the name "Genghis Khan"), is a Japanese lamb dish made out of grilled mutton. The choice of dish is an allusion to the use of the Uber Sheep item that references Hololive Gen 4 member Tsunomaki Watame, who is a sheep in lore and thus often the butt of jokes about other Hololive members eating her, such as turning her into Jingisukan
Snow Queen Snow Flower Sake Sake The weapon's icon shows the "Tweeur" (「ツウィル」) flower, a fictional plant that is part of Yukihana Lamy's lore.

Amelia Watson[edit]

Power Ups Type Reference
Pistol Shot Weapon Amelia's bio states "She loves to pass her time training her reflexes with FPS games".
Slow Time Special Ame's pocket watch as well as her (mostly fan made) lore of being a time traveler.
FPS Mastery Skill Ame's bio states "She loves to pass her time training her reflexes with FPS games".
Detective Eye Skill Ame is a private detective.
Bubba Skill Ame's pet dog. You can pet Bubba by standing next to him and pressing P.

Gawr Gura[edit]

Power Ups Type Reference
Trident Thrust Weapon Gura can hold a Trident on her model.
Shark Call Special Gura is a shark. Gura turning red during this attack is a reference to her original song REFLECT
Short Height Skill Reference to Gura's short height.
Power of Atlantis Skill Gura's bio states she is "A descendant of the Lost City of Atlantis".
Shark Bite Skill Gura is a shark.

Ninomae Ina'nis[edit]

Power Ups Type Reference
Summon Tentacle Weapon Reference to the tentacles seen on Ina's's back.
Tako Spin Special Reference to Ina's fans being called "Takodachi".
The Ancient One Skill The icon is a reference to the book Ina can be seen holding on her model, the name is a reference to her bio stating she is "a priestess of the Ancient Ones".
The Void Skill "Takodachi" are crated from the void. She sometimes references the void on her stream titles etc. "The Void" is also a philosophical concept of nothingness manifested.
The Forbidden Wah Skill During Ina's hiatus, her fans created the Twitter hashtag #4thWah which became used to post NSFW art of Ina.

Takanashi Kiara[edit]

Power Ups Type Reference
Phoenix Sword Weapon The sword Kiara can be seen holding on her model.
Phoenix Fire Special The mythical creature Phoenix dies in a blaze of fire before it is reborn from the ashes. Kiara's Bio states she is a Phoenix.
Dancer Skill Kiara is an avid dancer, even holding a dance practice collab with other EN members.
Trailblazer Skill No apparent Kiara related reference. Possibly just a fitting name for the skills effect.
Phoenix Shield Skill The shield Kiara can be seen holding on her model.

Calliope Mori[edit]

Power Ups Type Reference
Scythe Swing Weapon Calli's bio states she is a "Grim Reaper's first apprentice." Calli also has joked about having "Scythe swinging lessons"
The Reaper Special Calli's bio states she is the "Grim Reaper's first apprentice."
The Rapper Skill Large part of Calli's musical output is rap or include rapping.
Death Skill Aside from referencing Reapers causing death, Calli sometimes mentions "Death Sensei".


Power Ups Type Reference Update removed
Cult Skill Ina's fanbase is called "Tentacult". Removed in update 0.5 and replaced by The Forbidden Wah

Hakos Baelz[edit]

Power Ups Type Reference
Play Dice Weapon Reference to Baelz's original song PLAY DICE!
Absolute Chaos Special Bae's bio states she is "the very concept of Chaos".
Down Under Skill Reference to Bae being from Australia.
CRATical Hit Skill Pun on the words "Rat" and "Critical".
RatNG Skill Pun on the word "Rat" and the abbreviation "RNG" (Random Number Generator).

Ouro Kronii[edit]

Power Ups Type Reference
Clock Hands Weapon Reference to the clock hands Kronii can be seeing holding on her model.
Ruler of Time Special Kronii's bio states she is "The Warden of Time".
Time Bubble Skill Reference to Kronii being "The Warden of Time".
Kroniicopter Skill Reference to the joke that the floating clock behind her head could make her fly like a helicopter, a concept also used in her "Small Halloween" 3D model.
Perfection Skill Refence to Kronii's narcissistic jokes as the icon for the skill is of herself.

Ceres Fauna[edit]

Power Ups Type Reference
Nature Shield Weapon Fauna's bio states she is "The Keeper of Nature", as well as a reference to the nature theming around her.
Mother Nature Special Fauna's bio states she is "The Keeper of Nature" as well as a reference to the nature theming around her.
Whisperer Skill Fauna has a very soft-spoken voice and likes doing ASMR.
Guardian Tree Skill Possibly a reference Yggdrasil, an immense sacred tree in the Norse Mythology.
Sapling Skill Fauna's fans are called "Saplings".

Nanashi Mumei[edit]

Power Ups Type Reference
Bird Feather Weapon Mumei is an owl.
True Horror Special Reference to a painting Mumei drew in the game "Passpartout".
Friend Skill The floating "bag" next to Mumei is called "Friend".
Civilization Skill Mumei's bio states she is "the Guardian of Civilization".
History Skill Mumei's bio states she is "the Guardian of Civilization", History being part of civilization.

Tsukumo Sana[edit]

Power Ups Type Reference
Orbit Weapon The skill icon being of a planet is a reference to Sana's bio stating she is "The Speaker of Space".
Become Beeg Special A reference to "Sana is beeg" from her debut stream which became a popular phrase among her and her fans. The icon for the skill is the Kanji from the word "big" (大きな).
Gravity Skill A concept relating to Space.
Astrology Skill Sana often did astrology streams centered around a specific themes.
Speaker Of Space Skill Sana's bio states she is "The Speaker of Space".


Power Ups Type Reference
Nephilim Blast Weapon IRyS' bio states she is "a half-demon, half-angel also known as a Nephilim".
Hope is Descending Special Reference to IRyS' debut stream title "Hope has descended!".
Half Angel Skill Reference to IRyS being a Nephilim.
Half Demon Skill Reference to IRyS being a Nephilim.
Hope Skill Reference to IRyS being part of hololive English Project: HOPE

Shirakami Fubuki[edit]

Power Ups Type Reference
Fox Tail Weapon Fubuki is a fox. Fubuki's primary weapon being her tail was a personal suggestion made by Fubuki herself to Kay Yu in a Twitter conversation.
Fubuki Storm Special Reference to Fubuki's appearance in the Holoearth Chronicles Manga, where she wields a sword.
Friendzone Skill When asked to be someone's wife or marry them, Fubuki responded with "No Wife, Friend" which has led to her calling her overseas fans Friends.
Fox King Skill Reference to "Fubuking", a nickname for Fubuki combining her name and the word "King". Possibly also a reference to her love of Burger King.
Kon Kon Skill Fubuki's greeting is "Kon Kon Kitsune".

Ookami Mio[edit]

Power Ups Type Reference
Tarot Cards Weapon Mio often does Tarrot card readings for other members.
Hatotaurus Special Hatotaurus is Mio's mascot.
Omen Skill The icon and skill animation reference both the Hatotaurus and Mio's Tarrot hobby.
Cheerful Laugh Skill Reference to Mio's cheerful and contagious laugh.
Mama Skill Reference to Mio often being called "Mio Mama" by other members and fans. The icon is a Japanese kindergarteners hat.

Nekomata Okayu[edit]

Power Ups Type Reference
Onigiri Weapon Okayu's representative emote.
Mogu Mogu Special Japanese Onomatopoeia for eating. Okayu is known for her strong appetite, even eating other members food at the Hololive office. Also part of the name of her original song Mogu Mogu Yummy
Feast Skill Reference to Okayu's love for food.
Yummy Skill Reference to Okayu's love for food. Also part of the name of her original song Mogu Mogu Yummy
Sensitive Voice Skill Okayu tends to make "sensitive" sounds during gaming, such as when getting hit by enemies.

Inugami Korone[edit]

Power Ups Type Reference
Orayo! Weapon An exclamation Korone often makes. It is mainly uttered when choosing something or making an aggressive move. The attack animation being boxing gloves is due to Korone practicing boxing.
Ending Making Time! Special Korone often ends her streams with an "Ending Making Time" segment where she sets up a small gag using clip art and her drawing of her fans.
Choco Coronet Skill Possibly reference to Korone's bio stating she works at bakery and "Coronet" sounding like "Korone".
Korone Brainwashing Skill Reference to the game Evil God Korone where she brainwashes humans.
Endurance Skill Korone is known for doing "endurance streams", streaming anywhere from 8 to 12 hours.

Tokino Sora[edit]

Power Ups Type Reference
Bright Star Weapon Possibly a reference to Sora's star-shaped hair pin or Sora "shining like a star" as an idol.
Idol Dream Special Reference to the joke about "Yagoo's dream" of "Hololive being an idol company" being dead. Or possibly Sora being the one keeping it alive.
Ankimo Skill Ankimo is Sora's sidekick / mascot bear.
Idol Healing Skill Reference to Sora being very idol-like.
You're The Enemy, Then Skill Reference to a famous line uttered by Sora during an old Minecraft collab where Aqua stated she was part of the "Hololive Resistance" and Sora responded with "So you're the enemy"


Power Ups Type Reference
Hi-Spec Pistol Weapon Reference to Roboco often stating she is "High-Spec Robot". The pistol may also be a reference to an animation by Roboco's designer
Hi-Spec Mode Special Reference to Roboco often stating she is "High-Spec Robot"
Battery Charged Skill Roboco's fans are represented as sentient batteries, possibly also a reference as to a power source for Roboco.
Hi-Level Skill Reference to Roboco often stating she is "High-Spec Robot".
Robo-Discharge Skill No particular reference.

Sakura Miko[edit]

Power Ups Type Reference
Sakura Gohei Weapon Gohei are wooden wands, decorated with two shide (zigzagging paper streamers). The shrine priest or attendants (Miko) use the gohei to bless or sanctify a person or object in various Shinto rituals. Sakura is Miko's last name.
Demon Lord's Domain Special Miko created a "Demon Lord Castle" in Minecraft and called herself a "Demon Lord".
Elite Skill Miko often refers to herself as being "Elite".
Baby Language? Skill Many members and fans joke about Miko's accent and speech as being hard to understand, even calling her a baby. She also has an original song called Baby Dance. The skill effect creates the word "Nyeh" that is often said by Miko
Eroge Hero Skill Miko is a big fan of Eroges

Hoshimachi Suisei[edit]

Power Ups Type Reference
Axe Swing Weapon Suisei used an axe in the game Project Winter to terrify other players. Also an emote on her channel.
Summon Blocks Special The icon and effect being Tetris pieces is a reference to Suisei's extremely good Tetris skills.
Suicopath Skill Suisei's nickname, combination of her name and "psycopath", due to her tendencies to become very murderous or scary in video games.
Stellar Skill Reference to the name of Suisei's original song Stellar Stellar
Blocks Master Skill Reference to Suisei's Tetris


Power Ups Type Reference
Diva Song Weapon AZKi's bio calls her "A diva who became reborn into the virtual world".
Full Concert Special Reference to AZKi often holding concerts.
Virtual Diva Skill AZKi's bio calls her "A diva who became reborn into the virtual world". The icon for the skill is based on the the second iteration of her design by late artist Kogecha.
Encore! Skill An encore is an additional performance given after the planned show has ended. AZKi is known to hold long encore's in her concerts.
Performance Skill No specific reference.

Akai Haato[edit]

Power Ups Type Reference
Red Heart Weapon Reference to Haato's original song Redheart, as well as her name which translates to Red Heart
Change of Heart Special The skill switches between Haato and Haachama forms. Haachama is an alternate persona created by Haato during a period where she often did "lore" streams, as well as her official nickname.
Worldwide Strongest Idol Skill Haato is self proclaimed "Worldwide Strongest Idol". The skill effect buffing Spider related attacks is a reference to her stream where she ate real life spiders.
Purity And Insanity Skill References the "two sides" of Haato, Haato and Haachama
Coexistance Skill At the end of her "lore" streams Haato and Haachama finally became able to coexist

Aki Rosenthal[edit]

Power Ups Type Reference
Aik Weapon According to Hololive's official site, under Aki's "Words / Memes" section, it is revealed her floating twin tails are called Aik
Shallys Special Name of Aki's original song
Aromatherapy Skill Aki is a certified Aromatherapy Instructor
Mukirose Skill During an ARK stream Aki created her character to be an extremely muscular male which became known as Mukirose ("Muki" being an onomatopoeia for an extremely fit body). Mukirose has since become a mainstay on many of Aki's streams.
Belly Dancing Skill Aki practices belly dancing and has showed it off on live concerts.

Natsuiro Matsuri[edit]

Power Ups Type Reference
Ebifrion Weapon The fried shrimplion plushie Matsuri has on her pajama outfit.
WASSHOI! Special "Wasshoi" is a chant typically used during festivals (Matsuri).
Cheerleader Skill According to Matsuri's official bio, Matsuri is a part her schools cheerleading team.
GOD Skill Matsuri often jokes saying in English "I am God"
Seiso Representative Skill Reference to her bio saying she is a "purity symbol", also part of the stream introduction. Calling matsuri pure (Seiso) is often ironic as she is everything but, this is also referenced in the skill itself wherein she can become "Unseiso"

Yozora Mel[edit]

Power Ups Type Reference
Kapu Kapu Weapon Kapu is the onomatopoeia for biting in Japanese. Mel often says she will kapu viewers.
Banpire Special During her return from hiatus stream, Mel would get her stream taken down by Youtube multiple times causing chat to call her Banpire, combination of the words Banned and Vampire
Acerola Juice Skill Despite being a vampire, Mel dislikes drinking blood and instead prefers Acerola Juice
Genius Vampire Skill Reference to her official bio stating she is a "Underworld's vampire prodigy!", which has over the years become used by Mel as "Genius Vampire"
Mel Mel Cooking Skill Reference to her somewhat unique cooking, such as potato chips with ketchup, acerola juice and cotton candy.

Oozora Subaru[edit]

Power Ups Type Reference
Baseball Pitch Weapon Subaru's clothing is that of a baseball player.
Duck Shout Special The skill icon is the megaphone seen hanging on Subaru's hip on her original outfit. The name and skill sound effect are a refence to Subaru being called a duck.
Oozora Police Skill Oozora Police is a series of streams by Subaru styled after police procedurals. Prior to the streams, Subaru would ask fans to report "crimes" committed by the other talents, who would then be interrogated by Subaru.
Duck Whisperer Skill Subaru can not whisper. When she tries, she ends up sounding like a duck.
Sunny Optimism Skill Reference to her original song Taiyou Shoujo (Lit. Sun Girl) and Subaru's optimistic and sunny personality.

Yuzuki Choco[edit]

Power Ups Type Reference
Love Needle Weapon Reference to Choco being a nurse.
S. Dynamite Body Special Reference to Choco being sexy.
Chocottto Cooking Skill Choco is known for her great cooking ability.
Demon Whisperer Skill Choco is known for doing ASMR streams.
Nurse Skill Reference to Choco being a nurse.

Murasaki Shion[edit]

Power Ups Type Reference
Murasaki Bolt Weapon A purple magic bolt, both a reference to Shion's last name, meaning purple or violet, and her being a mage.
Kusagakick Special Combination of the words Kusogaki (cheeky brat) and Kick. Also a reference to her magical kick in the Hololive Alternative PV
Cheeky Brat Skill Shion is often called a Kusogaki, translated as Cheeky Brat.
Magic Garlic Skill Same as Aqua is often called an Onion, Shion is sometimes called a Garlic.
Black Magic Skill Shion is a mage.

Nakiri Ayame[edit]

Power Ups Type Reference
Dual Katana Weapon The two swords seen on Ayame's back on her original outift.
Spirit of the Oni Special The skill effect is a reference to her summoning a spirit in the Hololive Alternative PV.
Lady of Oni Skill Ayame's nickname "Ojou" (Short from Ojousama) is formal Japanese word meaning "Young Lady"
Ayame Defense Field Skill The skill icon looks like an AT-Field from the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion. During a stream with Marine where Marine kept making "moves" against Ayame, Ayame would put up an AT-Field, which in the anime is an neigh-impenetrable defensive field, to block Marine.
Nakirium Skill Ayame's fans often say she supplies them "Nakirium" and her streams will recharge fans Nakirium.

Minato Aqua[edit]

Power Ups Type Reference
Cleaning Broom Weapon Aqua's official bio states she is a "Marine Maid", as well as the maid theming on her original outfit.
NEKO Special At one point after visiting Okayu, Aqua became obsessed with cats. The NEKO is her self made cat drawing which has since become a kind of a mascot for her, appearing in her 3D sololives.
Sololive Skill The skill name is a reference to both a literal Sololive; A solo concert, as well as Aqua's tendency to want to play games alone. The skill effect giving Aqua a damage buff if enemies are not within a certain range of her and a speed buff if they are, is a reference to Aqua being an introvert.
Kluz Skill The skill icon is a reference to an emote on Aqua's channel which is also sometimes used ironically.
Cleaning Maid Skill Aqua's official bio states she is a "Marine Maid", as well as the maid theming on her original outfit.

Ayunda Risu[edit]

Power Ups Type Reference
Nuts Weapon The nuts theming of her moveset is based on Risu's love of nuts jokes (both literal and sexual) which started as her playing along with her character trait of being a squirrel girl.
Big Nuts Special Either a literal "Big Nut" or the sexual innuendo, as Risu is fan of making such nut jokes.
Deez Skill Reference to the " Deez Nuts" joke that Risu is fond of making.
Nonstop Nuts Skill Reference to Risu's Nonstop Nut November series in which Risu would release a short nut joke video everyday for the entirely of November.
DLC Skill DLC (Downloadable Content) is a paid video-game add on. The name is a reference to how Risu can greatly change her vocal rang,leading fans to label said voices as "DLC" in reference to them being add-ons to her usual voice.

Moona Hoshinova[edit]

Power Ups Type Reference
Crescent Moon Weapon The moon theming of Moona moveset is a reference to Moona's moon and star visual theming that would later became her unofficial lore of being a moon goddess.
Moon Goddess Special Reference to her High Tide animated music video with her appearance being based on the "Goddess" Hoshinova, while her attack is based on the "Hero" Moona.
Moon Song Skill Reference to Moona's popular MoonUtau (Moona Singing) unarchived singing streams
Moona & Hoshinova Skill Reference to Moona's two opposite personalities, the motherly and casual Moona and the sadistic and domineering Hoshinova. Originally, fans used Hoshinova to refer to any moment where Moona becomes unhinged or angry, but when the Moon Goddess Moona concept became more popular, fans began to associate it with the existing Hoshinova lore.
Lunar Construction Skill Reference to Moona's Minecraft skill and her connection with Pekora's Usada Construction (Usaken) Minecraft "construction company"

Airani Iofifteen[edit]

Power Ups Type Reference
Paint Brush Weapon Reference to Iofi being an artist, having participated in many art related events such as with the popular Japanese art site Pixiv
Draw! Special Reference to Iofi being an artist, having participated in many art related events such as with the popular Japanese art site Pixiv
Erofi Skill A popular nickname for Iofi originating from how she would often act lewd or make lewd jokes onstream.
Alien Brainwashing Skill Reference to Iofi's lore of being an alien who ran away from home.
Polyglot Skill Polyglot is a term referring to a person who can speak in multiple languages (at least four). This is a reference to how Iofi speaks multiple languages, namely Indonesian, English, Japanese, German, Korean, and Sundanese, along with multiple Sign Languages.

Kureiji Ollie[edit]

Power Ups Type Reference
Path of Sincerity Weapon Path of Sincerity is the name of the sword seen on Ollie's head. The blue glow of the Awakened state is based on Ollie's 3D showcase where the sword would glow blue when Ollie powers it up.
Charge Rifle Special Charge Rifle is a reference to Ollie's (former) favorite weapon of the same name from the FPS battle royale game Apex Legends.

Also a reference to Ollie infamously saying she "peed like a charge rifle"

Zombie Ninjutsu Skill Reference to Ollie's New Year's Kimono, whose ninja-themed design is heavily inspired by the various outfits seen in the popular manga/anime Naruto. Said title popularized the various ninjutsu "hand seals" used by characters in the show to cast spells, which the icon and description of Zombie Ninjutsu references.
Undead Skill Reference to Ollie's lore as a undying zombie highschool girl
Simp of All Time Skill Refers to Ollie's nature of being a very enthusiastic fan of vtubers and streamers in general.

Anya Melfissa[edit]

Power Ups Type Reference
Keris Weapon Reference Anya's lore as an ancient weapon who gained human form and sentience through magic.

As a weapon, Anya takes on the form of a Keris (aka "Kris"), a traditional Javanese dagger that has a distinctive wavy blade.

Blade Form Special Reference Anya's lore as an ancient weapon who gained human form and sentience through magic.

As a weapon, Anya takes on the form of a Keris (aka "Kris"), a traditional Javanese dagger that has a distinctive wavy blade.

Cutting Deep Skill Reference for Anya surprisingly sassy retorts when dealing with her own chat.
Living Weapon Skill Reference Anya's lore as an ancient weapon who gained human form and sentience through magic.

As a weapon, Anya takes on the form of a Keris (aka "Kris"), a traditional Javanese dagger that has a distinctive wavy blade.

Slumber Skill References Anya's penchant for sleeping.

Pavolia Reine[edit]

Power Ups Type Reference
Peafowl Feathers Weapon Reference to Reine being a peafowl, her lore stating she is "Lady of the Peafowl"
5x Tonjok Special Reference towards Reine loves of Tonjok (Indonesian: Punch). Reine would tonjok anything and anyone she could get her hands on.
Wind Magic Skill Reference to Reine's lore where she used to study at a magic academy. Although her lore also states she has lost the ability to use magic.
Lady of the Peafow Skill The effect of gaining Royal Tea when picking up coins, is based on Reine's paid Youtube Membership the Royaltea.
Attention Please Skill Reine's main catchphrase, which can sometimes be used in her stream titles such as in her Debut Stream or 3D Showcase

Vestia Zeta[edit]

Power Ups Type Reference
Silencer Pistol Weapon Reference on Zeta's character lore as a secret agent. Although not a silenced pistol, one of her other outfits does see her holding a gun.
Stealth Mode Special Reference on Zeta's character lore as a secret agent.
Data Collection Skill Reference on Zeta's character lore as a secret agent.
Cat(?) Reflexes Skill Reference to a popular meme about Zeta where she is seen as a cat due to the design of her hair buns resembling cat ears.
Secret Agent Skill Reference on Zeta's character lore as a secret agent.

Kaela Kovalskia[edit]

Power Ups Type Reference
Blacksmith Hammer Weapon According to her lore, Kaela is blacksmith
The Rarest Material Special References her lore reason for entering hololive, which is to seek out the "Rarest Material"
No Pressure Skill References how Kaela would eagerly and quickly complete all available content in the latest HoloCure update before asking the developer for more
Material Grind Skill Reference Kaela's penchant for grinding oftentimes playing a game she likes for several hours on end in order to gather various rewards or resources, whether onstream or off it.
Blacksmith Skill According to her lore, Kaela is blacksmith

Kobo Kanaeru[edit]

Power Ups Type Reference
Umbrella Weapon Part of her VTuber character model, though it has also been stated that she uses it to cast her rain spells.
UnDeRWaTeR Special An extremely literal interpretation of one of Kobo's stream bits, where she applies a warbly filter to her voice and pretends to be underwater.
Tantrum Skill Reference Kobo's childish personality.
Praise Skill Reference Kobo's childish personality.
Rain Shaman Skill According to her lore, Kobo is a Rain Shaman.


Achievement Description Reward
BBBRRRRRREEEEEEEEE Defeat the Boss of Stage 1 Gorilla's Paw
Boing Reach 10 minutes with Cutting Board or related weapons using a "flat" character Bounce Ball
Buying Power Complete a stage while using Super Chatto Time! Membership
Couch Potato Clear a game of Stage Mode without moving at all 10,000 HoloCoins
Decked Out Reach level 50 in one game Study Glasses
Delusional Defeat at least 5000 targets in a stage Halu
First Win! Complete your first game 500 HoloCoins
Fired Be defeated by a Yagoo 3,000 HoloCoins
Flesh Wound Lose after 10 minutes in a game Just Bandage
Free Stickers Defeat a Silver Yagoo 500 HoloCoins
Fully Loaded Complete the Armory. 10,000 HoloCoins
Fubura is coming Defeat Fubuzilla Fan Beam
Full Collab Get 4 Collab Weapons in 1 game 2,000 HoloCoins
Get Some Help Complete all achievements. Then go outside. 1 HoloCoin
Glasses are Versatile Reach level 100 in one game 2,000 HoloCoins
Hai... Destroy a Yagoo Statue 100 HoloCoins
Hallucinated Clear with Halu level 5 3000 HoloCoins
Hamburger Country Yeah! Eat over 50 hamburgers in one game 500 HoloCoins
Hardcore Gamer Clear a stage in Hardcore Mode 1,000 HoloCoins
I Did It. Survive up to 30 minuts with Halu level 5 10,000 HoloCoins
I don't need it Clear a game of Stage Mode without using Special after unlocking it 1,000 HoloCoins
I'm CEO now Defeat a Yagoo 2,500 HoloCoins
It's Safe I Swear Complete a stage using Plug Type Asacoco Injection Type Asacoco
It's Super Chat Time Have 5000 coins Super Chatto Time!
Idol Group Unlock all Characters 10,000 HoloCoins
Just RNG Fail a +1 > +2 enhancing 500 HoloCoins
Look I'm On TV Watch the TV for over 10 seconds 500 HoloCoins
Lucky Day Open a Super Box 500 HoloCoins
Millionaire Achieve 1m+ score in a single run 5,000 HoloCoins
Muscle Take a total of over 500 damage in one game Breastplate
Not taking any chances Get 100% crit chance in a single run 2,000 HoloCoins
Obliterated Defeat a 10 or 20-minute boss in under 10 seconds 2,000 HoloCoins
Over Nine Thousand?! Deal over 10000 damage in one attack 2,000 HoloCoins
Pacifist Leave a boss alive for 5 minutes or more 1,000 HoloCoins
Pain Peko Drop a super item 1,000 HoloCoins
Pay to Win Get a Weapon to +10 enhancements 5,000 HoloCoins
Payday Defeat a Golden Yagoo Stolen Piggy Bank
Please Don't Fail Enhance a Weapon once Blacksmith's Gear
Power of Idols Unlock and use a character's Special Attack Idol Costume
Power Leveling Level up 5 times in a row in one second 2,000 HoloCoins
Solo Beater Clear with only your main Weapon 10,000 HoloCoins
Speed Runner Clear a stage in Time Mode 2,000 HoloCoins
Thank the Managers Defeat the Boss of Stage 2 (Hard) 10,000 HoloCoins
The Real Grind Have 1,000,000 coins 10,000 HoloCoins
Tears of Happiness...? Defeat the Boss of Stage 2 CEO's Tears
Thank You Watch the credits to the end 1,000 HoloCoins
Thousand Mile Stare Defeat the Boss of Stage 1 (Hard) 10,000 HoloCoins
Thousand Milestone! Deal over 1000 damage in one attack Devil Hat
True RNG Fail enhancements 5 times in 1 run 2,000 HoloCoins
Wamy. Clear any stage while using Sake Wamy Water
Went Too Halu Be defeated while using Halu GWS Pill
You Can Pet The Dog Pet Bubba as Amelia Watson 200 HoloCoins
You have been Cursed Defeat the Boss of Stage 3 EN's Curse

Character specific[edit]

Achievement Description Reward
A Clear a game of Stage Mode with Gawr Gura 500 HoloCoins
Ajimaru Ajimaru! Clear a game of Stage Mode with Oozora Subaru 500 HoloCoins
Alona~! Clear a game of Stage Mode with Aki Rosenthal 500 HoloCoins
Big Red Heart! Clear a game of Stage Mode with Akai Haato 500 HoloCoins
Big Ups! Clear a game of Stage Mode with Calliope Mori 500 HoloCoins
Boom Boom Boom! Clear a game of Stage Mode with Hakos Baelz 500 HoloCoins
Chicken Down Reach 10 minutes with Takanashi Kiara Chicken's Feather
Cute today too! Clear a game of Stage Mode with Hoshimachi Suisei 500 HoloCoins
GWAK! Clear a game of Stage Mode with Ouro Kronii 500 HoloCoins
He~robo! Clear a game of Stage Mode with Roboco-san 500 HoloCoins
Hey Guys~ Reach 10 minutes with Inugami Korone X-Potato
*HIC* Clear a game of Stage Mode with Amelia Watson 500 HoloCoins
Hope has Descended! Clear a game of Stage Mode with IRyS Hope Soda
Hyahello! Clear a game of Stage Mode with Sakura Miko 500 HoloCoins
I Forgor Clear a game of Stage Mode with Nanashi Mumei 500 HoloCoins
I Like the Cotton Candy Flavor Reach 10 minutes with Calliope Mori Energy Drink
Ina Ina Ina! Clear a game of Stage Mode with Ninomae Ina'nis 500 HoloCoins
Kapu Kapu! Clear a game of Stage Mode with Yozora Mel 500 HoloCoins
Kikkeriki! Clear a game of Stage Mode with Takanashi Kiara 500 HoloCoins
KonAqua! Clear a game of Stage Mode with Minato Aqua 500 HoloCoins
Kon Azki! Clear a game of Stage Mode with AZKi 500 HoloCoins
Kon Kon Kitsune! Clear a game of Stage Mode with Shirakami Fubuki 500 HoloCoins
Limiters Released! Reach 10 minutes as Tsukumo Sana Limiter
Kusogaki Power Reach 10 minutes with Murasaki Shion Kusogaki Shackles
Mogu Mogu...Okayu! Clear a game of Stage Mode with Nekomata Okayu 500 HoloCoins
My Cute Students~ Clear a game of Stage Mode with Yuzuki Choco 500 HoloCoins
Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ Clear a game of Stage Mode with Murasaki Shion 500 HoloCoins
Nun Nun! Clear a game of Stage Mode with Tokino Sora 500 HoloCoins
Sana is Eternal! Clear a game of Stage Mode with Tsukumo Sana 500 HoloCoins
Sorry Reach 10 minutes with Ninomae Ina'nis Cutting Board
That's not Dollrys Reach 10 minutes with Hakos Baelz Plushie
True 35P Reach Gachikoi Fandom level for Sakura Miko 3,000 HoloCoins
True AquaCrew Reach Gachikoi Fandom level for Minato Aqua 3,000 HoloCoins
True Brats Reach Gachikoi Fandom level for Hakos Baelz 3,000 HoloCoins
True Chocomate Reach Gachikoi Fandom level for Yuzuki Choco 3,000 HoloCoins
True Chumbud Reach Gachikoi Fandom level for Gawr Gura 3,000 HoloCoins
True Deadbeat Reach Gachikoi Fandom level for Calliope Mori 3,000 HoloCoins
True Haaton Reach Gachikoi Fandom level for Akai Haato 3,000 HoloCoins
True Hooman Reach Gachikoi Fandom level for Nanashi Mumei 3,000 HoloCoins
True Hoshiyomi Reach Gachikoi Fandom level for Hoshimachi Suisei 3,000 HoloCoins
True Irystocrat Reach Gachikoi Fandom level for IRyS 3,000 HoloCoins
True Kapumin Reach Gachikoi Fandom level for Yozora Mel 3,000 HoloCoins
True KFP Reach Gachikoi Fandom level for Takanashi Kiara 3,000 HoloCoins
True Koronesuki Reach Gachikoi Fandom level for Inugami Korone 3,000 HoloCoins
True Kroni Reach Gachikoi Fandom level for Ouro Kronii 3,000 HoloCoins
True Matsurisu Reach Gachikoi Fandom level for Natsuiro Matsuri 3,000 HoloCoins
True Miofa Reach Gachikoi Fandom level for Ookami Mio 3,000 HoloCoins
True Nakirigumi Reach Gachikoi Fandom level for Nakiri Ayame 3,000 HoloCoins
True Onigiriya Reach Gachikoi Fandom level for Nekomata Okayu 3,000 HoloCoins
True Pioneer Reach Gachikoi Fandom level for AZKi 3,000 HoloCoins
True Robosa Reach Gachikoi Fandom level for Roboco-san 3,000 HoloCoins
True Rosentai Reach Gachikoi Fandom level for Aki Rosenthal 3,000 HoloCoins
True Subatomo Reach Gachikoi Fandom level for Oozora Subaru 3,000 HoloCoins
True Sanalite Reach Gachikoi Fandom level for Tsukumo Sana 3,000 HoloCoins
True Sapling Reach Gachikoi Fandom level for Ceres Fauna 3,000 HoloCoins
True Shiokko Reach Gachikoi Fandom level for Murasaki Shion 3,000 HoloCoins
True Soratomo Reach Gachikoi Fandom level for Tokino Sora 3,000 HoloCoins
True Sukonbu Reach Gachikoi Fandom level for Shirakami Fubuki 3,000 HoloCoins
True Takodachi Reach Gachikoi Fandom level for Ninomae Ina'nis 3,000 HoloCoins
True Tea-mate Reach Gachikoi Fandom level for Amelia Watson 5,000 HoloCoins
Uchi Uchi, Uchidayo! Clear a game of Stage Mode with Ookami Mio 500 HoloCoins
Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Clear a game of Stage Mode with Ceres Fauna 500 HoloCoins
VSinger Reach 10 minutes as IRyS Idol Song
Wasshoi Wasshoi! Clear a game of Stage Mode with Natsuiro Matsuri 500 HoloCoins
Yo Dayo! Clear a game of Stage Mode with Nakiri Ayame 500 HoloCoins
Yubi Yubi! Clear a game of Stage Mode with Inugami Korone 500 HoloCoins


  • Programmers: Seirai, nullrefrepro
  • Animators: DuDuL, Smpletan, Caliyaki, Kaitsu
  • Illustrators: Potato7192
  • UI: Jeremy Hobbs (Ribbon Black)
  • Music: Eufrik, Patterns, Raining Marbles
  • Translators:
    • Japanese: ハイテンションガイジン(HaiGai), Miss Wendi Gogh
    • Indonesian: Minyak Sayur, D.D. Investigator, Pincen
  • QA: Avi 'Sinful' Mishra, Scorchedwing, Erg, Katomon, Carmatime, Kaitsu, Cremepuff, Tsubi, Zenora, Caliyaki
  • Special Thanks: Walfie, 2Snacks, Dex, Furaisen, SeafoamBoi, Sausage Legend (Milk Co)


  • On April 12, 2021, Yu tweeted a pixel animation of Fubuzilla which would later be used in-game.[28]

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