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Video Game Info
DevelopersKevin Cow Kevin Cow
PublishersMooCow Games
PlatformsMicrosoft Windows, HTML5

BEEG SANA is a Fishing-style video game made by Kevin Cow. Its release coincided with Tsukumo Sana's birthday celebrations. The game uses a low poly retro art style.


The player plays as Sana sitting in the middle of a galaxy. The player can throw their fishing line into the galaxy to "fish" for planets with larger planets giving a larger score. Landing in the circle will give the player better catches.

If the player hits a asteroid while fishing up a planet it will knock the planet out of the players rod and the player must re-catch the planet again.

Around the galaxy are various glowing spots, if the player can land on these glowing spots there is a chance for the player to find a collectible. There are 82 collectibles that the player can get.

There is also a challenge mode where each time the player throws their rod they lose some energy. Energy can be regained by fishing planets. If the player loses all their energy they will lose.