Holo X Break

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Holo X Break
Video Game Info
English NameHolo X Break
Announcement DateMarch 5, 2023
Release DateMarch 29, 2024
Publishersholo indie
ProgrammersSee Credits
ArtistsSee Credits
ComposersSee Credits
CastSee Credits
TranslationSee Credits
PlatformsWindows (via Steam)
GenresBeat 'em up
WebsiteSteam Page

Holo X Break is a free action beat 'em up game and published by holo indie. It was released on Steam for Microsoft Windows on 29 March 2024. The game was developed by several notable fan games developer such as Kay Yu, David Wu as well as other notable fans creators. It was announced as part of the 2nd batch of holo indie release alongside Idol Showdown at the end of Hololive SUPER EXPO 2024.


Fight your way through endless waves of holoX's minions! Gear up with all sorts of equipment and items in this action packed beat-em-up to reach the 5 bosses of hololive's "holoX", and put a stop to their plans!




  • nullrefrepro
  • fie
  • Byron Choy


  • Baiyuu
  • Raizen

Background Artists[edit]

  • Olivious


Audio Editor[edit]

  • Kaitsu

UI Design[edit]

  • Jeremy Hobbs


  • Kukie-Nyan
  • Mitsu
  • Tsukino
  • Harutimu
  • Akashiba
  • Misaネキ (Misa Neki)
  • Hyde
  • tian nya
  • Chroneco
  • 2Snacks
  • oimo
  • zeolch
  • keenbiscuit
  • Pomp
  • LIEN
  • DuDul
  • しいち ゃん (Shii-chan)
  • もものふ (Momonofu)
  • もちねこ (Mochineko)
  • とりぷる (Tripl3)
  • こまいぬ (Komainu)
  • Kaitsu
  • eufrik

Janitor (Director)[edit]

Quality Assurance[edit]

  • Janken Pomme
  • Kaitsu
  • Zenora
  • Sinful
  • Scorchedwing
  • i-know-not
  • Swilton


  • Japanese: GREMCORP
  • Indonesia: Minyak Sayur
  • Korean: 플류네 (peulryune)
  • Chinese: 云馨 (Yun Xin)
  • Russian: Swilton
  • Portuguese: Vignett
  • Spanish: betrayed
  • German: Komo

Additional Assets[edit]

  • Snopek Games
  • Kenney

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