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Smol Ame
Video Game Info
DevelopersKevin Cow Kevin Cow
PublishersMooCow Games
PlatformsMicrosoft Windows, HTML5
GenresPlatform game

Smol Ame is a platforming fan-made game, based on a variety of Hololive talent lore and streams. The game was initially designed to have Walfie's Smol Ame as its playable character, but various other characters were added in subsequent updates.


The player controls Smol Ame (or a different character if the player chooses) and can move her by using the WASD keys (Or the arrow keys). When the player presses S (or down) the player will perform a "ground pound" allowing the player to go higher then a normal jump, certain objects will launch the player even higher when ground pounded on.

Each level has 3 Bubba's to find and a number of Stache Quotas to find. At the end of each level there is a "MOM" button that must be ground pounded to finish the level.

Each level can also be 'Case Closed' or 'CC' which requires the player to: collect all 3 Bubba Coins, reach the Stache Quota and have 0 deaths.

The game is most notable for being played live by Hololive members and for having a sizable speedrunning community with over 3,000 runs


The game currently has 13 levels and is completed.[1][a]

Name Number of Stache Quotas Description
Ame's Office 213 This level is the second shortest in the game and is meant to "teach" the player about the game. The level is based on Amelia's office
rushia level


None This level is extremely simple being just a box and a straight walk to the end of the level. When the level ends the player will get a fake error labeled "Pettan Error" with the error saying "Kevin has been deleted"
Pekoland 175 This level is based on Usada Pekora with green hills and carrots that the player must jump over. Pekora will laugh throughout the level causing down arrows to fall down, if the player gets hit it will instantly kill them.
What A Joke 246 This level is based on Gavis Bettel. The stage features top hats which the player can teleport between.
Ame's Office REVENGEANCE 175 The level is nearly the exact same as Ame's Office but the player must go through the level backwards instead.
Inascapable Madness 75 The level draws itself as the player goes through the level. The player must also bounce on Takodachis throughout the level.
To The Moon 181 In this level the player must jump on UFO's and moon-like planets to reach the end. The level also features gravity mechanics like seen in Super Mario Galaxy 2.
Inumore 110 This level uses a pixel art style. The player must use the dogs in the level to progress through the level.
Mogu Mogu 260 This level is based on Nekomata Okayu's original song, MOGU MOGU YUMMY!
Pop on Rocks 125 This level requires the player to jump on moving and turning boxes to get to the end.
Here Comes Hope 70 Here Comes Hope is based on the song of the same name. The level has the player switch gravity up and down to beat the level.
Reflect 170 This level is based on Gawr Gura's song of the same name. The level uses the same mechanic as Here Comes Hope but with increased difficultly.
Red Heart 225 This level features floating pink clouds and red hearts. This level is based on the Akai Haato original song of the same name.
NOTHING 150 Same level as Pop on Rocks but with increased difficultly.


  1. The game was last updated in March 2024 and is completed. Kevin has said he is finished with the game


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