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The following is a list of fan-made games which have been played on-stream by Hololive talents. It's important to note that these fan games have not been formally endorsed by Cover Corp.


Name Description
Age of Advent
BEEG SANA BEEG SANA is a Fishing-style video game made by Kevin Cow. Its release coincided with Tsukumo Sana's birthday celebrations.
Calliope Mori's Underworld Tour 2022
Delivering Hope Delivering Hope is a free Hololive fan made video game developed and published by a Peruvian developer David Wu SoftDev.
HoloCure - Save the Fans! HoloCure is a Bullet heaven game, which is inspired by other games such as Vampire Survivors and Magic Survival.
Hololive CouncilRyS RPG Hololive CouncilRyS RPG is an unofficial fan made role-playing game. It was developed by Kebbie, credited for game development, art, and writing. The music was recomposed by Jeremy Robson. The game was developed using RPG Maker MZ.
Hololive Funkin'
Holo Watermelon
Mumei Memory Juggling Mumei Memory Juggling is a fan-made memory game created by SoftDevWu. The player plays as Nanashi Mumei as she tries to memorize the names of Hololive talents using a memory game devised by Ouro Kronii.[1][2]
Mumei no Toshi Mumei no Toshi is a fan-made simulation game created by HolyGuy6455. The player plays as Nanashi Mumei as she gathers resources to construct a village.[3][4]
Mumei Gura Voice Quiz
Sora Game Sora Game is a fan-made platforming puzzle challenge game created by Bugzy Floaty Mon. The player plays as Tokino Sora to finish various stages with varying challenges and puzzles.[5]
Smol Ame Smol Ame is a platforming fan-made game, based on a variety of Hololive talent lore and streams. The game was initially designed to have Walfie's Smol Ame as its playable character, but various other characters were added in subsequent updates.


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