Miko Sniper

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Miko Sniper
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Video Game Info
Japanese Nameみこスナイパー
English NameMiko Sniper
Announcement DateMay 24, 2024
Release DateJune 06, 2024
DevelopersSa-me Game Sa-me Game
Publishersholo indie
ProgrammersSa-me Game
ArtistsSa-me Game
ComposersLicensed (See Credits)
CastSakura Miko, 35P
PlatformsWindows (via Steam)
WebsiteSteam Page

"Miko Sniper" is a hololive fangame featuring Gen 0 member Sakura Miko. The game is a base defense game in a similar style to the popular flash game "The Last Stand" where player control Miko alternating between different weapons to push back a monster horde led by various Hololive Mascots, all while recruiting and upgrading a variety of 35Ps to help in your defense.

Miko Sniper was announced as part of the 4th wave of Holo Indie release alongside the roguelike card game DUEHOLO.[1]




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